Dennis The handyman

I watched the rounded buns of the stunning redhead straining against the tight confines of the beige skirt and immediately started to follow her. I had been sitting in the local coffee shop having my second cup. I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself having to spend my summer vacation here in this strange city of Toronto when she had walked in. Everyone in the place noticed her. She had a habit of shaking her long and straight hair away from the front of her face. Her green eyes sparkled as she placed her order and the young, pimple-faced geek behind the counter was mesmerized by her beauty. Once she had her coffee she stood at one of the side counters and read the newspaper that she had been carrying. She placed one of her high-heeled ankles up on the rung of the empty stool. This accentuated the curved calf muscle and caused her already short skirt to rise higher up her muscular thigh. My cock stirred and I had to readjust it for comfort. She seemed to be perusing the classifieds as she had circled several ads in bright red ink. I wondered if she was job hunting or room hunting. I hoped it was the latter as I was the spending the summer helping my 50 year old aunt look after her local rooming house while my no-good uncle spent the next 6 months in jail on an assault charge. My aunt had placed an ad advertising 2 new vacancies which were available right away but so far there had been no takers. But perhaps I should go back to the beginning to explain how I came to be here in a strange city lusting after a complete stranger. I had moved back home after a brief spell of dormitory living at the local college. The reasons were obvious. Free rent. Free laundry service. Free food and more importantly all the sex my mother and I could sneak in when my father wasn't around. In addition, my mom and I had an arrangement with her best friend and my former teacher and godmother, Barbara Hoey, which allowed us to use Barbara's apartment any time we wanted. The only catch was that she got to bed either or both of us whenever she was there. One afternoon before Dad came home from work, Mom and I were going at it in the master bedroom. I had already gotten her off orally and she had just brought me to the brink with her experienced tongue when she caught me off-guard just as I was about to stick my dick into her hot cunt. Out of the blue, my mother, while holding my stiff organ, blew my concentration by bringing up my dad's sister, Beverley, and the troubles she was having because of her jailed husband. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my Aunt Bev. I even liked Uncle Bob although he was one tough son-of-a-bitch. More than once he had scared the beejesus out of me with his irrational behaviour and his temper. I knew that he had been sent off to jail for another one of his bar room fights and that Aunt Bev was trying to operate their rooming house in Toronto all by herself but surely now was not the time to discuss her marital troubles. After all, there's a time to talk and a time to fuck. Even my hardened shaft knew what time it was now. Unfortunately my Mother was for some unseen reason denying me access to her promised land until I had agreed to go to Toronto to help Aunt Bev survive the summer without 'that bastard', Uncle Bob. She said all I had to do was look after all the handyman stuff and since I would be home from college for the summer, the timing of the jail sentence worked out perfectly. Aunt Bev needed help if she was going to keep all the rooms occupied so that she could stay ahead of the mortgage company. She couldn't quit her salaried job and couldn't afford to hire a professional landlord. Family help was needed. I was in no position to really argue as my mom held my rod, already leaking pre-cum, with one hand while her other hand had a firm grasp of my testes. "Please Mom! Let me fuck you and then we'll talk, okay?" "I want your word that you'll go, Dennis, " she demanded. "But Mom. What about us?" I countered to no avail as my mother had obviously already planned this out. "Don't you see, son. We're taking a big risk here. If your Dad ever found out, he'd kill us. The only difference between your Dad and his older brother is that your uncle keeps getting caught. Your Dad has always been able to buy his way out of trouble. Besides that, if you're in Toronto, I can come up to visit you every couple of weeks without raising any suspicion. " All the while she was saying this, she was pulling on my rod. I knew that I wasn't going to win this argument and I was almost ready to explode in her hand when I finally acquiesced. At that stage I would have agreed to anything just to find release. No sooner had I agreed when she pulled my quivering manhood deep into her cunt and wrapped her legs around my hips drawing me even deeper into her. I plowed into her body like a ravenous man attacks a hamburger. In and out I drove my pride and joy. Minutes later Mom started to scream my name over and over. "Denny!!! Oh!!! Oh!! Denny!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck your mommy!!! Holy. . fuck!! Stick that fucking cock into your momma little boy!!! Show your momma what a man you are!!! I'mmm…cummmminnnngggg!! Denny!! I'm … oh…. oh…Cum in me you…motherfucker! Oh. . oh…fuckkkkk!!!!" With these words she bucked her hips up off the bed she shared with my Dad until my drives smashed her back down on to her back. Spasm after spasm jerked through her body as she orgasmed over and over. While my Mom was having her multiple orgasms I was still driving towards my own impending explosion. I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulders so that I could bury my staff even deeper into her pussy. All pretense of trying to please her was gone now. I pushed deeper and deeper into her striving for that tumultuous release that I needed. The teasing had forced me to hold off longer and now I needed to make her pay. I was a man on fire and I started to feel the cum building up in my balls which amazingly she was still grasping. "I'm…cummmiiiiinnnngggg!!! Mommy!!!! I'mmmm…gonna…. shoot…oh. . shit!! Here…ittttt…cumssss…Mom!!! Take…it…. all…you…fucking…slut!!!" Before I had even stopped spurting, my schoolteacher mother had pushed me over onto my back and had attacked my glistening knob with her mouth, swallowing the last few spasms of seed. She used her tongue to clean my now deflating organ and smiled up at me through her sparkling eyes. "Don't worry Denny. Toronto's a big town and there will be plenty of women there that will want to feast on this lovely morsel. Just don't forget that when I come down to see you that you have to save some juice for your mom. " The day after college ended I was on a bus to Toronto and after five days of not finding anyone to share my 'lovely morsel', I was hornier than a teenager. Well I guess that wasn't too surprising since I was still a teenager and would be for another two months. Which brings us back to my ogling of the young beauty in the coffee shop. I hadn't seen much of my aunt that first week as she was working at her real job in the fashion industry so when I had my daily chores done, I would head down to the local coffee shop to scope out the local talent. That's where I was when this vision had walked into my life. Finally she wiped her pretty little chin and strode out of the shop with me not far behind. The swaying of her hips from side to side was in concert with the clicking of her high heels. Following her, I realized that she was headed in the direction of my aunt's place and I wondered if we could be lucky enough to have her as a tenant She stood about 5'8" tall and from my teenage years as an expert at ogling girls and women, I pegged her measurements to be a voluptuous 38C-24-34 and she appeared to be around 30 years old. Incredibly she stopped in front of my building and after looking around she climbed the front stairs of the 3 storied brownstone. My heart rate increased with the sight of her long legs climbing the stairs. I raced up the steps so that I arrived at the front entrance just as she was about to open the door. Ever the gentlemen I held the heavy wooden door open for her and introduced myself as the handyman of the building. Hoping to hear the answer that I was praying for I asked her if she was here to visit someone in the building. Her alluring, sensuous voice oozed sheer sex appeal and raw sensuality when she asked if there was still had an apartment available. And that, my friends, was how Maggie Martin, showgirl, came to be a resident in my aunt's humble abode. After she moved in I would see her only briefly as she left the building to go to work around 7 p. m. and then return around 3 or 4 in the morning. She kept to herself and seemed to be quite the loner. When I tried to engage her in conversation she would ooze sex but then would skidaddle away. The only sign outside of her room that she was even a resident was the time that she left behind some of her silk underwear in the laundry room. Needless to say I felt the return of such an item was deserving of my personal prompt attention. Hoping to be invited in, I was sadly disappointed when she thanked me and quietly closed the door in my face. Never had I been rebuffed so obviously and it irked me that I wasn't able to get anywhere with her. Back home, ever since losing my cherry to my best friend's mother, I had always been successful at finding a willing sex partner – some old and thankful, others young and teachable. I started to fantasize about her but she was oblivious to me. One night I followed her to work and was astounded when she entered the Fantasia Club a notorious strip bar in the area. When she said on her rental agreement that she was a showgirl I had assumed that she was a chorus girl in the legitimate theater. She carried herself more like a Broadway dancer than a stripper. Following her in I found a seat near one of the walls and waited for her to come on stage to perform. I didn't have to wait for long. The whole room seemed to grow quiet as she stepped on the stage in a long silver gown with 5 inch heels. I don't know how she danced with such shoes on but she had us all hooked in the audience as she shook her ample boobs and wiggled her ass to Madonna's song 'Music'. By the end of the song she had slithered out of the dress and swayed seductively to Tina Turner's 'Private Dancer' with just a G-string and her high heels on. Her breasts were awesome. They were perfect spheres and they jutted out and up proudly. It didn't matter to me that they were probably manufactured as all I could do was salivate and hope that sometime soon I would have a chance to suck on them personally. The crowd went wild. Far too soon her number was over and she disappeared behind the curtain. By this time my cock was trying to form a tent in my trousers and one of the girls moving from table to table, leaned over me and asked if I'd like a lap dance. The halter top that she wore flopped open exposing her white-skinned melons. She shook her golden mane and the dim lights revealed her heavily made up face. Without waiting for an invite she had plopped herself down beside me and was whispering in my ear as her hand landed in my lap. My dick was crying for release and she knew it. "How old are you honey? You don't look old enough to drink let alone come into a place like this. Why I've even got a son as young as you, " she challenged smugly. Hurt by her question and comments, I proudly displayed my college ID that pronounced me of age here in Ontario. "Besides that you don't look old enough to have a 19 year old son. " I hissed back. "Relax, Baby – oops sorry about that! But I do have a 16 year old. Does that turn you off?" "Hell no!" I countered. "In fact it just turns me on even more!" Looking me up and down and then down again, she purred, "Okay then. I can dance for you here or we can get more comfortable in the VIP room upstairs, Sugar. Either way I promise you won't be disappointed. " With that she stuck her tongue in my ear and brought her breasts right up into my face. I didn't have a chance. Laughing she pulled me with her as she led me up the stairs and into the blue lit VIP room. As we passed by a couple of the booths I could vaguely make out the activities that were going on under the pretense of lap dancing. In one a black girl wearing a blonde wig was grinding her bare ass on some oriental guy's lap while his hands were playing with her tits. In another, it appeared that a blonde was wiggling her ass in a black guy's face while her head seemed to be in another black guy's lap. Pushing me down into a vacant booth, the strawberry-blonde vixen that had invited me started to gyrate to the rhythm of Britney Spears' latest hit. My eyes followed her sweet ass as she raised the hem of the pale blue mini-skirt up to expose her pubic hair which had been clipped or shaved into a heart shape. As she turned and brought her heaving chest within inches of my face her hand again landed in my lap. This time while she gyrated she took my hand and brought it to the zipper. "Make yourself comfortable, Sugar, "she cooed. Since my cock was trying to tear a hole through my trousers, it seemed like the most natural thing to do. Here I was exposing myself in a public place for the very first time. As my penis was released from my underwear, I could feel the cool air caressing it but then was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually the dancer who was blowing air onto it. I vaguely heard her saying something about a hundred dollars but it wouldn't have mattered anyway. She knew she had a willing customer. She turned her white buns to my face and bent over exposing her pink slit and brown hole to my probing eyes. I wanted to reach out and touch but was afraid that that might bring the bouncers. Being new to this I didn't know what was allowed. The wanton young mother inched her rear back into my face until my nose touched her button-like clit. I inhaled her aroma and the now familiar smell assaulted my nostrils. She had had sex recently. Not caring, I hoped that I would be next. She lowered her rotating ass on to my pelvis and my cock leaped up trying to find its way into her box. Playfully she allowed it to rest between her ass cheeks as she pretended to be fucking me by raising her behind up and then back down in time to the music. After a few minutes of this erotica, the vixen rotated around until her now exposed breasts were hanging in front of my sweating face. She moved closer again and allowed me to press my nose into the valley created between the two huge knockers. Each breast had a very large aureole and her nipples were standing out. "You look a bit like my son, " she purred. "My god, " I thought, "Is she pretending that she's dancing suggestively for her own son or is she just aroused by her own dancing? What would she be like if my tongue or cock were giving her a workout?" It wouldn't be long I hoped. Oblivious to the fact that there were other people only feet away, the sexy dancer bent over even farther, looked up into my eyes and then touched the tip of my erection with her tongue., I almost blew my load right there. Her lips were thin and wet and she slowly encased the head of my penis into her mouth. Encircling it with her lips there was no longer any pretense of dancing. She was there to get me off and she was obviously a cock-sucking expert. Grasping my balls with one hand, her free hand stroked up and down my growing shaft. At this point I didn't care what the protocol was. I needed to stick my cock into her awaiting mouth. Damn the consequences. I had five days of cum built up in me and she was going to be the recepticle whether she wanted to or not. She tried to control how much of my cock she took in but I was stronger and grabbing her by the hair and ears at the same time I started to force my shaft deeper into her throat She fought me at first but eventually relaxed enough to allow me to loosen my grip. "Take…it…all. . bitch!" I grunted. "Make… me… cum…. you cock sucking whore!" Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I pushed until I could feel her chin banging against my balls and I knew that the little slut had deep-throated me. That's all it took. My balls demanded release. Driving my hips upward I released a flood of my semen into the pretty little dancer's throat and watched her gag as she tried to swallow it all. The experienced cock-sucker handled jet after jet, spasm after spasm without flinching. Finally I was spent and she allowed my rapidly deflating cock to be released back into the cool night air. She took it and rubbed it across her massive tits and even was able to lick some of my cum off the boobs themselves. "That'll be a hundred dollars and by the way you didn't have to be so rough, " she demanded as she wiped some of the remaining cum from her lips and chin. Although surprised at the exorbitant cost, I knew that I had to pay it as I had heard from friends that bouncers in this type of club wouldn't hesitate to beat up non-paying customers and I kind of liked the way I looked. Leaving the VIP room on shaky legs I thought I detected our gorgeous tenant sitting with some fat oriental guy in a nearby booth. I decided then and there that I had to get to know her better either here professionally or at the rooming house. Days later, I still hadn't been able to get anywhere with Maggie and I couldn't go back to the strip club until I had raised some more money. I was walking around with a permanent hard-on and I knew that I needed some release. I started to look at the other tenants in a different light now that I was so horny. Even Mrs. Johnston, the gray haired widow in 3B was looking good. I had just finished carrying out the garbage when I heard her call my name from her third floor window. "Denny can you come up here for a minute and bring your tool…I mean. . bring your tools with you. The sink seems to be stopped up. " As I gathered my tool kit and made my way up to her apartment I wondered if she had made an honest mistake or if she too was feeling horny this morning. Ringing the doorbell I was surprised to see her open the door in just a short silk robe. As I followed her down the hall towards her kitchen I took stock of the view that she presented. She was gray haired but still had a good figure. Her legs while showing some veins were still fairly well-toned and were accented by the heeled-slippers that she wore. Other than a few wrinkles there were no visible flaws in her face. She was still a very attractive woman and my trusty cock started to show its appreciation of her fine form. While explaining the problem with the sink I detected her checking out my equipment and I don't mean my wrench. Telling her that I was afraid of getting my t-shirt wet while working under her sink, I asked her if she minded if I took it off. "Oh. . my. . oh. . no. . of course not…Dennis. Do what you have to do. " As I took off the shirt I made sure to flex my muscles as I did and proceeded to lower myself down to the floor and stuck my head under the sink. Looking back up I could see right up under Mrs. Johnston's robe and was flabbergasted to see that she wasn't wearing anything – no underwear and no nightgown. I could see her gray pubic hair and if I was not mistaken I thought I detected moisture at the tip of her womanhood. Naturally my cock started to rise to the occasion.


