Active Voice & Passive Voice

Active Voice ͻ¤иҹ繼зӡ㹻¤ 蹵ҧ 1 ǹ
Passive Voice ¤иҹ繼١з 蹵ҧ 2

1. The maid washed the clothes yesterday.
2. The clothes were washed yesterday (by the maid)

¹¤ Active Voice Passive Voice еͧ Tense ͧ¤ Active Voice ѡ ¹繻¤ Passive Voice Tense çҧ ͧ¤ Passive Voice 繴ѧ

- Ѻ Present Simple Tense çҧ is/am/are + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Past Simple Tense çҧ was/were + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Present Continuous Tense çҧ is/am/are + being + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Past Continuous Tense çҧ was/were + being + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Present Perfect Tense çҧ has/have + been + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Past Perfect Tense çҧ had been + Ҫͧ 3
- Ѻ Future Tense çҧ will/shall + be + Ҫͧ 3

can,could,should,would,may mightçҧ͓Ҫ + be + Ҫͧ 3

¤ Passive Voice ѡ㹡óշͧ鹷١з 蹵ҧ 3 㹡óշҺҼз 蹵ҧ 4

3. Jane was taught to be polite.
4. Jacks car was stolen.

¢ͧҧ 3 Jane ١͹繤Ҿ ͹ Jane Ҩ繾ͤ١ 㹡óչٴͧ繼͹ ͧ鹷иҹ Jane ١ͺ繤Ҿ
¢ͧҧ 4 öͧ Jack ١” 㹡óչٴҺҼöͧJack

֧¤ Passive Voice
͡ҡ ջ¤ӹǹҡ繵ͧǶ֧зӡ Фٻ Passive Voice ҡ Active Voice ¤ 5-10

5. Rice is eaten commonly in most Asian countries.
6. Two men were injured in the accident.
7. Pearls are found in oysters.
8. The plane was delayed for an hour.
9. Cigarettes are packed in boxes.
10. Eggs are sold at the market.

㹻¤ Passive Voice ǹ˭ ٴСǶ֧зǶ֧Ѻٴҵͧ繼зӡҴ ҧá о¤駷з㹻¤
Passive Voice ö١Ѵ͡Шз¢ͧ¤ó 蹵ҧ 11

11. Active Voice: Agatha Christy wrote The Moving Fingers
Passive Voice: The Moving Fingers was written by Agatha Christy.
㹵ҧ 11 ¢ͧ¤ Passive Voice óҡѴǹзӡҢͧ¤ by Agatha Christy

Exercise : ǹҢͧ¤ Passive Voice 仹ó

1. The maid must wash those dishes again.

Those dishes.again.

2. The police caught the thieves yesterday.

The thieves..yesterday.

3. The storm blew down the whole village last night.

The whole village the storm last night.

4. We should lock the gate every night.

The gateevery night.

5. Somebody told John about the accident this morning.

Johnabout the accident this morning.

6. Someone has thrown away all the old books.

All the old books .. .

7. People use vegetable oil for cooking.

Vegetable oil. for cooking.


8. The painter has already painted all the walls twice.

All the walls..twice.

9. Somebody robbed the bank on First Street last night.

The bank on First Street ..last night.

10. People sell stamps and postcards at the post office.

Stamps and the post office.

Exercise : ¹¤仹 Passive Voice µѴзӡ͡

1. The teacher told the students to be quiet.

2. People speak English all over the world.

3. Someone has already washed the dirty dishes.


4. People grow kiwis in New Zealand.


5. Somebody polishes the classroom floor once a week.


6. People built the Eiffel Tower in 1889.


7. Someone has removed the stains on the wall.

8. No one has won the first prize yet.


9. Someone found Annes lost puppy in the drain.

10. No one can repair that car.



Exercise : ¹¤仹 Passive Voice зӡҴ

1. Leonardo da Vinci painted a portrait called Mona Lisa


2. Five workers will cut down that big tree today.

3. The red team has won the top prize.


4. Shakespeare wrote this poem.


5. The principal is preparing the final exam.


6. An Italian architect designed the tallest building in this town.


7. Siam Company will construct the new highway during the next two years.


8. John sent Jenny a large bunch of beautiful roses.

9. The city will inspect all buildings built before 1960.



10. Detective Jones has just discovered the secret of the haunted mansion.