My mother-in-law, Ellen is now in her late fifties but still gives the impression of being a very sexual woman. She has put on some weight around the waist and thighs since I first met her, some ten years ago, but she is tall and carries it well. Ellen is very open with Yvonne, my wife, and has told her that she has had affairs in the past due to the fact that Yvonne's dad has a low libido. She even admitted that she had fucked one of Yvonne's teenage ex-boyfriends soon after they had split up. These admissions stimulated my fantasies and soon after meeting her I was dreaming of fucking her. She did not help the situation by running her hand up and down my thigh quite a few times, one hot summers day, while I was wearing shorts, while commenting on what hairy legs I had. She also seems to end up often sitting cross legged, or worse with her legs splayed wide, on the floor opposite me when wearing very tight leggings, making it difficult for me to avoid staring at her crotch but maybe that was just coincidence? * * * * * Yvonne and I were living together, in a flat with no garden so one hot day we decided to go to her mum and dad's to sunbathe in their sheltered back garden. When we arrived we found her mother was about to do the same thing. Yvonne was wearing her swimming costume beneath her clothes and I had some very short flimsy running shorts on so we quickly stripped down to these and went out, put down our towels on the grass beside each other and lay down on our backs with our feet towards the door and the sun. After about five minutes Ellen emerged wearing a skimpy, tight, yellow, floral patterned bikini and walked slowly right past me as I gazed, from behind half shut eyes, at her body and in particular at her crotch. After walking along the side of me she disappeared from my field of view and I heard her lying down somewhere above my head. I thought no more about it till Yvonne's dad came out and told her one of her favourite films was on TV. Yvonne jumped up and headed inside with her dad. As I had been out a while I decided it was time to turn over. I did so to find Ellen lying on her front, her bare feet towards me, only a yard away from my head. Unfortunately her legs were together but when I put my head on my hands as I lay down again I got a great view of her butt rising at the top of her long smooth thighs and the intriguing dark valley that ran upwards between them. I could feel my dick start to thicken as I thought about massaging those soft mounds, so near and yet so far. I lay there enjoying the view at least, staring quite blatantly as I knew that from the house my eyes could not be seen. Better was to come. Ellen soon decided to turn over also and I closed my eyes as she started to move lest she see the direction of my gaze. When she had settled I cautiously opened my eyes and was stunned to find her legs were now slightly apart, affording me a view right up between them to her crotch. Here I was with my head no more than five feet away from my mother-in-laws cunt staring straight at it and with only a thin veil of bikini fabric wrapped tightly about it. My cock was now firm and I had to shuffle about to get it to a comfortable position. I was now beginning to worry about what would happen if Yvonne came back out, or worse, if I had to get up as my aroused state would be obvious for all to see. I forced myself to shut my eyes and turned my head to face the other way. After a few minutes my problem receded a bit and I heard some more movement from Ellen's position so I turned back towards her. What had happened however was that she had now pulled her knees up and spread her legs so I now had an unfettered view of her crotch from where her buttocks pressed the ground up to the prominent curving mound of her cunt. My cock sprang to attention as I realised that to give that smooth a profile beneath the sheer bikini bottoms she must be either shaven or very lightly haired. I tried but I could not wrest my gaze away from her. I was lying there in shock. Was she deliberately teasing me...? Or was she just making herself comfortable as she dozed in the sun? I had now way of knowing. After a couple of minutes trying to soak up the sight and embed it in my memory I realised I it could not go on, so I started to get up to make a rapid journey to the safety of the toilet to recover. However as I was halfway up Ellen lifted her head and looking at me said, "be an angel Kelvin and bring me out a drink, there's Coke in the fridge." I don't know if she saw the prominence in my shorts but I thought I saw a smile playing around her lips as she lowered her head to the grass. I mumbled my consent and beat a hasty retreat to the house. As I stood behind the locked door of the bathroom I could not stop myself from freeing my rigid cock and beginning to stroke it as I imagined the soft wet cunt and tight wrinkled asshole that nestled below the thin band of material I had so recently been gazing at. I was just getting into my stroke when I heard movement in the rest of the house and realised this was not the time or the place to be jerking off. As I was willing my stiffness away Yvonne knocked gently on the door and asked if it was OK for her and her dad to nip into town to the shops. I said, "sure" and she said they would be back in an hour or two. I heard the door shut as I emerged, deflated (literally) from the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen. Through the kitchen window I could see Ellen in the same pose and I tried not to look as I poured some coke into a glass of ice for her. My willpower failed, however, as I stepped out the door, and as I walked towards her I could not stop myself glancing between her spread thighs. In response I again felt the thickening of my member which I tried to conceal by holding the glass in both hands in front of it. Just before I reached her side and after a particularly long glance at her cunt, I look up at her to find her looking straight at me...! Rather than wilting through embarrassment though, the idea that my mother-in-law knew I had been staring at her cunt, excited me tremendously and my penis jerked up to full size instantly as I arrived at her side. She was now looking straight up at me past what was unmistakably an erect penis. I could do nothing to hide my arousal as we looked into each others eyes. As she reached up for her drink, she deliberately allowed the side of her hand to graze the taught material where it stretched over the inflated head of my cock and I could not stop my hips from twitching forward, pushing my prick against it. She smiled confidently at me as she took her drink from my hands at my waist and as she brought it downwards stopped and rested the cool glass on top of my red hot dick with the palm of her hand cupping the head of my stiffness. Again I could not restrain my self and started thrusting gently against her hand. Ellen's face had taken on a more serious look now and as I watched I saw her free hand snake down her body and she started to rub her mound through the bikini. This was driving me wild and I was desperate for her to grasp my cock properly. I started to thrust more insistently and she pulled down on my dick causing me to bend my knees and squat just about her shoulder height. "I want to see it Kelvin," she said huskily and as I looked around me worried we might be seen, she put down her drink and pulled the elastic waist of my shorts out and down enough to allow my straining member to spring free. She lay back and again moved her hand to her crotch but this time her fingers snaked under the material as she stared intently at my twitching penis. Her hand soon took up a regular rhythm on her cunt, rubbing up and down and she started to breath more deeply. I grasped my dick and started to wank it then grabbed her free hand and wrapped her relaxed fingers around it and she started to move her hand back and forth. It was an incredible feeling. Having my mother-in-laws warm hand jerking my penis, only inches away from her face as she stared at it and masturbated herself urgently before me. I would have loved to touched her pussy but as her breathing became more ragged she was concentrating on her own pleasure and loosing the rhythm of her hand as she wanked me, so I put my hand on top of hers and started to pull it up and down faster as I neared my climax. I had never given a woman a facial before, although I had fantasised about it many times, but the opportunity was to good to miss and as I felt the rush coming I leant over her, putting my free hand on the ground, on the far side of her head and as her eyes widened and she stared at the tip of my knob, it let loose a long spurt of thick hot cum that jetted into her open mouth then up over her cheek and into her hair. She let out a low moan as another pulse hit her on the side of the nose and up over her forehead. I turned to look at her hand grinding into her soaking cunt as she spasmed with orgasm, then back as the spurts subsided and the last of my cum dripped down onto her chin as she moaned and gasped before slowly relaxing. She pulled my still firm dick towards her, kissed the tip and licked the last ooze of cream from it and then said gently, "I think we should go and get cleaned up now." I helped her up and we walked into the house, my cum still covering her face and now dripping down onto her breasts and my still hard prick sticking out above the waist band of my shorts. When in the house she went into the bathroom and by the time she came out my stiffness had subsided and I had tucked myself back into my shorts. I was unsure of what to say but she saved me the trouble by saying, "I think we should just pretend this never happened, Kelvin."

Erotic Education For...Ch. 1

by Floor ex man

Erotic Education For An Eager Student Chapter 1 The phone rang. My roommate wasn't around so I grabbed it. Just as I had hoped, it was his ex-wife again. Susan had been calling for Hal for some weeks now, but Hal wouldn't take calls from her so I ended up talking to her regularly and had grown to enjoy the talks. She sounded very sexy over the phone but I know better than to put any stock in that--I had been consistently burned by my preconceived images generated by sweet voices on the phone. Then all that changed when Hal surprised me by saying that he was going over to Susan's home to take care of some sort of maintenance chore and asked if I wanted to come along. Indeed I did, and set out to see what Susan was like. Hal was much older than I was at that time and I knew that Susan was older still. To my twenty year old mind, Hal was over the hill at 35 and his wife was just plain OLD at 40. But she did sound sweet, I did enjoy talking with her on the phone and I was definitely curious. She was a knockout! She was sitting on the floor mending a throw rug when I got there and I sat on the couch chatting with her while Hal worked somewhere at the other end of the house. She was trim and shapely with a sweet pair of titties and a head of blonde hair. Her face was pleasant to look at if not beautiful, and she had a feminine grace about her that just did a number on me. This 40 year old woman was just twice my age--easily old enough to be my mother, but I was experiencing some very un-motherly thoughts about her as I drank in her allure. She was wearing a pair of snug fitting red shorts and a halter top that revealed a trim little waist and a nicely proportioned pair of breasts. Her legs were shapely, firm and lightly tanned. Her feet were bare and her toenails were painted red. She couldn't have been more appealing to me if she had been sitting there nude. We talked quietly about something that I forgot probably later that same day, but as I write this, decades later, I have not forgotten even one detail about how that woman dressed and looked. I was hooked. A day later, when she again called, my pulse increased noticeably when I first heard her voice. Before I hung up, she had invited me to her place for dinner. She never called again for Hal, and she called many times. As a matter of fact, Hal moved out shortly to go live with my old girlfriend that I had introduced him to. (He later married her and their marriage lasted for a few years before they split and I ran into Jayne again--but that's another story.) Susan's house was cute. No other word for it--cute. It had varnished wood ceilings and had the general feel of a ski lodge. I loved the place immediately. It took a only bit longer to love Susan as we shall see. The setting was perfect. Checkered tablecloth, candles burning, wonderful tasty meal a beautiful woman moving with the grace of a dancer to pamper me with attention. The outcome could have been chiseled in stone--it was classic. It didn't take long before we were on the couch and she must have been reading my mind because when I wanted to reach for her, she just glided into my arms. She was wearing a white blouse that buttoned up the front--and unbuttoned down the front. As we kissed she leaned back and pulled me on top of her and my face ended up almost buried in one of her lovely breasts. As if by magic my hand seemed float over her blouse and cup that gorgeous lobe. She was very helpful and opened some buttons to allow me closer access to her breast. At my tender age I had not yet met a woman like Susan. The girls, not women, that I was accustomed to going out with tended to guard their sexuality as though it was the crown jewels. A long and careful campaign to achieve small advances was the norm in my past exposure and Susan was a thrilling new experience for me. She was leading me all the way, I was like a kitten being drawn to a plate of warm milk. When the bra came off, and the thrill of seeing her beautiful breast in all it's curvaceous glory had set my hormones coursing through my body, I noticed that she was wearing a padded bra. I clumsily said something about her bra being padded and why did she think that such perfect breasts needed any help. She said for me to wait a moment and she walked into the next room. Moments later she returned--wearing only a shortie nightgown--and the offending bra was gone! If there had been any doubt as to the probable outcome of this evening, it vanished at just the moment that the sexiest thing that I had ever seen moved into my view. The candlelight danced off the sheer material of her nightie. She knew just what an effect she was having on me as she hesitated in the soft light long enough to let her image do it's thrilling work on me. At that point I suggested that we find more comfortable surroundings and she led me to what was going to be our love nest for that night and for many nights to come. This gracious and talented woman had an ability that few other women have possessed in my experience; she managed to make our entire evening flow so naturally that I never had a moment of self-consciousness or clumsiness. She led me to her bed and helped me undress so skillfully that our mutual nakedness seemed magical, wonderful and oh, so easy. She was just perfect. Her breasts were what I had always dreamed of as the perfect expression of feminine allure. The were perfectly shaped and perfectly sized, with classic nipples that were standing proud and pert. Her skin was smooth and beautiful. Her waist was tiny and her belly had a slight rounding that was one more expression of her powerful sexuality. The triangle of dark pubic hair was absolutely perfect and her nicely rounded butt just begged to be petted and stroked. I had a flaming hard on that pulsed with excitement. I had been skillfully seduced by a feminine power so overwhelming that nothing could have stopped what was about to ensue that wonderful evening. That woman had decided that I was to become her sex toy and she had the power to make it happen regardless of any consideration on my part. If I had been going with some other sweet thing, the sweet thing would have been forgotten, if my fortune had hung in the balance, the fortune would have been mortgaged. At that point I would have walked over hot coals to get at her.



by asrespond

The couple got out of the car, a man in his mid 20's, a woman in her early 40's. As he straightened up, he flashed a big grin to her, his brown eyes flashing with happiness, his tan glowing next to his red t-shirt, his hair still wet from the showers they just took. He stretched to his 5'7" height and looked around at the dusky sky. She came around the car and he grabbed her around her trim waist, picking her up and squeezing her, then dropping her back down to the ground. She stood on her tippy toes, her 5'3" frame reaching for his lips. A light peck and they returned to the business of unpacking the car. Smiling, laughing, they carried their bags, walking next to the heat soaked road. Although 8 in the evening, the still air felt hot and heavy, the humidity ever present. It's hard to believe it's supposed to be in the 70's tonight, he commented. Walking behind her, watching her familiar rear end move, he smiled to himself. I just hope it doesn't rain, she replied. They walked onto the beach, chatting, pointing out the more interesting people, the kids, and whatever else caught their eye. But as they rounded the bend to the "quiet" spot, they stopped. Hundreds of beach towels lay out, with hundreds to people laying there, drinking soda (and more), talking, kids running around. The two looked at each other, a little stunned. It's a lot more crowded than I thought it'd be, she said. Well, we'll just need to find a place to lay down. Fireworks are interesting in that you don't need a front row seat - you just need a place without a tall person or tree in front of you. And as the two meandered around the beach, they ended up at the center back, near the sparse woods. I think this'll have to do, he said, and she nodded, setting down her bag. They laid out their beach towel and pulled out the thin blanket she thoughtfully brought along. She lay down next to him, and he turned and put his arm around her, drawing her to him. It's so nice being with you, he said, breathing in her feminine scent, that alluring female scent that surprised him in its strength every time he saw her. She curled up next to him, smaller, compact. They murmured to one another, talking about work, colleagues, some of the people around, and the cooling air. It got darker until the world took that familiar monotone look of grays and blacks. Her shoulders chilled, she drew the blanket up and turned to her side away from him. He could not resist and pulled her towards him, fitting his body perfectly behind her, spoon style. He pushed a bit, and she turned, smiling, as she felt his penis pushing against her. He put his arm over her, holding her stomach, trying not to be too obvious. It'll start soon, he said, and he was right. Some muted sounds announced the start of the festivities, and they both turned their heads to follow the small lights shooting upwards. Then, gently, brilliantly, the lights expanded, turning into brilliant hues of color. Oooohh, the crowd murmured. The bright pattern slowly slid off the sky. Bang! bang! bang! The crowd collectively jumped as the noisemakers went off. And so it started, the 4th of July festivities. As the fireworks kept blossoming, he pulled her tighter towards him. It's his type of hug, she thought, that loving, squeezing, intense hug, both urgent and caring at the same time. She wiggled her rear, adjusting, so that the head of his penis dropped in between her cheeks. She giggled as she listened to his momentary pause in his breathing. Then, his hand dropping down to the waistband of her shorts, he pulled her rear into his hard penis, pressing hard. He slid his hands down into her shorts. Her hand quickly intercepted his, and he stopped, his gut all of a sudden churning, worried that he'd taken too much liberty. But then, her hand over his, she guided his hand to her vagina, his fingers feeling her trimmed bush, then sliding further down to feel her wetness. She groaned just a bit and tried to make herself more available, taking her hand away, now letting him do what he wanted. Too awkward because of the "over-the-hip" angle of his arm, he pulled his hand away. Discreetly, he slid his hand between them, sliding his hand between her thighs, his forearm rubbing the hardness in his shorts. He started to finger her, moving the crotch of her shorts aside. With a slight adjustment, he found a comfortable position where his fingers lay on her clit and her very wet lips. Is this okay, he murmured. Can anyone see?, he asked. She looked around. No, it's okay she said. He looked up at a particularly bright explosion, and looked around. Everyone's heads craned upwards - no one was looking at one of the many couples laying on a towel, holding each other for warmth. He started to rub her clit, the familiar little bump moving around, slippery, wet. Her head dropped and he could hear her breathing, a little deeper than normal. Do you think you can...? he asked her. She nodded silently, her eyes closed. I want you too also she whispered. He nodded even though he thought that it would be impossible. He started rubbing that spot just below her clit, that spot that he learned drove her crazy. The warmth spread in her body, her juices making even her thighs deliciously damp. She could feel the familiar pressure, the warmth, and she held his other hand with her own, squeezing as she ramped up, easing as she'd let herself drift away. She tilted her head to his arm, the one under her neck, and rubbed her chin on it, her cheek. She kissed it, feeling him jump. She smiled and licked it, tasting the salt from the air and his familiar, comforting "taste". She spread her thighs a bit, enjoying the cool air rushing between them, his had still protecting her core from any disrupting drafts. She could feel his thumb, eager to get into the action, rubbing her lips, wetting itself. Then, soaked with her juices, she could feel it travel back, circling her anus, closer and closer, until she involuntarily clenched as he pressed. Then she pushed, her ass opening up, soft and pliable under his thumb. He languished there, then brought more moisture down, until her ass was as wet and pliable as her cunt. He pressed just a bit, so that his thumb just started to penetrate her. He stopped short of penetration, satisfied with just pushing against her ring of muscle. Rubbing her clit and her ass at the same time, he looked at her still face. He could feel a tremble in her body, and he kept moving his fingers. She lay there, her crotch soaked, under delicious attack from front and rear. She could push and feel his thumb start to penetrate her ass, then relax to try and draw him in. But she wanted to push too, against the pleasure pressure against her clit. She was close, moving just a bit, his lower arm actually pressing hard against her thigh to keep her from moving too much. She squeezed his hand again, suckling on his arm. The warmth was spreading and she could feel the heat in her ears, her chest. It started slowly, an almost numbness starting at her core, expanding outward, her breathing halted as her body concentrated on more important things. Her nails dug into his palm and yet his fingers still moved, the numbness overpowering her, the tension building, almost unbearable. She started to open her mouth but found his hand quickly covering it, and he hushed into her ear. That's what did it, that delicious tickling in her ear, and the tension peaked, her body stiff, her breathing forgotten temporarily. Then the unbelievably pleasurable clenching started, the tension started to melt away, and she could feel the pulsing, the release, her vagina quivering, her body trembling, as she felt waves of pleasure rush through her body. As the intensity faded, replaced by a powerful undercurrent of warmth, love, and comfort, she realized that she was still tensing her hips. Relaxing, she visibly drooped as she allowed herself to return to the present. Breathing carefully, she turned her head, smiling, and murmured it's your turn. She got no argument. He carefully, gently pulled down the front of his shorts, precum already sticky, his cock rock hard from feeling her cum in a crowded beach. He slid between her thighs and then tried to push the head up into her. The wetness, the angle, and his need combined to make it virtually impossible for him to penetrate her. She reached down and guided him, and he immediately dropped in, the wetness incredible, the heat just so powerful. But he couldn't penetrate her enough and kept dropping out, the angles working against the two of them. She reach down and actually moved her cunt a little away from him. Then, her fingers gripping him hard, she started pushing him into her. Oh my god, he murmured, are you sure? She answered the only way she could - his cock penetrated the initial ring of muscle of her ass, and he could feel the immense tightness, the pressure. He reached down and wet himself as best as he could, and then started to push in. Amazingly, he slid in rather easily: this time, the angles helping rather than hindering them. He buried himself and could feel her body pulsating around his cock. She lay there, her ass open for him, his cock deep inside of her. She would clench involuntarily sometimes, but pushed to let him as far in as he wanted. He moved a bit, but she could tell he was really hard and already quite close. She held his hand with both of hers, looking like a contented woman going to sleep on her side. The occasional flashes of light, the bangs, they reminded her that she was on the beach, but with the darkness came anonymity. She felt like they were alone on the beach, making love, and she reveled in that feeling. Her ass was the natural choice, she wanted him there, and he was so awkward trying to reach her front from such a terrible angle. But as she felt him move a bit, she smiled. This is the way it was meant to be. He lay there and felt her cheek smile, and he smiled too. He had buried himself to the hilt, and when he flexed his penis, she would squeeze him back, a kind of internal Morse code. They played a bit like this for a bit, but in the end he was getting a little close. He put his lower hand on her hip, and although it seemed to be just laying there, he'd press down hard, or pull on her, all without necessarily moving her, but letting her feel the intensity he was feeling. He could feel her opening up, her muscles relaxing, allowing this unusual (but acquainted) intruder to move a bit more freely. She could feel him move side to side, opening her up, stretching her out. She loved this, wanting him to own her, to ravage her with love and desire, to have him open her wide. And as the fireworks continued overhead, they continued in her ass. She was definitely opening up for him and she loved it. She could feel him moving just a bit, easier than before, her ass warm and open and flexible for him. The tightness was gone, the initial bit of discomfort a forgotten thought. And with him so rock hard, she knew that he was enjoying it as much as she was. He withdrew just a bit, feeling her ass around his cock, trying to keep in him. Then he'd slowly push back in, her ass welcoming him back. He was clenching and unclenching her hip and her hands. Initial quivers ran through the base of his cock and he'd stop, allowing the delicious spasms to subside. Then he'd move again, so close and yet able to hover on that edge. Finally, realizing fireworks overhead wouldn't go on forever, he allowed himself the luxury of slipping out of control. He started to move a little more. After a few pushes, he thrust particularly hard into her, gripping her hip as hard as he could. That familiar tenseness came, his breathing stopped, and he started to tremble. The tension built and built, and he could feel his cock just straining, ready to explode. He could feel the looseness in his groin as his precious cum gathered. Then, like a cresting wave, he peaked, biting her neck, his fingers digging into her hip, his cock quivering with tension. Then, the initial trickle of cum, following by a most intense blast of cum, deep into her bowels, followed by another, and another, and another. His hips started to relax, then, his fingers almost cramping, he released her. Trying to breath quietly, he grit his teeth, then kissed her neck, feeling the new teethmarks there with his lips. Holy, she murmured, are you okay? He grinned, nuzzling her neck. I'm fine. But now what? She giggled. We wait, she said. And so they did, pretending to be asleep until everyone left, even the kids that almost ran over them. Look, one cried out, there are some *people* here. Then a chorus of giggles. Then running feet fading into the night. He pulled out, finally, shrunk. They sat up, arranging their clothes. That was intense, he said. Yes it was, she grinned, pulling him towards her. Holding each other, she said, let's go home, I want to go to sleep holding you. Deal, he said.

Ida's Toy Boy Ch. 2

by Edwina

"Come on Dick, get a couple of beers out from the fridge, there's a good chap, surely you don’t need me to fetch them." Ida Tongyn said. Dick had a problem, the fact that he was sure Ida was naked under her kimono coupled with the memory of seeing her naked in the shower had given him a boner. His jeans were extremely tight around the crotch and he was sure this woman, old enough to be his mother, in fact, one of his mother's friends would see it when he stood. He was afraid that she would notice and then send him away as soon as she could. Then she would complain to his mother that she had a sex fiend for a son. He got off the stool and shuffled over to the fridge, his body twisted sideways. "Oh dear, have you hurt yourself gardening? Come on let me see." Ida said getting off the stool and allowing her Kimono to open as far as the crotch. Dick had turned as she spoke and his eyes were drawn to her mound just before the kimono fell back into place. His cock gave a painful throb. Instinctively he turned his body away to stop Ida seeing his hard on. Ida did see it, she was delighted, now all she had to do was get him to fuck her. "Come here, please don't be shy, you are not moving at all freely," she said, "where have you hurt yourself?" Taking Dick by the shoulder she turned him to face her then she dropped her gaze to his genital area. "Oh you poor boy, what a swelling you have there, it must be so uncomfortable." Ida smiled at him. "Golly I must help you." "Er, er NO its Oh dear..." Dick stuttered. Ida had fallen to her knees at the same time as her nimble fingers had found his zip. In spite of his protestations, Ida eased the zip open and unfastened the fly button, made more difficult by the hardness of what was tenting the boys jeans. "Oh oh what a beauty" Ida breathed as she allowed his jeans to fall to the floor and reveal the magnificent prick they had been concealing. The cock was a beautiful specimen. It reared up a full nine inches, the head was deep red and appeared to be glowing, the shaft was rippled by veins and it sprouted out from a thicket of hair that covered the boys large balls. Dick grunted, Ida had taken his hard dick into her mouth at the same time she had shrugged of her Kimono. He gazed down at her head of dark hair which was streaked with grey. he could not believe that someone as old as Ida Tongyn was kneeling on the floor naked, sucking on his dick. Suddenly he could not hold back. "Oooh Ooh Ohh Mr's Tongyn... Oooooooooh god Please please. I'm gonna cum -oooooooh" Ida Tongyn just encircled the plum head with her tongue and sucked harder at the same time stroking his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other. "Aaaaaarg aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh... ooooooooh yessssssssssssss I'mmmmm cumin.cuminnnnnnnnnn...cummingggggggggggggggggg." Ida sucked swallowing as he pumped his dick, fucking her mouth. It was too much and with cum running down her chin she allowed the rest to spray over her tits. Getting to her feet, she ignored the stool and asked him to help her onto the breakfast bar. Here she spread her legs wide opening her pussy to his gaze. He was mesmerised. He had played with girls before but here spread before his eyes was a mature cunt. The mount showing a thin covering of silky hair but what took his gaze was her thick lipped external labia, a deep pinky purple and as he watched she opened herself even more and allow her large engorged clitoris to emerge from its protective hood. He need no urging, leaning forward her tentatively licked at her passage then took her clit into his mouth sucking hard. "Ooh yes yes... oh yes... Oh Dick yess Oh God Oh please please ...No wait, oh God Dick fuck me." Ida Tongyn cried. She slid to the edge of the bar and he slid his still hard prick into her very wet cunt. He started to fuck her powerfully but Ida urged him to slow down. She was already on the verge of coming. "Oh yes oh lovely oh darling, I'm going to cum. no please dont cum yet, just let me cum." Ida met his strokes as her orgasm shook her body. Then slipping to the floor she leaned across the breakfast bar urging Dick to enter her cunt from behind. "Oh yes yes oh its great, its so big and I can feel you filling me up." With slow controlled strokes Dick Ballsanawl fucked the wanton woman old enough to be his mother. He knew he was enjoying the best fuck he had ever had with this experienced woman who had obviously been dying for it. Suddenly the telephone rang, Ida reached out a hand to take the receiver at the same time urging Dick to keep on fucking her. "Hello, Wellingdale 653451, can I help you?" "Hello Ida, is that you? This is Lovitt, Richards mother, just ringing to see if everything is OK" "Oh hello Lovitt, yes Richard is doing a great job." Ida felt him pause as he realised that it was his mother on the 'phone, but then he continued. "Yes, Richard sorted out the problem that I was having, you know with the lawn mower, he really is a great help. He has attended to my bush, the rose bush, I told him that I could do it myself as I don't mind being pricked." "Yes, he is taking it easy right at this moment I think later on, if you don’t mind, I want him to have a look at the large bed. What, oh at the moment he is priming the pump getting ready to spray." Ida was quiet for a moment or two as Richards mother obviously was speaking. "What's that? You wish you could get him to do similar tasks for you? Oh yes, I am sure he would do a great job and you would be well pleased. Yes, I can well imagine that you would be very pleased for him to trim your bush and have him spray whatever his necessary. I think I shall have to go now, I think Richard is ready to do the spraying. Goodbye" Was the boy ready, he knew that Ida had not been talking about gardening but had actually been talking about fucking to his mother even though she was not aware of it and the excited him to the extent that he was plunging his tool in and out of ida's receptive cunt, his balls hitting her fingers as she rubbed her own clit? "Ooooooooh yess - me ooh yessssssssssss. The two of them orgasmed together. Ida turned round knelt and took his dripping cock into her mouth tasting his cum and her own juices. Talking the unspoken hint Dick did the same thing. it was the first time that he had tasted a well fucked woman and he decided that he liked it. Later lying in the garden on loungers Ida broached the subject of Dick getting more enjoyment. "You know Richard, I prefer to call you Richard, especially as I am getting your dick, " she laughed." I think other members of your mothers bridge party might benefit from having their bushes trimmed and if you are up to it, their furrows ploughed." Richard nodded his head. "Hmm what a pity the fourth member of the bridge party is my mother" he added. "Yesss, what a pity" Ida mused, and to herself added, 'I wonder what can be arranged about that.'

Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 1
by pull me push you

I was 18, going on 19, when my oldest brother was getting married. My parents had waited quite a while before they had me. Besides him, I have three more older brothers. Everyone said that I was an accident. There was only room for three men in his wedding party so I was left out with nothing better to do than watch and run errands. Just as well. I really didn't want to go through the whole process of a wedding if it wasn't going to be mine.

He was marrying a girl he had met while he was away at college doing graduate studies. She was very pretty; a knockout. I hoped that I could find a girl half as good as she looked when I went to college in a couple of weeks. They were all going to rehearsal that evening so I thought that I would tag along and watch the activities. I went with my parents because I didn't own a car of my own yet. I stayed in the background as everyone mingled and waited for the rehearsal to start. I was standing in a corner minding my own business when I heard my brother call me.

"Hey Dave, come here." I went over to where he and his bride- to- be were standing with a woman I had never seen before. She seemed to be as out of place as I felt. "Dave, this is Mrs. Fletcher, Debbie's mother. Mrs. Fletcher, this is our baby brother David." I hated when they referred to me as the baby brother. I was 18 and going to college. I'll be sixty and still be the baby brother to them. We smiled at each other and shook hands. She surprised me with a very firm grip. Most women usually hand you a dead fish when they shake. Mrs. Fletcher took my hand as if there was a purpose behind her grip. A teacher of mine had said that a firm handshake showed a person that knew what they wanted and would stop at nothing to get it.

Looking at Mrs. Fletcher, I saw where my brother's fiancée got her good looks. Mrs. Fletcher was probably in her 50's but didn't show it at all. In her heals, she stood as tall as I, looking at me at eye level. She was wearing a white dress that had a halter style top, the kind that came up in the front and tied behind the neck. Her breasts filled the halter to capacity, the roundness of each tit apparent, along with her deep tan. The dress came down to just below her knee. It wasn't too snug, but it wasn't too loose. You could make out the shape of her body without it seeming to be obvious. She had deep green eyes. They sparkled when the light hit them just right. Her lips were large and full. She wore very little make up and no perfume. I could only smell a slight bit of baby powder in the air as she moved. Her hair was a light brown with a few strands a gray scattered throughout. She had it pinned up in back, hiding how long it really was. "Hello Mrs. Fletcher," I said politely. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hello David. It's a pleasure to meet you too," she replied. Her voice was very sincere and very deep. She sounded sexy without even trying. She sounded a lot like that actress Brenda Vicaro.

"I've heard a lot about you from your brother. He always speaks highly of you. I couldn't wait to meet this special baby brother when I came out here for the wedding." Mrs. Fletcher had come from Florida to Connecticut alone to see her daughter get married. Mr. Fletcher had died a few years earlier. I doubted very much that she had come to meet the baby brother. The four of us made with the small talk for a few minutes and then my brother took them to meet some other people and left me alone. I couldn't help staring at Mrs. Fletcher.

I didn't know what it was but I felt very attracted to her. She seemed very confident of herself as she mingled with the wedding party. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that made her seem so special, so I decided that it was the whole package that made Mrs. Fletcher what she was. Once she caught me staring at her and she gave me a big smile. She waved her fingers at me without moving her arm up, as if she didn't want anyone else to see. She kept her arm at her side and wiggled her fingers. I smiled and gave her a similar wave back, not meaning anything by it. She tilted her head back and appeared to chuckle when I did this. She then looked at me again and winked. I was puzzled by what she did but forgot about it the next second. The rehearsal finally began and went smoothly.

When it was over, my parents were having a little party at our house and everyone was invited. I followed my parents back to our car, and just as we were about to leave, my brother flagged us down. He came over to the car and leaned inside. "Mrs. Fletcher has to go back to her hotel for something. She really isn't too sure on how to drive back to the hotel and then to your house. I was wondering if Dave could go with her so she doesn't get lost."

"Sure," my mom said. "Dave, go help Mrs. Fletcher, ok. We'll meet the two of you later at the house." I got out of the back seat and followed my brother. He pointed to where Mrs. Fletcher was waiting and left to get his car. I saw her standing with her daughter. I got to them just as my brother drove up. We all made some small talk again and then he left with his bride to be. Mrs. Fletcher and I were alone together for the first time. She smiled at me and said, "So I hear you know your way around here. Your brother says that he's leaving me in the best of hands."

"Well, I guess I know how to get us to the hotel and back safely. All we need is a car. Is that one yours," I asked, pointing at the closest car in the lot. "No, mine is over there," she replied, pointing to the farthest car in the lot. "Follow me." She took off quickly, leaving me quite a few steps behind her. The sun was in front of her shining brightly. It cut through the white dress like an x-ray. I could make out her long legs hiding beneath the dress. Her ass swung from side to side with the sound of her heals on the parking lot pavement keeping the beat. I ran to catch up and walk next to her. She looked at me and smiled as I reached her side.

"I asked for you special David. I wanted you to help me. I felt most comfortable with you more than anyone else here. I hope you don't mind?" I was shocked, embarrassed and honored, all at the same time.

"No. Not at all Mrs. Fletcher," I said. "I don't mind. I'm glad to help." As we walked to the car she dug into her purse and pulled out the car keys. "Would you mind driving David?" she asked. "I'm sort of tired from all of this running around."

She handed me the keys as I said, "Sure. No problem." As we reached the car she waited for me to open her door. As she put her left leg in and began to sit down, she dropped her purse on the ground next to her right foot. As I bent down to get it she kept her legs spread apart, the right leg staying where it was planted. I had to reach around it to get to the purse. I couldn't help but let my eyes wander.

Her skirt had pulled up high on her right leg. It was now almost to the middle of her thigh. She wasn't wearing any stockings due to the summer heat. Her calves were shaven smooth, the short soft hairs on her thigh shimmered in the sun. I could see far down her left leg, her inner thigh looking very smooth and tight. I knew that if I had leaned a little bit further I would be able to see her panties. I retrieved her purse and handed it to her. She said thank you and finally, slowly, lifted her right leg into the car. She straightened out her skirt, looked up at me and smiled as I closed the door. I could feel my cock start to harden as I made my way around the back of the car.
I slowed my walk and tried to adjust myself before I got in. I put my hand in my pocket and flipped my cock straight up. I looked down and could see that my bulge was visible. I pulled the shirt out of my pants to try to hide it. I felt my heart pounding inside of my chest. My breathing was heavy and labored. I took a few deep breaths and told myself to calm down. I finally reached the driver side door and got in. My dick was starting to go down in size but it left a wet spot where the hole at the tip of my cock had been. She smiled at me when I sat down and said, "That was a long walk around the car. Did you get lost or was it something else?"

I thought quickly and told her, "I was trying to think of the best way to your hotel Mrs. Fletcher. There are a few different ways to get there." She reached out and touched my hand. She held it firmly, just like her handshake. Her touch was warm, dare I say affectionate.

"David," she said softly, "Please call me Ellen. I prefer it to Mrs. Fletcher. We're almost family now. Could you do that for me when we're alone. If you like, you can call me Mrs. Fletcher in front of your parents and brothers. When it's just the two of us, Ellen would make me very happy." Her eyes were locked onto mine. I couldn't look anywhere else, even if I tried. Their green color grew deeper as I stared at them. I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head yes.

My mouth was drying up on me. My tongue seemed swollen, just as my cock was starting to do again. I felt my insides start to shudder; my hand shook as I tried to put the key in the ignition. Ellen leaned over and took my hand in hers. Once again I could smell the baby powder she had dusted onto her body. She guided my hand as we both eased the key in and started the car. I took a deep breath as the engine purred softly. "Are you ok David?" she asked. "If you like, I'll drive."

I put my hands on the steering wheel and said, "No. I'm alright. Just a little nervous driving someone else's car." With that I put the car in gear and slowly left the church lot. Mrs. Fletcher, Ellen, stayed close to me in the front seat. She leaned her head on my right arm.

"I hope you don't mind me resting on you like this," she said. "I need to stretch my body out. It feels comfortable in this position." Ellen had put her head softly on my arm, closed her eyes and stretched her legs as far as she could into the corner of the passenger side of the car. As she did this, her skirt once again shifted high up on her thighs. She had taken her shoes off and tossed them onto the floor. When I looked down, the front of her dress had come away from her chest. I could see far down the front. Her nipples were clearly visible.

They were flat against her tits, showing not the slightest bit of excitement. The weight of her head was starting to make my right arm go numb, so I lifted it up and allowed her head to sink under my armpit. She sighed and made herself as comfortable as she could. I put my arm on the back of the seat but found this to be awkward. I slowly let my arm slide down until it was resting on her body. She was very warm to the touch. She stayed in that position for a little while and then shifted. She twisted her body so that she could lie across the front seat. She curled her legs up and assumed a fetal position. My hand was now resting on her outer hip.

Her head slid down from my armpit and she softly put it on my right thigh. My cock became rock hard instantly. It took all of my strength to keep my right leg from shaking. I controlled my breathing and drove as fast as I could to the hotel. The faster I got her there, the faster I would be out of this situation. Just before we got to the hotel, Ellen got up from her position and straightened herself up. She checked her face in the mirror, making note of the red line that showed on her cheek where a crease in my pants had left its mark. She showed me where to park and got ready to get out of the car.

"Aren't you coming," she asked. "No," I said. "I'll just wait here in the car until you come back."

"Don't be silly," she said. "I'm not going to leave you out here all by yourself. Come on in with me. It'll only take a few minutes. What are you, afraid of me? I don't bite. Just come up to the room with me, I'll do what I have to do, and then we'll leave. I won't take no for an answer." She smiled at me and I did as she said. Her room was on the top floor, a suite. As I followed her inside, she bolted the door after we entered.

"A safety habit of mine," she said nonchalantly. The room had a large sitting room and a large bedroom with a king size bed. She told me to have a seat and told me to have a drink from the liquor cabinet if I liked. She said she knew that most kids drank and we wouldn't get in trouble if I did. She went into the bedroom and I heard the lock turn. I finally felt a little bit safe.

I looked at the small fridge in the room and decided to grab a beer. A big mistake on my part. I hadn't been drinking long so it didn't take much to have an effect on me. I heard Ellen talking on the phone inside her bedroom but had no idea to whom or what she was talking about. I turned on the TV and drank my beer. I heard the water running in the bath of her room. In my looser state on consciousness, caused by the beer, I imagined Ellen scrubbing her body in the shower. I let my mind drift, closing my eyes so that I wouldn't be distracted from my thoughts. So complete was my fantasy that I never heard the water stop on the door unlock and open.

When I opened my eyes, Ellen was standing in front of me with just a towel wrapped around her body. She was drying her hair. It was longer that I had thought. She smiled at me as I watched her rub her hair in the towel.

"Did you grab a beer for me too?" she asked.

I sat, not able to say anything or move a muscle. She went over to the bar and bent down to grab a beer. She bent at the waist and the towel that was covering her rose up. The bottoms of the cheeks of her ass were clearly visible. Each was perfectly round and smooth. There was no sign of sag in this ass. She popped the can and took a long swallow. She walked over to where I was sitting and squatted down in front of me. I sat there frozen as she looked up at me.

She said softly, "I just called your mom's house. I told them that we were having a little car problem and we would be a little late in getting there. She said to not worry and take our time. How does that sound David?" My mouth opened but nothing came out. She smiled and reached out with her warm hand. She put her fingers under my chin and slowly pushed my mouth closed. She then stood up in front of me and reached under her shoulders to where she had pushed the towel in to stay up. She pulled out the edge of the towel and let it fall to the floor.

There she stood in front of me. I gazed slowly from her face down to her toes. She was more beautiful than I had just imagined. She did not have the body of a woman in her 50's. Her body was toned and tan. Her tits hung ever so slightly from her chest, her nipples had hardened to rocks. She hadn't the slightest hint of a pair of love handles at her side. Her stomach was flat. Her hips were round and smooth, sitting atop a pair of very firm thighs. The hair of her pussy was trimmed into a straight line above her cunt. A few gray strands present, just as on her head.

She bent down towards me, her tits pitching forward. She leaned and put her lips to mine. Softly, slowly, she kissed me. She reached down with her right hand and placed it on my pants where my hard dick was trying to poke a hole through. I had been so caught up in what was visible to me I hadn't even known how hard I had gotten. She smiled as she took my empty beer from my hand. She placed it on a table and helped me up from the chair. "Well David, do you like what you see?"

"I can't do this Mrs. Fletcher. It's not right. Your daughter is marrying my brother."

"What does that have to do with us. We're both adults. They call you baby brother but I see a man standing in front of me with a very hard cock. Why don't you just relax and let Ellen show you how much of a man you really are."

Once again she placed her large, soft lips to mine. She put her arms around me and brought me against her body. I slowly brought my arms up and held her close to me. I was amazed how soft and warm her back felt. The longer I held her the tighter my grip became. I let my hands drift down her back, trying not to be so obvious about wanting to feel her ass in my hands.

When they finally reached their goal, I gently rubbed the entire surface of her ass. I squeezed and squeezed as she pressed her ass back into my hands. I could feel the very soft hairs that covered her cheeks. I cupped her ass in my hands and slowly lifted them as high as I could. Ellen moaned softly as she felt the skin at the bottom of her pussy stretch. She pushed her tongue deep inside of my mouth. She explored for as long as she wanted. I closed my mouth on her tongue and sucked on it. As I did this she pushed her hips into mine. She rubbed her pussy on my hard dick and I pushed back. We finally broke away from each other and Ellen began to undo my pants.

My hard dick made it difficult for her to pull my shorts down but she did it without my help. I had never gone this far with any of the girls I had known, so now I was sailing in uncharted waters. I had been the only person, alias Mary Fist, to physically take myself to orgasm. Women in wet dreams don't count. My mind raced, not knowing what was in store. With my pants around my ankles, Ellen led me to her bedroom. I ripped my pants off as Ellen directed me to the bed. She sat me on the edge and stood in front of me.

"Have you ever made love David," she asked. I shook my head no.

"Have you ever seen a woman cum?" Another head shake. "Watch and learn David." She stood back, spread her legs and reached down between them. I watched in amazement as she pulled the lips of her pussy apart and began to play with herself. I couldn't believe how fast her finger was rubbing herself. She had her eyes closed as she put her fingers up inside of herself. Her hips rocked with pleasure as she continued.

"Do you like to watch David," she asked.

"I like it very much," I said to my surprise.

"Would you like to help me," she asked, not missing a beat.

"Sure," I said.

"Come to me and suck my tits David." I did as she asked and she moaned with pleasure as I took her hard nipples into my mouth and sucked. "Gently David," she said softly, and I eased up, trying to do as she asked.

"David, take your fingers and put them inside of my cunt," she asked. With my right hand I reached down between her legs and she took my hand in hers. She guided me and placed my hand at the opening of her wet pussy. I could feel only her matted hairs at first and then I felt the warm, soft tissue that was the opening of her cunt. My fingers were quickly coated in the warm, slippery juices that were flowing from her cunt. I pushed one finger into her and heard her moan with delight. She pushed down on my hand with her hips.
"Put another one in David," she begged. I put a second and then a third finger into her. I could feel how hot she was. The muscles inside her cunt tightened around me fingers. She rocked on my hand with delight as she continued to rub her clit faster and faster. I put my free arm around her and held onto her ass. I could feel the muscles contract and relax every time I felt her pussy tighten on the fingers that were inside on her. She moaned louder and rocked harder as she headed towards her orgasm.
A flood of fluid filled her pussy and soaked my fingers as her orgasm erupted. I felt her entire body shake as pleasure ripped through her body. She cried out as she climaxed as she hadn't done in a long time. I felt her knees weaken and her body almost collapse as her orgasm finally left her.

Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 3

When I got home from my late night adventure with Mrs. Fletcher, I was surprised to find my parents were still up; all of my brothers had moved out after their first year of college. They said something about it being kind of late and wondering where I went, but I really wasn't paying too much attention to them. I mumbled an answer that seemed to satisfy them and said I was very tired and that I was going up to bed. I dragged my self upstairs to my bedroom and fell onto the bed. I really was very tired.

I felt as if I had run a marathon. Mrs. Fletcher had exhausted me with her session of sex. Muscles that I had never used before in my life ached. Even my dick hurt. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Images of Ellen and myself raced through my head. I thought of all the events that had occurred within the last twelve hours. Never in my wildest dreams did any of these things enter my mind. Maybe it was all a dream and I would wake up in the morning to a different reality. I got up and went to the bathroom.

As I sat there, I saw the stain on the wall where my cum had flown with the help of Ellen's mouth and hand. This day wasn't a dream. It had all happened as I remembered it. I smiled as my cock began to stiffen as I remembered the blowjob. My dick ached as it hardened but I knew that the pain was worth it. I tried to think of other things but couldn't. I could only think of Ellen. I went back to my room and stared at the ceiling. What did she mean that she had plans? What could she be scheming? I tossed and turned trying to get some rest. The clock moved slowly as the hours passed. My parents had gone to sleep and I only heard the crickets outside and the pounding of my heart in my head.

I don't know when I finally fell asleep, but I know that I didn't dream of Ellen because the sheets were dry when I got up that morning. When I saw the time on the clock, I couldn't believe how late I had slept. It was almost 10 o'clock. I'm usually up early, before anyone else in the house. I got up to shower and yelled down to my mother that I was sorry for being late and that I would be right down. She yelled something back up to me but I didn't hear it with the water running. I washed, put on a pair of shorts and a shirt, and started to make my way down the stairs. I heard my parents talking with someone. I couldn't place the voice, although it did sound very familiar.

As I turned the corner from the hallway, to enter the eat-in kitchen, I was almost knocked to the floor by what I saw. My parents were having breakfast with Ellen. She looked more beautiful today than she ever had yesterday. I stood there not knowing what to say or do. My mother saw me and said, "Well here's my sleepy son. You never sleep this late David. What happened to you?"

"I guess he had a very busy day yesterday," Ellen chimed in.

"We had him running around doing so many things yesterday that I guess we tired him out," said my father.

"And don't forget, he took care of me very well yesterday too," added Ellen. I could hear the playfulness in her tone as she looked at me and smiled widely and winked. I smiled back and felt a twinge in my dick.

"It was nothing Mrs. Fletcher," I said. "I'd help you any time you needed it."

I smiled back at her, only the both of us understanding our little play on words. "Sit down, David, and join us for breakfast," my mother said. The chair that wasn't occupied was across from Ellen. I barely had time to seat myself when I felt her foot touching my leg. I gave her a look, trying to let her know not here and not now, but she wouldn't have any of it. She kept my parents busy with small talk as she made her way up my leg towards my crotch with her foot. I thought of getting up to get something, but the bulge in my pants kept me seated.

Ellen's foot had found its way under the pants leg of my shorts, and was nearing my swollen cock, when my mother finally saved me by bringing me my breakfast. I felt Ellen's foot finally lose contact with my leg and I took a deep breath of relief. Ellen smiled as she took a sip of her coffee. She continued to talk with my parents until I finally had the nerve to speak. I tried to ask the question that was on my mind the second I saw Ellen sitting at our breakfast table. My first attempt came out only as a squeak. Ellen tilted her head back and laughed quite hard.

"I apologize David. I'm sorry I laughed at you," she said. She looked at me and I could tell that she was very sincere in what she said.

"Go ahead. What were you going to say?" I cleared my throat and asked, " What brings you here Mrs. Fletcher, so early in the morning." She smiled back at me and said " I think I'll let your mom explain it to you." My mother started in with more enthusiasm that I had ever seen. She explained it like this. "Mrs. Fletcher, Ellen, called us early this morning. What was it? Eight o'clock I believe."

"How did she get up so early?" I asked myself. "Anyways, she has come up with a wonderful idea. For the wedding, you know that Mrs. Fletcher, Ellen, I'm sorry. Ellen doesn't really have a partner to be with. We had your Uncle Lenny paired up with Ellen for the rehearsal but then that leaves Aunt Linda all alone. Ellen thought that since you aren't in the wedding party, it would be a great idea if you were her companion for the wedding. Doesn't that sound great David…David?" I stared at Ellen with wide eyes.
She looked back at me and only smiled. So this was her scheme. She wants me to be her partner for the next two days. "What do you think David?" my father asked. My mother charged in. "We called your brother and Debbie, and they both think it's a great idea. They said that they should have thought about it earlier." Ellen continued to smile and stare.

"I don't have a tux," I blurted out. "That's been taken care of son," my dad said, putting a hand on my shoulder. "We called the store and you can go get one today."

"Well David? What's your answer?" asked Ellen softly. "Would you mind being stuck with me for a couple of days. I promise to be good." She smiled, and I knew what she meant by being good. I took a deep breath and said," It would be an honor to be paired with you for the next couple of days, Mrs. Fletcher." My parents clapped at my answer and Ellen leaned across the table and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you very much David," she said softly. "I'll make this the best decision you ever made." My parents continued to congratulate themselves as I stared and smiled at Ellen sitting across the table. We talked some more about the wedding for a little bit, and then I noticed why Ellen looked so different today. "You cut your hair Mrs. Fletcher," I said in a very loud and surprised voice. "Very good David," replied Ellen. Looking at my parents she said, " See, I told you that he would notice. You've raised a son who knows how to make a woman very happy. You should be very proud of him."

"Oh, we are," said my mother. "You don't know what you're agreeing to mom," I thought. I looked at Ellen and asked, " Why did you cut your hair?"

"Well," she said. "I was thinking early this morning, while I was laying in bed. If you were going to agree to be my partner, I should try to look a little bit better for you. I knew that the hotel has a salon that opened early, so I decided to let them fix me up a bit. Do you like it?" Did I! She had had hear hair cut short and styled; the small amount of gray was gone.

"It makes you look younger than ever," I said with great enthusiasm. "I hate to admit it, but he's right. You look fabulous," added my mother. Ellen blushed and said, " You're all being to kind. Why don't I help you with these dishes?" She was getting up when my father told her, " Nonsense. You're our guest. I'll help the misses with the dishes. Why don't you ask David about what he has up in his bedroom?" I heard my father's statement and wondered almost aloud, " What the hell does he mean by that?" I looked at Ellen for an explanation. "While we were waiting for you to get up, in my conversations with your parents, I told them of my interest in astronomy. They tell me that you have a telescope upstairs."

"That's right son," said my father. "Mrs. Fletcher has an interest in something you have."

"My dick," I thought. "Why don't you take Ellen upstairs and let her see it David," said my mom. "Yes, please David," begged Ellen smiling. "Can I see it?" Was I going crazy or had Ellen turned my parents into pimps for her to service me? " David," my father said somewhat sternly, " Take Ellen upstairs and show her your telescope." Ellen smiled as I shrugged my shoulders and said, " Let's go Mrs. Fletcher." My parents began to clear the table as Ellen and I went up the stairs. I turned to ask her as we went up, " Do you really have an interest in astronomy?"

"David," she said, " I'm lucky I know where the sun rises and sets. I noticed the telescope last night as we went into the bathroom. I just thought that I might be able to do something with that kind of knowledge." She slapped my ass and said, " Let's go." I followed her into my room not knowing what to expect. As we entered my bedroom Ellen quickly lifted the skirt that she was wearing and pulled her panties down to just above her knees. "Stop it," I said softly. "Are you crazy?" She didn't pay me any attention as she bent over the edge on my bed and said, " Hurry David. Fuck me now. Stick your hard cock into me and fuck me now." Her legs were spread wide and I could see the mound of her pussy hanging down from between them, its soft hairs fluffed out as far as they would reach. Without thinking of the consequences of being caught, I pulled my shorts down and got behind Ellen. She reached back and grabbed my cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy. She eased the head of my cock into her cunt and said, " Don't waste any time David. Pump and cum."

She placed her elbows on the bed and turned her head to watch. I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy with ease. She smiled at me, as she watched my hips rock into her ass. She tilted her hips and her pussy pushed farther back towards me. I could still her my parents washing the dishes as I fucked Ellen in my bedroom, not more than ten feet above their heads. All the while, Ellen watched and smiled. "Don't worry about me David," Ellen said softly. "I want you to cum." I held onto her hips and pumped. Being bent over as she was, her ass was the roundest thing I had seen. I could feel her juices starting to run out of her pussy and down my balls. Her cunt muscles tightened as she told me quietly, " Cum David. Cum." I pushed as far as I could, my cock depositing its load into her. I pumped and pumped, not wanting to stop.

Ellen tilted her hips more, so she could feel the deepest penetration that she could. When I finally finished, Ellen said, " Don't move." She reached for her purse and pulled out some tissues and a panty liner. She handed me some tissues and held the rest in her hand. "Hold your cock in that when you pull out of me David," she told me. Just then, I heard the water stop running in the kitchen and the sound of footsteps coming towards the stairs. "How are you two doing up there?" my mother asked from the bottom of the stairs. My heart stopped beating. "Shit. Not again," I thought. "I'm dead. Here I am, with my cock pushed deep inside my brother's mother-in-law's cunt, and my mothers' going to see it. I'm fucking dead."

"Oh we're having a great time up here," said Ellen, as if we really were doing what we were supposed to be doing. "Your son has a fantastic telescope up here and he sure knows how to use it."

"I'm sure he does," answered my mom. "I'll be right down," said Ellen. "This can't be happening," I said to myself. "Am I the only person that knows what's happening in this house?"

"O.k. David. Pull your cock out of me," said Ellen softly. As I took my throbbing cock from her pussy, she quickly placed the tissues she was holding into the opening of her cunt. She then put the panty liner in the crotch of her panties and pulled them up. I was standing there, with my cock in my hand, not knowing what to do. Ellen smiled at me as she said softly, " Clean yourself up David. We have a lot to do today." Ellen adjusted her skirt and made her way slowly down the steps. I pulled my shorts up and carefully went to the bathroom to wash up. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what I had done to deserve all of this. Ellen was a fantastic woman. She lived on the edge and was never afraid to push things to the limits. What did she have in store for me? I came downstairs and saw that Ellen was missing. I asked my mom, " Where's Mrs. Fletcher?"

"She said that she needed to freshen up and make a phone call, so I showed her to my bedroom and bath," she answered. "Ellen has kindly offered to take you to get your tux. Your dad and I think that you should repay her for being so nice to you. Here's a few dollars. When you're done getting the tux, we want you to show Ellen around the area and then take her out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie after that. Who knows when was the last time she had some fun?"

"About ten minutes ago mom," I said to myself. "You're father and I don't want to hear that she was bored or that you didn't treat her the way she wanted to be treated. Be nice to her David. Do you understand?"

"Yes mom," I said. "I'll do whatever it takes to make her feel good. How does that sound?"

"That's my boy," she said. "That's Ellen," I said, very softly to myself.

I waited for Ellen on the porch steps; it was going to be a hot day. I finally heard talking from inside of the house and Ellen finally emerged from the door. She tapped me on the head and said, " Let's go shopping David." As we walked together she said, "You know that you have two wonderful parents."

"From what they just did for me in there, I'd have to say that no other guy in the world has a pair like that." We looked at each other and laughed. "Do you know what they told me to do with you today?" I asked. "They want me to do whatever it takes to make you happy. Do you believe that?"

"I wonder if it has anything to do with my talks with them before you got up?" I stared at her in disbelief. "Basically, you got my parents to tell me to fuck your brains out to make you happy," I said smiling. "I guess I did," she said as she tossed me the keys to her car. I caught them and couldn't wait to open her door. The passenger side of the car was towards the street. As I held her door open, Ellen spread her legs as wide as she could and slowly entered the car. Again, she dropped her purse and waited for me to pick it up. This time, Ellen pulled her dress up as high as she could. She was wearing a clean pair of panties. She reached between her legs and pulled on the panties. The material slowly disappeared deep inside of her pussy. The lips of her cunt enlarged on either side of where the panties had been.

"Not bad," I said. "You can have these panties to keep if you like," she replied. I nodded yes. "I'll keep them up there for safe keeping right now." I picked up her purse and placed it between her legs. I let my hand slowly caress the insides of her thigh. I closed her door and quickly ran, as fast as you can with a hard cock, around to get in. I turned the key and revved the engine. I looked back to my house where my parents stood, holding each other and waving. I waved back and yelled, " Thanks. I won't disappoint you." I slowly pulled away wondering what Ellen was going to do to me today.

The rental store for my tux was at a local mall. I told Ellen that it would take a few minutes to get there. "Will I have enough time to change?" she asked me. Puzzled, I turned to her and asked, " What do you mean change?"

"Well, I can't stayed dressed in this plain outfit when I'm with a guy like you. I wore this for your parents, not for us," she explained. The outfit that she had worn was unexciting. The top was just a regular shirt and the skirt was loose and long. She was able to pull it up quickly, as I had seen in my bedroom, but otherwise it did nothing for her or me. With that she turned around and reached into the back seat. I drove, trying to keep one eye on the road and one on Ellen.

She pulled an overnight bag into the front seat. She placed it in her lap and unzipped it. She reached in and pulled out a short, black leather skirt. She next brought the following pieces of clothing, a pair of high- healed shoes, a pair of fish net stockings, the kind that had an elastic band at the top to keep them up on her thighs, and a tight looking white top, which was cut very low. "Nice outfit," I said, " but where are you supposed to change?"

"Right here David," she answered matter-of-factly. With that, she reached to her hips and, as she lifted her ass off of the seat, pulled her long skirt off. She sat there with her panties pulled deep inside of her cunt, patiently folding the skirt and placing it in the carry-on. "What is wrong with this woman," I thought. "We can get arrested for this," I said. "Only if we're caught David," she replied back. "You only get in trouble if you let yourself get caught." She leaned over and gave me a kiss. She reached for her leather skirt and slowly pulled it up her long legs. It was a very snug fit but the leather stretched and conformed to her sensuous hips. The skirt was very short. It was barely long enough to reach the middle of her thighs. I could understand that changing her skirt while driving in traffic wasn't too risky, but how was she going to change her top? " You can't change your top in here," I said. "Everyone is going to see."

"Jealous?" she asked. "Watch and see David." Ellen slowly unbuttoned the shirt that she was wearing. When she was done she sat there with her tits trying to crawl out of her bra. It wasn't much of a bra; it barely covered her nipples. It also looked a size or two too small. She unhooked it in front, and her tits seemed to explode out from their cage. She sat there with her tits bouncing with every dip in the road. I almost went off the road because I really didn't care to see anything else but her tits. "Watch where you're going David," Ellen said calmly.

"You'll get all of these when we're done doing what needs to be done." I forced myself to pay attention to the road and not on the two beautiful mounds sitting on Ellen's chest. I wanted so badly to put my mouth on her tits and suckle on her hard nipples. Ellen massaged her tits, closing her eyes as she did. "You don't know how good it feels to get out of a bra," she said. As I drove, I noticed two cars whose drivers did see Ellen's tits swaying to and fro. The man seemed totally shocked, but the woman driver looked very interested. I saw her smile and turn her head to keep Ellen's tits in view. As she passed by she sounded her horn and stuck her tongue out in a licking motion. It seemed that Ellen's body could please anyone. When she was done rubbing her tits, Ellen scooted down in her seat so that she was out of view. She took her shirt and bra off, and began to pull her sexy shirt on.

It was a bit of a struggle for her, but she did it pretty quickly considering her position. As I said before, this shirt was white and tight with a very low-cut neckline. Ellen reached down inside the neck of the shirt in order to position her tits just right. She cupped each tit separately with her hand and lifted them. The elastic material from which it was made acted like a bra. It held each breast up and kept them separated. The shirt clung to their shape, round and supple melons begging to be squeezed. The darker area of her areolas was slightly visible.

Bill's Mom Unveiled

by JRob

As I entered my freshman year in college, I had the uncanny ability of falling in love with several wonderful girls. There was Katrina, the head varsity cheerleader from Pamona with the long legs and pouty lips. There was Monica, the girl from Vineland who everyone seemed to have their way with. There was Jenine, the older sister of my best friend and roommate Bill, a girl with a great smile and penchant for tight skirts. And who could forget Ms. Vance, my English professor who loved wearing sweaters which made her breasts seem enormous. My sex life was active, very active. I fell in love with each and every one of these girls. There was one small problem. None of them gave me the time of day. Heck I had only kissed three girls while in high school, and those were basically the on the cheek or quick peck on the lips variety. College wasn't much different. And the sex? Well, it was often, but centered on late night rendezvous with the palm of my right hand. Such was life in the 70s. Yea, you can read in history books about free love and all, but it didn't seem to happen around my neighborhood in Voorhees, New Jersey. On my part it was love at first sight whenever my eyes graced a pretty girl. On their part they didn't know I existed. Bill and I commiserated about virginity, and we marveled at some of our friends who were constantly parking down at the lake or on top of makeout mountain. Joey Castle, the third member of our college dorm suite, claimed he had bedded four girls and had been blown by two others. "It's technique," he'd say. "You guys try too hard." Easy for him to say. The harder I tried, the more girls felt I was after only one thing. And while they were probably right, it still drove me batty. I'd satisfy my urges by imagining various professors and friends sisters in action in my bedroom. My fantasies ran the full gambit, but normally ended with me on top of one of these nubile girls, screwing ourselves into a tizzy. Even Bill's mom, Mrs. Beaudrey, a good-looking, red-haired woman in her late 30s, made her way into my fantasies. Mrs. Beaudrey, unlike girls my age, did give me the time of day when I was at her home visiting her son. Always motherly, she was inquisitive about school, about baseball, about girls. One could not visit her house without the offer of snacks and beverages, words of encouragement and generally a welcome smile. Of course, I liked to gaze at the woman when she wasn't looking at me, because she looked adorable in her modest but sexy skirts and blouses. The fact that she had two children didn't change her figure, as while she didn't have large breasts, they were full and stood firm, while her legs were slim and sexy. I once told Bill his mother was a hottie, and he just laughed. "You're a pig," he'd say with a laugh. "Be careful, she's my mom." I'd always reply the same way. "Bill, she's your mom, but she is a pretty woman. You should be proud of her." Silently, I knew he agreed. His 40-year-old mother did get second looks from men when they were at the mall or wherever. Bill and I would visit each other's bedrooms, playing video games and sneaking peeks at his father's Playboy collection. His dad had a stack of the magazines under his work bench, and every so often we would "borrow" a couple for the afternoon, sneaking them up to his room. We'd look at the girls, compare notes, almost making it a survey of sorts. Miss October had nicer legs than Miss June, or Miss December had a spectacular ass, or whatever. On one of those afternoons Bill and I were hanging around, and when we arrived at his house nobody seemed to be home. We grabbed some soft drinks and went up to his room, taking turns with his Playstation. As it happened, Bill was conquering the world while I stood up to stretch. I happened to look out his window, into his back yard, where lo and behold Ms. Beaudrey was stretched out on her back on a beach towel, soaking up rays. Her bikini bottom was on, but her top was doing that woman thing. That is, she was lying on her bikini top, but it was unfastened as her back was getting a complete tan. As I gazed upon her tanning body, she pushed up onto her elbows, looked around, and as she thought the coast was clear she flipped over onto her back, baring two wonderfully shaped breasts. "Oh my god" I said, getting Bill's attention. "What?" he asked, quizzically. "I, uh, well..." I stuttered. Bill stood up, and when he looked out the window I thought his eyes would pop out. He was speechless, I was speechess. We knew it was wrong, but we both stared at the near naked woman below us. Afraid we would be caught peeping at his mom, we silently made our way downstairs and out of the house, both generalizing that we had done nothing wrong. Bill got me to promise that I would never reveal what we had discovered that afternoon, he was a bit embarrassed but rightly proud of how I took toward calling his mom beautiful. Right or wrong, that night Mrs. Beaudrey was the subject of my masterbatory endeavors. The subject of what we saw from his bedroom did not come up again. We were best friends, and spent our our freshman year at State U. struggling though math and science while continuing to strike out with the ladies on Friday nights. I will say that ever since I saw Bill's mom in the back yard, she became my tried and true fantasy. Every I visited Bill's house, on weekends or breaks from school, I saw his mother in a new light. My eyes constantly made their way toward her bosom, a fact I knew she realized but never said anything about. Try as I might, whenever I was over Bill's house I didn't have the opportunity to catch his mom in the same unclothed position as that one special, memorable afternoon. At least, not until right we were due back from Spring Break in our Freshman year. On that particular Saturday I went over Bill's house. I knew he was with his dad fishing, but I needed to pick up a video game I had left at his house. When I arrived the front door was open, and although I knocked, nobody answered. I said hello, and when still nobody was to be found I figured I would run upstairs and get the game. After I did, I looked outside and was treated to the view of Mrs. Beaudrey tanning herself. This time, though, she opened her eyes and saw me gazing at her naked body. She let out a bit of a scream, grabbed her towel, and pulled it across her top in a flash. She rose and ran in the house, nearly running into me at the bottom of the stairs as I attempted to make my escape. "Jonathan Robert! What do you think you are doing!" she said with a snarl. "I have a good mind to call your mother this instant." I had a deer in the headlights look as I stammered my apologies. Mrs. Beaudrey rolled her eyes and told me to go sit on the couch in the living room. I did, thinking up all kinds of excuses to tell my mother. When Bill's mom came back, composed, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a blouse. She sat across from me and asked me what I had to say for myself. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Beaudrey," a 20-year-old feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I didn't mean anything by it. I was looking out the window and I saw you and I couldn't help myself. Please don't tell my mom." "Jonathan, I guess I should take your looking as a compliment! Looking at an old broad like me when there are so many pretty girls your age gallivanting around," she said, smiling. "I won't tell anyone. It will be our secret. But you really shouldn't be peeping on people, you know that." I looked at her, happy that she wasn't going to spill the beans. "I know, ma'am, but you are so very pretty, I know I should have looked away, but..." "But what?" she asked. "I've never seen a woman before. I mean, you know, in person." "You mean you've never seen a girl in the flesh? What about Sara Roberts? I thought you two were going out?" "Aw, yea, but that was only a date or two, nothing serious," I said. "I've never seen a girl naked, or touched one, or anything." Mrs. Beaudrey looked a little perplexed. At first I thought she was confused, or maybe it was merely thoughts running through her head. Whatever, she sort of smiled, a wicked kind of smile. "So you liked looking at me," she said. "Oh yes, you are beautiful," I replied. "The girls at college are so stuck up. You are so real." "Well, Wallace doesn't think so, he hardly ever looks anymore. He hardly knows I exist." My mind couldn't figure out how her husband wasn't doing her every night. She was pretty, sexy, you name it. There was an awkward silence, then she quietly asked. "Can you keep a secret?" "Of course," I replied. She nodded, stood, and went to the front door, closing it and flipping the lock. She returned to the living room and stood before me. "Close your eyes," she said. I did. When she told me to open them I was looking at her bared breasts, standing tall and proud before my eyes. "Is this what you wanted to see?" she said in a husky voice. I couldn't talk, I could only nod, as she held her breasts in her hands. "They are very sensitive, and when you get a chance to be with a girl you should treat them with soft hands, caressing rather than grabbing them. She how the like that." Again, I nodded as her nipples popped out in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe it, they were beautiful. I reached out but she pulled back. "No, young man. Look, no touching." I looked. It was awesome. After several minutes she told me she was putting her top back on, and my eyes must have given away my displeasure. "You'll get a chance to see better breasts than these over time," she said with a smile. "But it was hot watching you look at me. It will be our little secret." She gazed down at my crotch. "Well!!! Is that for me? I guess you liked the view!" At first I didn't know what she meant, then I looked down and saw the tent in my pants. I couldn't believe it when she sat down next to me. "Well, if I caused that problem, the least I could do is help fix it." The woman began caressing my dick through my jeans, and I nearly blew my load. I think she knew the effect her hand had on me, because she quietly told me to unzip my pants. I did, then lowered my pants and underpants. My cock stood straight up as I sat next to the beautiful woman. I looked straight into her eyes as she looked directly at my pulsing cock. It was as if my dick mesmerized her. "You know," she cooed, "you have a nice cock. You are going to make lot of girls wiggle in their seats when they think about it." I hadn't a clue what to say. Again, she told me to close my eyes. I did, but when I felt flesh on my cock I had to look. I couldn't see exactly, but Mrs. Beaudrey had unfastened her top once again, this time placing her breasts around my cock. In a flash I began rocking against the fleshy mounds, and in seconds I let go with a series of spurts from my manhood. I rocked against the breasts, passage, which became easier as I rocked against my own sticky residue of cum. When I was totally drained she pulled up, giving me another look at her beautiful breasts, now covered with a copious amount of sperm. My first coupling of any type with a girl, or should I say woman. She smiled, rubbed the sperm against her 40-year-old mounds, and then told me to button up. I did, embarrassed a little, and sexually satisfied a lot. She got up and left the room, returning minutes later fully clothed. "Now, then, Mr. Jonathan, this will be our little secret, right," she sternly said. "Soon you will be dating girls who will take care of that wonderful cock of yours, and I want you to promise to be careful, use protection, and never hurt anyone with your actions. If I hear that you are not treating girls with respect I just might take a belt to that behind." I sat there like a lug, which made her smile all the more. "You have a love look on your face," she said with a smile. "Wipe it off. I am old enough to be your mother!" I started to laugh. "Gosh, Mrs. Beaudrey, that was unbelievable. I never imagined how good it would be." "You are so sweet," she replied, again eyeing my trousers. "What is going on there." My dick had a mind of its own, and just minutes after having been satisfied it was once again rock hard. I held my hand over it, but that just served to make it harder. "What am I going to do with you!" she said, shaking her head once more. She had a strange look on her face, and all of a sudden I noticed her face was a little flush. "I don't believe this," said, not to me but to herself. She looked long and hard at me, first at my face, then at my dick, then back at my face. "This is between us, right. You aren't going to mention or brag or say anything to anyone, right?" "No ma’am," was all I could mutter. The busty woman again sat beside me, this time kissing my cheek. "I don't know what has gotten into me," she said, "but I just can't control myself." She began stroking my hard cock through my pants, then unzipped and then lowered my pants. As I pulled down my underwear, she slipped out of her shorts and panties, uncovering a pussy that was graced by trimmed red hair that rivaled any of the girls in the hot magazines I had seen. I couldn't believe it when she knelt in front of me, and bent her head over to kiss the tip of my cock. I thought I was going to cum until she grabbed hold of the base of my cock and tightened her grip while caressing my hairy balls. The urge to cum subsided, but the sight of her head going down on my cock will live on forever. "Do you have a condom?" she asked. I didn't, and she nodded her head. "You really should keep one handy, maybe in your wallet or something," she advised. "Wallace never would go anywhere without one, he always said that he never knew when he might want to fool around with me. I guess the urge is gone." With that, she told me to keep my hands to she and myself (I think she knew I would probably jerk off at the first opportunity) left the room. She returned a few minutes later with a condom in her hand. "Good think Wallace had some upstairs," she said, ripping open the sheath. "Now, here's how they work." Mrs. Beaudrey rolled the condom down my manhood with precision. My cock stood at attention as she lay down on the living room floor. She didn't need to say anything. I looked at her beautiful body, especially at her wet pussy, and rose. I walked over, knelt between her legs, and bent over on top of her. She grasped my dick in her hand and led it to her silky slit. She slid it up and down against her damp pussy, moaned, then groaned as I slipped my rock hard cock inside her hot wetness. It was incredible. She arched up against me, and I began pushing right back, beginning the fuck. I rocked as she reached around and grabbed my ass. She pulled me inside, let me pull back, and we rocked together. Although I had recently cum against her breasts, I quickly felt the cum start to escape from the depths of my loins. "Yes, yes, yes," she said, feeling that I was close to climaxing. "Give it to me." There was a grimace on her face, but I think it was from lust not pain. I continued fucking the woman, or maybe she was fucking me, but whatever we both began moaning and groaning before she let out a yelp. "I'm cumming!!!!" was all she said. Me too. I shot a copious load of cum into the snug condom in her pussy. I couldn't believe it, I had just fucked my best friend's mother! Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to have sexual relations with a dozen or so women, but none has ever given me the unbelievable feelings of Mrs. Beaudrey. That afternoon wasn't the only time we made love, as it happened I had sex with her several times before I began dating Marcia. My friend Bill thinks Marcia was the first girl to give me a oral sex, but that's far from the truth. His own mom was the first girl to taste my semen (yes, the day after that first afternoon of bliss I was treated to not one but two blowjobs in an afternoon by Mrs. Beaudrey). I think our little escapades must have somehow rekindled her relationship with her husband, as on subsequent visits she mentioned on several occasions how Wallace was once again sleeping with her. She said he was great in bed. With a smile, she added that he was nothing like me. That was our little secret.

Mrs. Arlington Ch. 5

by Pausanias

To begin with, I know that I have said that the sequel of Mrs. Arlington Ch. IV will bear the title "Tom and his Mom", but one of the readers e- mailed me and gave me some brilliant ideas about what else could happen between Mrs. Arlington and Tom. So, I've decided to devote an extra chapter especially to Mrs. Arlington!! On their way to Tom's house in Mrs. Arlington's car there was a silence of solid sexual tension which could be cut with a knife! Tom had his hand under the older woman's bright red tight top and was rubbing her firm, slightly protruding belly. Mrs. Arlington tried to stop him at the beginning, but her protests turned soon into soft moans of pleasure. Finally, she agreed with him to have him caressing her belly "for a while", but forbade him to touch anything else; given the traffic, she was afraid that someone could see them. Nevertheless, Tom's gaze was fixed on the object of his fantasies, her wonderful, soft, enormous spheres! Her tight top barely covered her nipples exposing the entire upper global fleshy surface and a tremendous proportion of deep cleavage. Tom started to sweat and readjusted his school trousers to give more space for his rapidly growing cock. Obviously, his movements were not unnoticed by his teacher who tried to console him: - Listen honey, she said in her sexy voice, I know that my big tits turn you on, but you need to be patient. Tonight, I will give you a call and... - When we get home, will you please come inside just for a while? Tom interrupted anxiously. There is nobody home; my Mom is at Aunt Joanne's house in L.A. Come on...please? - But Tom darling, I need to go to my place and have a bath! I am totally covered in dried cum, sweat and pussy juice! - Never mind about that, Tom exclaimed eagerly! You can bath at my house! We have a king size round bath tub and... - Sugar, she said patiently, I don't have any clothes, bras or panties with me, I... - You can try my Mom's clothes! She must have the same size of clothes with you, I will... - I don't think so honey, she chuckled, to give you a clue about my size, my bra is 40DD, my panties... - My Mom wears a 44DD bra! he said with pride, will you come now please? "My God", she thought, "44DD! Her tits are even bigger than mine!" At that moment, they arrived outside of Tom's huge house. - Oh, all right Tom, she said, I will come inside just for a quick shower and then I'll be on my way before your neighbours suspect anything, ok? - Aye Aye Mrs. Arlington, he said joyfully and saluted her. On entering the living room, Mrs. Arlington noticed the photo of a red - haired smiling middle- aged woman looking at her with her large blue eyes. The woman wore a thin white formal dress showing a tremendous amount of cleavage between her bulging cantaloupes. Her waist was broad, and her legs big and muscular but you couldn't say she was fat, she was just a bit chubby. Mrs. Arlington had to admit that the woman was quite attractive despite her age. - That's my Mom, ma'am, Tom said proudly, she is beautiful isn't she? - Yes, she is, darling. - You know, I can't decide whose bed I would like to sneak in, yours or hers! I... - Tom! she chuckled, it's your mother you're talking about sugar, don't forget that! - Oh, well... I'll take you to her bedroom. There, we can find some clothes for you and you can use her own bathroom too. - Oh, Tom, I don't know if it's appropriate to... - Nonsense, ma'am! Mom is not here; she will never find out! - But your Dad? - He's on a business trip in France. Now, come on ma'am...let's go! His Mom's bedroom was huge; the walls were lined with dark- coloured wood and in the middle of it there was a king size, tall wooden bed. Dark- red sheets and pillows gave it a quite sensual character. An inner door led to a huge bathroom. The large bath tub was round and had a pale pink colour like the wash basin, the toilet and the walls. A large mirror on the wall gave you the impression that the room was even greater than it really was. Mrs. Arlington stared at the tub again and she realised that it could easily accommodate at least three persons! "Anyway", she thought, "I'm not here for any fun, I will just have a bath and then leave". She then removed her clothes and bent over the wall of the tub in order to reach the tap. Just then, she felt Tom's hands caressing her big ass cheeks. Turning around, she saw that she was naked; his dick was already in full erection reaching his navel. - Oh, Tom! she explained, you surprised me! Want to have a bath with your mature teacher naughty boy? - Oh, yes ma'am, and more than that too! - No, love, we can only bath together now, and I even may let you play with my big tits, but we can't make love at the moment, it's still to risky for me, parents or no parents at home, ok? - Ok, ma'am he said lowering his head. - Oh, don't be sorry sugar, she said while she caressed his hair, we will have our chance later on, I promise! Now, please let me a bit alone, so that I can use the toilet and I will call you back in a minute. Hearing this, his face brightened. - Can I watch you while piss ma'am? he asked innocently, you can even do it on me while I'm in the tub, here...I'll show you. And without waiting for an answer, he got in the tub and sat down in the middle of it! - Come on Mrs. Arlington, he said, I'm waiting for it! The scene aroused the mature woman more that she could stand. Words of unspoken passion rose immediately to her fleshy lips: - Oh, what a wonderful feeling will be for me to piss on your young body Tom and spoil you with my yellow fluid! want will have it! And she got in the tub too and sat on her heels having Tom's legs between hers; she then stuck two fingers in her black, curly bush and spread her cunt lips wide open. The pink hole of her cunt smiled at Tom who started stroking his dick vigorously. - Yeah Tom, oh yeah, stroke that beautiful, big, fat throbbing cock for mama...that's it babe...for me...for old, mature your teacher how much you love her...harder sugar...faster... Tom's hand was going so fast up and down on his cock that she thought that the cock would be uprooted from his lower belly at any moment. - Oh...oh...yeah...come on Mrs. Ar...Ar...Arlington...piss on me now please...let your yellow warm liquid cover me... - Oh...yes Tom...I'm gonna let it go now it is...oh...yes...just look at it splashing all over's yellow...its warm...oh...yeah...cum for me honey...cum for me like I piss for you...yeah...yeah... - Oh...that's it Mrs. Arlington...piss on your student...cover him with your fluids...empty your bladder on me...ALL OF IT! I WANT ALL OF IT ON ME RIGHT NOW, MA'AM!...OH...OH...OH...I'M CUMMING...AHAHAHAHAH...YEAH... At that time a spectacular stream of white cum emerged from Tom's cock, rose in the air and collided vigorously with his teacher's black bush and lower belly. Some of the initial more forceful droplets hit the lower surface of her sexy globes! - Oh, look at my bush Tom, a satisfied Mrs. Arlington moaned, you came so much on it that its no longer black, its grey Tom...oh...and look at the white goblets of your cum which still hang from the curly hairs of my bush...Isn't it sexy honey? - Yes, ma'am, it's very sexy and you are gorgeous; a mature, beautiful gorgeous lady! - Thank you baby, that is so sweet! Please, baby boy let your teacher to bath you now and then you can bath me! - Sure ma'am, Tom chuckled. Here is the can rub anything you like with it! - You know what I want to rub first Tom and I doubt if I'll need the sponge for that, Mrs. Arlington said slyly and smiled. She then knelt on the tub's floor and bent over him. Next, she took some shampoo in her fleshy hands and started rubbing his cock and surrounding dense black forest! - You see Tom, she said slyly, you must wash your black curly dick- hairs and cock regularly, making sure that they are always clean and shining! Any pussy- cum droplets or cock- cum droplets have to be removed after sex; water should be mixed with the shampoo for better results, but in case of a drought, female saliva could be used! And with that she spat once...twice...three times on Tom's growing cock who was watching with amazement as the three goblets of warm sticky, transparent saliva landed on the head of his cock and ran down his shaft merging with his surrounding jungle. A thin string of saliva still linked the third goblet to his teacher's mature red tongue which was shamelessly darting out of her fleshy, wet lips. - Oh, yes, Mrs. Arlington, he exclaimed, please...yes...spit on my dick...cover me with your warm dripping saliva...drown me in your saliva...oh wet...yeah... Suddenly, the mature woman's head dropped downwards, her mouth engulfed the teenager's cock and she started sucking him violently talking almost all of it down her throat. At the same time, her fleshy womanly hand grabbed the base of the wet cock and began a vigorous "up and down" movement. - JESUS CHRIST MOM! Tom screamed, SUCK MY COCK, MAKE LOVE TO IT, THANK IT FOR THE PLEASURE IT GAVE YOU BEFORE...YEAH...YEAH...SUCK...JUST SUCK...DON'T YOU DARE STOP NOW...OH...OH... At that time, the older woman took his cock out of her mouth with an audible PLOP sound and begged him: - Fuck my mouth Tom! Fuck your older lady's fleshy lips, tongue and mouth! Fuck it now sugar, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! And with those words she grabbed his dick and put it back again in her mouth, resuming her mountainous sucking efforts. - Oh...yeah ma'am, Tom moaned loudly...I'm fucking your fleshy mouth as you have asked...I can feel my big purple head colliding on the soft walls of your good...JESUS...I'M GONNA CUM SO HARD ON YOU SSOONN...YEAH...YEAH...OH...OH...I'M CUMMING!...I'M CUMMING...ahahahahahah... Feeling the first droplets of thick cum in her mouth, Mrs. Arlington took his dick out and aimed it towards her face, without stopping her pumping movement on the shaft. Numerous white cum droplets hit her flushed cheeks, forehead, closed eyelids and big cute nose; cum strings started moving downwards towards her chin and neck. She couldn't stand it any more and started screaming at the top of her lungs: - Give me a facial you stud! You pissing, fucking stud! Yeah...oh...yeah...make me drown in your juice...Cum on the face who always smiled at you in the classroom...Cum on your favourite teacher's horny slutty face... Suddenly she grabbed the seven inches- sponge and stuck it violently in her waiting cunt jerking it in and out, while the completely drained Tom sat back and watched her fascinated. - Watch me while I do it, she panted mama while she fucks herself with this brown, hard, natural, sea sponge...yeahh...that's, I'M CUMMING, I'M BLOODY FUCKKING CUMMING ON THAT ORGANIC SPONGE...OHOHOHOHOHOHO... Without saying a word, and without waiting for her orgasm to completely subside, Tom got up and laid on her soft, warm, panting body, placing his head on her soft breasts and hugging her tightly. Mrs. Arlington, hugged him back, placing her mature arms around his back. - That's it baby, she whispered, let me warm you with my body, I love you so fucking much... - Me too, my sexy lady, me too... Five minutes later, they went to sleep on each other's arms, completely naked within the empty large bath tub... The first one who woke was Tom; he looked at his watch and realised that they had been sleeping for more than three hours, the time was already 5pm! "What would be the sweetest thing to do to weak her gently?", Tom asked himself and then his face suddenly brightened; he knew the answer! He bent again over the sleeping mature beauty and took her left large orb in both of his hands. He then pressed hard on the perimeter of the soft sphere, trying to give it a conical shape. However, the boob was so large for his hands that he tragically failed; the melon merely got the shape of a slightly pointing hill and not a perfect cone! Anyhow, without reducing the pressure on either side of the soft melon, he attacked the bright- red nipple at the top of the hill using his tongue and teeth. The one- inch nipple stiffened almost immediately under his touch; at the same time, Mrs. Arlington's breaths became shorter and her breathing rate faster. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and murmured: - Mmmm...hello my big tit? Kiss it as long as you want...mmmm... I love it so much...yesss... - Can I bath you first ma'am? Tom asked, giving her cantaloupe a break. I haven't let you bath yet you know... But the middle- aged teacher was far too concerned to deal with such trivialities at that moment; more important issues had to be taken care of first: - Mmmm, she purred like a kitten...later darling...having a bath can make love to my tits please...they missed you soooo much...yes...mmmm...that's it...suck mama...mmmm... At that moment, the bathroom door opened forcefully and hit the wall with a loud bang! At the doorstep, her blue eyes sparkling with astonishment, stood Her Honour,Judge Patricia J. Nicholson, wearing a serious dark blue woman's suit with matching dark blue high- heels! - H...Hi M...Mom! Tom stammered with a sheer look of terror in his eyes!

Tom & Mrs. Fine

by Pausanias

This chapter and the next one are dedicated to a sexy mature lady named Jen who e-mailed me and gave me moral support to continue writing. Thank you, Jen and please, don't you ever stop providing me with your positive feedback! * * * * * On his way to his Mom's office, Tom was in an excellent mood; he had had sex with his mature teacher AND his own Mom within a single day and he loved every moment of it. Even the mere thought of their enormous melons, dark, thick bushes and mature chubby bodies and feet excited him tremendously! He already felt his cock getting bigger and bigger in his pants and threatening to break his zipper and get out. The other thing that he enjoyed in making love to mature women was that they never remained silent when they were being screwed, especially when their orgasm approached. Words of passion about their deepest feelings and thoughts just flowed in torrents out of their panting fleshy mouths and Tom just loved to hear those words while he drove his 18-year-old hard cock into their pussies, ass-holes or deep titty valleys. On entering the floor were his Mom worked, the first office which he met belonged to her secretary; on its door there was a sign: "JEN FINE, BSc". He had never met his Mom's secretary, but he suspected that she was nothing but a young chick just like most of the secretaries all over the world. Thus, he was surprised when he knocked on the door and a mature, polite female voice said: "Come in please!" The office was not very big; it contained nothing but a large wooden table and two comfortable brown armchairs opposite it. Behind the table he could also see a large book-case, filled with books and papers. However, what was more interesting, was the wonderful creature who stood next to that desk! She was probably in her forties, with shoulder-length black hair, a sweet mature face and fleshy lips. She wore a bright-red business suit with matching mini skirt and bright –red high-heeled sandals. The painted nails on her cute fleshy toes had also this bright-red, shiny colour. Of course, Tom's eyes, were directly fixed on her ample cleavage; her large perfect spheres were somewhat smaller than his Mom's or Mrs. Arlington's, but nevertheless, they were obviously much larger than average and they did not sag at all! The mature beauty realised where Tom was staring at, turned her own eyes towards her big tits, looked again at Tom and finally said slyly: "Can I help you sir?" "Oh, boy, Tom thought, "she caught me staring at her huge tits…anyway, what the heck, I'll just take those papers and leave". "I am Mrs. Nicholson's son…eh…I just came to pick up some papers for her", he said in a steady voice. "Oh, I see, you must be Tom!," she exclaimed happily, "hello Tom, I've heard so much about you, I'm Jen Fine, your mother's secretary, pleased to meet you". At that time, Tom approached her to shake her hand and couldn't help noticing that she was at least six feet on her high-heels. Her long muscular fleshy legs were in skin-coloured shiny stockings which made them even more attractive. "Pleased to meet you too, Mrs. Fine", he stammered. She went behind her desk, bent over it and started looking for those legal documents. However, at this bending position, her loose bright-red top was driven by its weight downwards exposing a tremendous amount of cleavage between her two hanging big tits. Tom noticed that she wore a red lacy bra which tried desperately to restrain the two melons from colliding with the floor. "More", she suddenly said, looking him in the eyes, still in her bending position. "Sorry?", Tom stammered in complete astonishment. "If you bend a bit more, you'll have a better view of them! Come on, don't be ashamed!" Tom, overcoming his previous discomfort, did what he was asked. He was now able to see that she was quite flashed and breathed heavily. Suddenly, she straightened up and smiled at him: "You like my big tits, don't you?". "Yes I do Mrs. Fine." "Why?" "Sorry?" "Why do you like them? I am 43 Tom; I may deal with gymnastics or horse riding quite often but surely I will never be able to compete the girls of your age." "I don't mess around with them Mrs. Fine; I prefer older, busty women like you! Furthermore, I love big tits; the bigger the better for me! I also like very hairy mature pussies!" "Sorry to disappoint you young man, but I do shave mine!", she chuckled. Tom decided to tease her a bit, since she was obviously giving him a hard time with that mysterious open-minded attitude. "Sorry ma'am, that's too bad", he said and turned around heading for the door. "No, wait, I didn't...", she started saying, but he was already out of the room. She ran to catch him up before he left the building. She was too horny to leave a young stud like that get away with it! In the corridor, Tom was already ten feet in front of her, walking fast. "WAIT YOU BASTARD!" she shouted angrily at him. At that moment, he stood still, waiting for her to approach him. "Mrs. Fine", he said "I'm sorry but you are shaved. I'm not interested to make love to your mature body anymore, sorry." And he turned to leave. She grabbed his arm and violently turned him around so that he was facing her. She then tore her red skirt into rags and threw it to the floor. Tom noticed that she was wearing a garter-belt, but no panties; what struck Tom was the fact that in front of him was the, darkest, thickest bush he had ever seen! Mrs. Arlington's sweet bush covered more skin area than that bush, since it reached Mrs. Arlington's navel, but this bush was thicker and denser, much denser. Tom couldn't distinguish any spot of the skin or pussy lips which laid underneath that black jungle. Everything was covered in a sea of vigorous curly hairs. Mrs. Fine saw the expression of full astonishment in his face and smiled with satisfaction: "This bush hasn't seen a razor for months; everyday, I wash it with shampoo, I get it dried with my hair-dryer and I comb it. It is my pride and my love!" "Good", Tom said, "I will be pleased to make love to your mature body, then". And with these words, he lifted her in his arms and took her back to her office, putting her on her deck, above a ton of paperwork. He then pushed his trousers down and without any preliminaries, he took his hard throbbing cock in his hand, entered her and started moving violently up and down. At the beginning, she screamed in pain: "AHAHAHAH! YOU BASTARD! COULDN'T… AH! AH!… YOU PLAY WITH ME A BIT FIRST? I'M A WOMAN YOU…AH! AH! AH!… KNOW, I'VE GOT A PUSSY AND… AH! AH!…THIS PUSSY NEEDS FUCKING LUBRICATION!..AH! AH! AH! "IF YOU NEED LUBRICATION, THEN LET YOUR FLUIDS FLOW!", Tom screamed at her. Tom wasn't angry with her; he just wanted to taste a bit of the rough type of sex, to check for the limits of the mature women, especially of this mature woman! And indeed, a minute later, despite Tom's rough treatment, Mrs. Fine felt her vagina becoming wetter and wetter; his big cock was now sliding easily in and out of her and waves of pleasure swept her. She started moaning louder and louder begging him to fuck her faster and harder: "Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah! Yeah! That's it you bastard! Fuck me you bastard! Fuck your Mom's secretary! Fuck her like the slut she is! Oh! Oh! Yeah! I'm a mother you know! I've got three kids but I don't give a shit now! Fuck me! Fuck me! I only want to be fucked by… Oh! Oh!…Oh!…by young, rough studs like you!" Tom didn't say anything, still pretending to be the rough lover. So, he bit his lips and drowned the millions of passionate, ecstatic words and moans filling his brain and heart. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fine was at the verge of her orgasm and her moans grew louder and louder: "OH! OH! OH! OH! I'M CUMMING! YES! YES! YES! DO IT! DO IT! FUCK JEN! FUCK JEN! FUCK JEN! OH! OH! AH! AH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!", she yelled as she came all over his dick. But Tom restrained himself from cumming hard into her hairy pussy and continued his vigorous movements in and out of her, as if nothing had happened. At the same time, he violently tore her suit's top; her bright-red, low-cut bra came in view and he started mauling her beautiful big tits through that bra. "Take the bra off, darling", Mrs. Fine whispered to him. "No, I prefer it this way", he answered to her without stopping ploughing her pussy with his cock. Suddenly, Mrs. Fine raised both of her muscular, fleshy legs in the air and started moving them in and out like a pair of scissors; each leg crushed violently with Tom's torso, in a perfect timing with his thrusts into Mrs. Fine's pussy. Mrs. Fine was still wearing her sexy bright-red high- heeled sandals and this made the whole scene even more sensual. After giving Mrs. Fine her second screaming, shivering orgasm, Tom felt that he was also close to cum. While the screaming and panting older woman was expressing her gratitude to him for "making a 43-year-old mature slut like her feel so nice in his powerful arms and throbbing young stud cock", Tom took his cock out of her mature hairy cunt and started jerking it of over her hairy mons and lower belly. "No, young man", she yelled, "you let ME do that!" And with those words, she grabbed the young stud's cock in her own well-manicured hands with the bright-red nails and started stroking it faster and faster. "YEAH, YOU BITCH SLUTTY SECRETARY", Tom exclaimed, "JERK THAT COCK WITH YOUR MATURE HANDS, MAKE IT CUM FOR YOU!" At that time, Mrs. Fine grabbed Tom's butt with her right hand and tried to push him forwards so that he could cum onto her bra-covered big tits; Tom refused. "No, no", he said, "I want to cum on your vast, black bush!" And before she could stop him from doing so, his cock exploded; numerous thick white droplets rose to the air from the opening in his dickhead and landed in her black curly forest. "I'M CUMMING ON YOUR BUSH YOU BITCH! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'M CUMMING ON YOUR SWEET LITTLE BUSH THAT YOU SO MUCH LOVE AND TAKE CARE OF! AH! AH! AH! YEESSSSSSS!" "NO , NO, NO YOU BASTARD, NOOOO!", Mrs. Fine yelled with disappointment, "NOW I'LL HAVE TO SPEND HOURS CLEANING IT YOU BASTARD, YOU SPOILTED MY SWEET BUSH YOU BASTARD!" She had already withdrew her hands and stopped jerking his cock but there was still more cum to…come! Tom grabbed his dick with his right hand, buried it in her black jungle and started sliding it against her thick curly hairs. Her bush was so thick and dense that his cock was completely hidden by it and Tom had to grab it hard to avoid losing it! Finally, he collapsed on one of her armchairs, trousers and boxer short still on his ankles; he looked a bit at his deflating cock, but soon, something else got his attention. Mrs. Fine had got off the table and was looking at him angrily; suddenly, dressed only in her red lacy bra, garter-belt, transparent stockings and red high-heeled sandals, she started moving towards the toilet. Tom was enjoying the fact that he had cummed so much on to her black bush that it had now got a grey colour; in addition, tiny goblets of his white sperm were dripping from her bush onto the floor, marking her route towards the ladies' room. On entering the toilet room, she slammed the door behind her, leaving Tom alone in the office. Suddenly he heard a very silent noise like something rubbing on something else: Fsht! Fsht! Fsht! Almost immediately, Mrs. Fine's angry voice filled the room: "THE MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD CUMMED ON… Fsht! Fsht! Fsht!… MY BUSH! I'VE TOLD HIM NOT TO… Fsht! Fsht!… DO SO, BUT HE DID! HIS CUM IS ALREADY DRY, HOW ON EARTH AM I…Fsht! Fsht!… GOING TO CLEAN IT NOW!? FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I'VE GOT TO RUB MY BUSH HARD…Fsht! Fsht! Fsht!…TO CLEAN IT AND I DON'T…Fsht! Fsht!…WANT THAT, MY PUSSY HAIRS GET OFF IN THIS…Fsht! Fsht!…WAY! FUCK YOU TOM! FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR BOYISH STUD'S CUM!" Smiling slyly, Tom got up, put his trousers on and moved towards the ladies' room. Without knocking, he got in, and found Mrs. Fine sitting on the toilet seat and rubbing her dark bush with a bath sponge. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" she yelled, "DIDN'T YOU HAVE ENOUGH? YOU WANT MORE? WELL, FUCK YOU!" "No, Mrs. Fine", Tom said in a calm voice, "I'll just grab some things and leave". And with those words, he approached the toilet seat, knelt in front of her and grabbed her right foot in his hand. Despite her screams, violent kicks and punches, he removed her high-heeled sandal. "GIVE ME MY SANDAL BACK YOU BASTARD!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Tom didn't listen; he proceeded in removing the left high-heeled sandal in exactly the same way and he succeeded. After all, she couldn't kick him hard now; her right foot with the painted red nails was completely naked. Suddenly, he got up and as she was seated, he placed his left palm at the back of her neck and bent her torso forward; holding her in that position and ignoring the obscenities that she yelled, he reached with the other hand and released the hooks which held her lacy bra. The bra fell suddenly between her legs, but before she was able to grab it, Tom had it already in his hands. Her big tits sprang free as if they were joyful of not being confined anymore. Tom thought about titty-fucking Mrs. Fine as she was seated there, but her screams and protests would spoil the whole sex session. Mrs. Fine was now sitting on the toilet seat completely naked, apart from her transparent stockings and garter belt. Her suit's top and skirt were already torn and Tom had just removed her last remaining assets, footwear and bra. "YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER", she yelled again, "GIVE ME BACK MY HIGH-HEELS AND BRA RIGHT FUCKING NOW YOU PERVERT!" "But even if I did Mrs. Fine", Tom reminded her, "you wouldn't be able to go home, wouldn't you? You tore your own skirt apart when you wanted to show me your bush and you didn't protest when I did the same to your suit's top while we were making love! But don't worry; I won't leave, I'll call my Mom immediately to bring some clothes and then I'll sit on your lap, waiting for her and jerking my cock off!" "WELL FUCK YOU ANYWAY YOU FUCKING MALE HORSE STUD!" "You've already done that Mrs. Fine and I'm sure you loved it." And with these words, he got out of the ladies' room and approached the phone on her desk…

Friend of the Family

by JJ Sly

"Mmmmm, that really feels good." Cathy sighed turning her head slightly as she did. "Mmmm, it's supposed to." I chimed back. That was it? That was the best I could come up with? After twenty some years practice and countless rubs on countless backs, this was still the best come back I could formulate? Cheesy, yes, only saving grace is that we were both right. After twenty some years practice I had become adapt at least in learning how to touch a woman, and the countless rubs had taught me just where. My thumbs traced the grooves on both sides of her spine radiating outwardly away in small semi circles every few inches. She'd pulled her t-shirt up to just under her arms leaving her shoulders covered. I stopped my kneading at her bra, lifting over it and continuing above. My fingers slid under the "tee" and rested on her lower neck. Her shirt bunched and strained against my forearms and I figured now or never, damn the torpedoes, and what the hell. Least that could happen; I'd look like a dick. I swallowed hard and let loose: "Y'know this may be a little easier going if we loose this," I winced, mustering all the confidence and false bravado within. She'd insist on leaving now, sorry this doesn't feel right, we'd better stop, yeah "loose this, my ass"... "I was thinking the same thing." She propped up to her elbows, head still down, thumbs securing each side and before my amazement to her reaction could set in, wiggled free of the confining cotton. Simple as that, she lay flat again. With slightly more nervous fingers I began working the left side of her shoulder and neck. I must admit to chill I got as my left pinkie slipped innocuously under the satiny white strap of her bra. "Don't think I'll be needing this either." she said from behind a mop of auburn locks, shocking me back from the momentary distraction. She reached behind herself with both hands. With deft precision and the subtle flick of a thumb the clasps of her brassier snapped away from each other. Again up on her elbows she let slip the straps from her shoulder, raising up from the bed only enough to let it slide out from under her as she tugged. The curve of her breast was barely visible from my vantage point, but it's a sight I'll never forget. "I was thinking the same thing." I managed to mutter, not quite on cue. Sure I was. "I'm sure you were." She craned her neck back and flashed a smile. So here we were. Cathy Holdon was naked from the top down receiving a massage I normally reserve for those I generally know, or at least wish to know, on a more... intimate level. Sprawled out on my bed. My bed! Nothing of the moment was lost on me. Or her, I'm sure, for that matter. I had had a crush on Cathy most of my life. A friend of my mom's since before I was even born I had harbored ideals of affection for her since before girls possessed any appeal at all. To this day I find resemblances of her in other women I am attracted to. And there we were. Not quite three sheets to the wind from all the wine drank at the reception earlier, but we could feel it's blow from here. Being two of the only singles at the party under sixty and over eighteen we found each other's company and attention an unintended bright spot to an otherwise dull evening. Surprisingly so. When I later, after god knows how many toast to the bride and groom, attempted to excuse myself and beat a quiet retreat she stood from where we'd spent the majority of the night sequestered gave me a kiss on the cheek and said all the obligatory things you say to someone you haven't seen in few years and probably wouldn't see for a few more (or at least until one of the other kids get hitched) she paused. Her smile and the look in her eyes spoke volumes. Save me! Gallant as I am and knowing how busy mom would be with the details of her little girl's wedding there was no way I could consign her to a long night of my drunk relatives and bad DJing. An offer, an acceptance, and BANG! Somehow she's half nude on my bed and well on her way to being covered in baby oil. Whoever said going stag to weddings was no fun obviously never went to the right ones. "Well..." With one vowel she had me back at attention. "Yeah, um... well indeed." Schmuck. I loosened the cap and poured a dollop of oil into my palm rubbing it into the other vigorously to warm them before applying. I applied. She received. Both in silence. After five minutes that could have been five hours she stretched her arms out akimbo in front of her and arched like a stretching cat. I could feel the muscles of her back flex and relax under my touch. She was exquisite. In mid stretch she rose, just barely. Again I caught a slight glimpse of her breast, or at least the side of it, and for that nanosecond of a peep a not so subtle, not at all unfamiliar pressure stirred below my waist. Uh-oh. "Mmmmm..." she sighed and relaxed back down, arms still outstretched. "Think you could use a bit more oil? Want you to be able to rub hard." What're you kidding me? I flipped the cap and turned the bottle upside down in my hand completely forgetting that I'd not retightened the cap after the last use. In slow motion the little blue cap fell free. In slow motion baby oil poured from the bottle into and over my cupped palm splashing on and down the sides of her back. She let out a shriek and rolled to the side crossing her arms over her chest as she did. "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry" was all I could stammer. I was too. To my obvious dismay his would surely be the end of this. To my dumbfounded surprise she was smiling. "You did that on purpose." she tried her best to scold. "I swear I didn't." I didn't. I reached for a towel as a dark stain slowly spread across the comforter. "This is going to stain." she gestured with her head. "Need a new one any way..." Lame. As I reached for the towel she rolled back to her stomach. "Well, if you were going to get a new one I don't see any reason to waste all this." She ran her right hand over her shoulder and down her arm. And I had girlfriends who said watching Caddyshack three dozen times would do nothing to help me in the real world. Thank you Chevy Chase. "I am so not into waste." I'm not. I did my best to rub the pools of slippery liquid around to as much of her body as I could reach. There was only one thing to do. Again the torpedoes be damned. "We're going to need a little more skin. I mean so's not to waste..." "Just so's there's no waste." she looked back and smirked. I was smitten and seven all over again. I was smitten and thirteen again. I was smitten and twenty-one again. I was smitten. She reached under herself and unbuttoned her slacks and lowered them to the mid point of her hips leaving her panties unaccosted, giving a little wiggle as she did. Tease. We continued in silence for a time. She moaned slightly as I worked the muscles in her lower back in increasingly larger circles, stopping each stroke just above her panty line. Without a word I slid my nearly shaking hands along her hips and underneath the elastic trim of her underwear easing them down as I did. She lifted her hips slightly, accommodating her undressing all the more. I was sure my erection would at any moment burst from my pants and put out an eye. To my relief, it didn't. Her panties joined her wool slacks in a bunch just below the curve of what appeared to be a delicious ass. "Good lord," I began before realizing I was speaking aloud "nice tan line!" "Oh, " she leaned back "this old thing?" she asked without the least bit of pretence. "Um... yeah, right..." I mocked sarcasm "'this old thing' whatever. You're ass is fabulous! Look at this thing." I gave a playful smack. She smiled despite her self and lay her head back down. My attempt at humor seemed to put her more at ease with lying in front of her best friend's son with her untanned ass exposed. The "old" reference, whether she realized in saying it or not, wasn't for a second lost on me. Bob had left three years ago in difference to the idea of him finally giving up smoking. Of course that he moved directly in with his twenty eight year old hair stylist should in no way constitute a vote of no-confidence in the Nicoderm patch. I'm sure the dumb bastard still smokes. Besides her ass was fabulous! On a whole Cathy had only gotten prettier as she got older. Not that I'd ever expect a woman to believe hearing that about themselves, I do mean it. "Really, though..." I trailed off grouping for the right words "you are beautiful, y'know?" Geek! Shut up! My hands continued a trail of their own. Without any warning she again rolled to her side, again crossing her arms over her breasts as she did. The entire split of a second is indelibly burnt into my mind. In the literal blink of an eye I completely drank her in. The sheen to her skin, the curve of her hip, the line from her stomach, the tone of her flesh where her bikini bottoms met the kiss of the sun and the lack of tan lines above her waist, which up until that moment I had failed to even note. Cathy tanning without a top..... good for her! "Why, Mr. Sly, " she toyed "are you trying to seduce me?" Answer, need answer, good answer, good funny answer. "Yes. Yes I am." Is it working? "It's working." Sweet. She reached up cupping the back of my neck with her fingers and pulled me to her. The first kiss was so subtle, so gentle if I'd been able to blink I'd have missed it. The second was met with more insistence from her now parted lips. The third through thousandth possessed no discernable beginning or end. We both tore at my clothes as if they were afire. Nearly were. My hands glided effortlessly over her body eliciting an occasional shudder. Her own hands fumbled with my belt and zipper. Once undone she slipped a hand down my stomach and underneath my unbuttoned trousers. It was my turn for a shudder or two as her warm fingers wrapped around the base of my cock. I kissed her neck working my way down her body and out of her grasp as I did. Plenty of that for her later, I assured my self. I paused at her breasts lavishing them with licks and kisses before making my way down her belly inching her pants the rest of the way down her thighs as I did. "You ok with this?" I looked up from between her legs. She looked down at me and grinned. "Shut up," and with that grabbed both sides of my head and pulled herself against me, letting out a long throaty groan. I savored the taste of her. I couldn't get enough of her in my mouth. I licked and teased her all the while giving liberty to my wandering hands. I had come to the conclusion that there was no part of this woman that I'd let go untouched. Though unvoiced, I think she was of like mind. My lips and mouth closed around her as I flicked my tongue in and out of her. Her hips moved in a rhythmic grind against my mouth. She was incredible. As cliche as it sounds; time lost all meaning. Her breathing labored as the maddening back and forth undulations crescendoed with her sighs and moans. Cathy let out a surprised sounding gasp and grabbed the side of my head, almost too tightly, and held herself in one position, arching herself off the surface of the bed. "Oh fuck..." she breathed, "right there, don't... ah-hhh, I'm gonna come..." and with eyes tightly closed, how could I not be watching, she came. I continued to lap hungrily at her sending her into convulsion after convulsion, only stopping when she'd practically begged me to. I lay there between her legs and watched her regain both breath and heady composure still tracing her figure with my hands. I could have stayed there forever. "Come here, " she commanded more than beckoned. I did. When were eye to eye she encompassed her mouth over mine letting her tongue run across my lips, tasting herself on me. In a flash she rolled me onto my back and pulled me free of my pants. My now rigid and straining erection slapped against my belly as she did. I had never more felt the need to be inside of a woman more in my life. An electric shock ran the length of my spine as her mouth ran the length of my shaft. She looked up in reply to my gasp. "I want to taste you, " she said almost shyly, almost embarrassed "I want you to come in my mouth, too. But right now I've never wanted anyone to be inside of me as much as I do right now..." Get the fuck out of here. It was my turn to pull her to me. Without a word she took me in her hand and rode back and forth against the tip of my cock and with a murmuring sigh settled atop me. My hands cupped her breast as she slid down the length of me. At this point I'd love to regale the dear reader with tales of my prowess and wow them with odes to Herculean stamina, but with in three dizzying pumps I was on the verge. "You have to get... off," I meekly warned "about to come." She didn't miss a stride continuing to ride me. "Come inside of me." She said, opening my eyes with her, not quite, request. "It's ok, I won't get... I want to feel you come inside of me..." her hand ran along my cheek and now determined, stepped up her thrusts. "Come." It was all the coaxing I needed. I exploded in throb after throb as she continued her ride. Once I could again breath, or at least be aware of breathing, the sensation of her body's motion moving me in and out of her proved too much and I pulled her off of me laying her at my side. She lay next to me satisfied in her ability to satisfy me so well. Like that would have been in doubt. Cathy left for home in sunny California three days after that. The majority of those three days were spent in collusion. How could we get away from everyone just long enough to..., where could we go that we'd find enough privacy to..., just what way haven't we gotten each other to... were all questions who's answers conveniently provided themselves. I reflect back to that weekend fondly and quite often to tell the truth. Not often do we get a chance to actually be with and actually please a lover we've dreamed of since adolescence. Hell, I never had at least. I will always love Cathy, probably more than most women that either have or will come into my life just for what it is she represents in both body, spirit and ideal. If I took anything from the experience it would have to be that no matter how imposing the target, sometimes those torpedoes just need to be damned. God, when is my brother finally going to get married!?!

Fantasy That Came True

by diamond_dice

Right from the beginning I have been attracted to my mother-in-law and her to me. She told my wife she liked me better than any of the other boys she had brought home. I was 20 and she was 42 with a thin well shaped body. Whenever we would visit her, she would kiss and hug me in a way that had more intention than a mother-in-law. Things went along like this for a couple of years. One Saturday we had a family wedding and at the reception we all had been drinking. Buy the time of the wedding my mother-law had been divorced for six months. My wife was busy talking to the bride when her mom grabbed me to dance a slow one with her. She worked me into a dark corner of the dance floor and was grinding against me. I became rock hard in an instant and she knew it. She rode my leg as we danced and then she stiffened and then became limp. She had an orgasm right there on the dance floor. The only thought that went though my mind was, I had to fuck this woman. She seemed to stay away from me the rest of that night. The following day I made an excuse to go to her house and pick up a garden hose, but when I got there her son was visiting her. Bad luck! I went down into cellar to get the hose and pretended I couldn't find it. I called her down to the cellar to help me find it. She came down and I grabbed and kissed her deeply our tongues explored each other, I rubbed her ass and she moaned. She then pushed me away and said this is wrong and ran up stairs. We had many encounters like this one when my wife was there. She would call me in the cellar, kiss and fondle and run upstairs. This went on for about three years until she got a boy friend and married him and moved to Florida. After 15 years in Florida they move back to NY, they wanted to be closer to the families. For being a woman of 62 she still looked good and that passion started to burn in me again. The only problem was I could never get her alone. I could see the twinkle in her eye, she knew I wanted her. Then there was a problem, a wedding on the stepfather-in-laws side and a wedding on our side coming up soon on the same day. The father-in-law decided he would go to his relations wedding and my mother-in-law would go to hers. The father-in-law decided he would have to spend the night away because the wedding was 200 miles away. The day of the wedding came and as we were getting ready to leave and pick up my mother-in-law, my wife came down with a migraine headache. These will put her down for more than 24 hours. She called her mother and told her she wasn't going and that I was still going and would pick her up in about an hour. When I picked up my mother-in-law I told her she looked and smelled great. She told me she wanted to be that way for our date. At the wedding and reception we went our own ways. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was she wanting to dance to a slow one. On the dance floor I felt that grinding and riding I remembered so well. I could tell she had a couple of drinks but not drunk. When the song ended, she asked me to take her home she was tired. In the car on the way home we did not say a word to each other, I wanted to make a move but was not sure. Then I felt her had on my thigh and then my cock and she whispered in my ear she wanted me tonight. She led me to her bedroom where we kissed for what seemed to be hours. She confessed to me that she had not had sex in five years because of her husbands heart attack. I slowly removed her cloths and kissed her ears, neck and then her breasts which were still very firm. Her nipples stood out begging to be sucked. She moaned when I sucked them, but I moved further down and kissed and licked her clit. It only took a minute and she was coming. Then she was begging me to fuck her, which I did. Her pussy was so wet and hot it was hard not to come. I did not want to come until she was coming again. I worked her slowly and I could feel her orgasm building. After 20 years the moment I had dreamed about was happening we both came together so intense we both almost fainted. We lay and kissed for about fifteen minutes then she jumped up grabbed her rob and told me this is wrong and asked me to leave. Never give up on your fantasy because they can come true.

Satin Sheets

by seduce 888

After our chat online my hard cock was standing erect, out of the ordinary it rose even higher. Giving me your address as I memorized every number and raced to the car, to interstate 70 I went. Once I got to your door, late Friday evening, the lights were out, no noise. I hesitate my brisk knock, then went ahead and tapped the door hard enough for you to here upstairs with my knuckles. Suddenly a soft walk I heard coming closer to the front door, 1:00a.m., when my heart rushed to my throat, hands perspiring, and a hard-on the size of an average banana to tame you with. You appear before me dressed in a white fury robe, snug and high up your lovely creamy thighs. I notice your thighs right away and between the opening of the top portion of the short robe where I witness a small part of your well-rounded breasts, sides of each of the shapely nude bosoms that seem restless. Thoroughly undressing one another with our roaming eyes that are enlightened by the way we stare, study, the pain of not having sex in awhile which boosts the appetite even more. You invited me inside as you close the door behind me, insisting that I follow your hourglass frame to your bedroom at the top of the stairs. Closing yet another door once I was in with your buttock. Then watching you loosen up, lower the robe carefully from a set of smooth creamy shoulders that were indeed yours. Teasing me with those lusty eyes that were locked onto my bulge, weakening my knees, and my eyes that are attracted to your curly blonde hair. Then you begin to undress me, brown netted jersey first and then my tight jeans. Appreciative of everything your feverish eyes were seeing. "Come to bed with me," you said, with a brief smile. Fluffing both pillows and begging me to lay by your side, with utmost casual stares. I scooted my bare feet frantically across the carpet and onto the bed where we met in the middle of the satin red sheets on our knees. Rubbing one another all over, smoothing out the rough edges of our near naked body. Softly we spoke of what our needs are as we brush over each other's sexy panty with our hands. Then briefly down into the skimpy garments as we study the looks we both share as our lips meet, and pressing of two vital pelvis's in order to muster a feeling in our nylon exotic garments. We kiss and massage each other, working our fingers between our bodies, inside the elastic for "you" to gain control of my hard shaft and "me" to gain a brush across your pubic fiber I yearn to see and taste. "Are you cool with this?" I said, running my fingers through your wiry thick orchard of much moistness that I quickly felt with two fingers. "Yes, Oh yeah," you calmly bark out. Tugging down the twin narrow strings along my hips until you are able to see, too, this thickness of my body hair and shaft appearing outside the garment now, while my frustrated legs quiver the more your petite fingers guides along my skimpy brief and down to my toes. Nestling your throbbing neck veins as I rub farther down and inside your string bikini to reveal a small portion and relieve the tension you must be enduring. Then suckling the hard nipples and massaging underneath, one, with a stern rub. Biting harshly the harden object that I took out while I listen to your soft moans of lust. Then carefully lowering your beautiful built down onto the bed. Spreading your legs apart and crawling, slither, like a cobra between your warm splendid thighs. Dragging my enormous stiff shaft along the sheets that was very much a stimulation to the cherry knob as I work my taste buds across your weaken pasture. "Do you mind if I take your panty down and graze in your pubic hair?" I mutter, still in shock from the feeling I have of dragging my cock against the satin sheets. No, why should I. Took yours off didn't I?" you said, chewing your lower lip as to ease the thrill of what you soon would feel, and plant your hands onto my bare shoulders as I work my limp tongue down the front of you. Staring into one another's desirable eyes, all the way down to your pelvis bone, while we witness this glow and glitter in each of our distorted pupils. Our fleshy bones were heating up, yours more than mine, like you were wanting to do something spontaneous to me. The more I lick across your hairs, the more excited you become. Especially when my fingers went under you, grasping the firmness of the twin cheeks to squeeze tighter with each circular motion of my tongue inside the wiry thick hair that you must be enjoying when I looked up. "Oh, yes…baby!" you cry out. Bridging up, fondling your own breasts that I see, and the way you were breathing took my own breath away as I rotate my hips, bringing one knee up to massage softly the dampness of your pussy. "I want to eat you out," I said, working my hips around and focus on the moistness right before me. Then I clamp tighter your inner thighs with both hands and breath heavily in the strands while my burning taste buds reaches the filament that are so desirable, utmost uncanny to me. A longing for such a gapping hole was growing inside me the more my eyes squanders this deep depression. "Please do!" you snarled, looking deeper into the photo above your head before laying it flat down to the headboard. Suddenly I was barely inside you, caressing your thighs, moving my tongue around to comfort your wet walls. Then surging forward when I felt your fingers in my short hair and gripping my broad shoulders tightly. It was like you were anticipating another deep penetration to the womb. I kept these dangerous thoughts in mind, visions of a man coming home from the bar after closing time and catching me in his bed. Devouring a pretty woman and studying the glee and satisfaction in her coos and body language that was exploiting how she is feeling right now. Maneuvering my naked posture to rest my swelling between your legs that is after I had enough juices your body indeed released. Never have I felt so passionate, so daring, so devouring, then I did that night with you in my mind. Relishing the fact that I was capable of delivering to your body the fluids and fashions that you said was in dire need of a mans' touch. Vital tool so vibrant and strong dwelling in your deep depression that made a great impression on your spouse when he came home and I was long gone. E-mailing me the visions you sought when you and Frank finally made love that evening and the way he ate you was even more exciting. Not to mention the way you went down on him the way you did me. But all and all I was glad that I could help her in a desperate time of need, participate in this avenue of pleasure she wanted me to engage so that she can finally feel what I've been doing to others like her. Lying in my bed in a zebra bikini with a stiff one in my hand and the lights way down low so that other's like me can share, too, this fondness of the opposite gender ringing loudly inside my head. Raising up my masculine frame, on my heels, bridging up to see your eyes in the photo you gave me. Body inches from the purple satin sheets as I work my cock over, glancing to the picture, jacking myself off, while the sweat begins to spill over my bald chest. Never have my body, or I, felt so tense as it did a few hours ago, willing to undress you again for the chance to witness this taste in my mouth once more. Pounding my hideous erection with sways and harsh heaves when I begin to feel the rich lava surfacing to the tip of my knob. Frustrated that you are not in sight, not undressed before my hands and lofty tongue atop your swelled breasts. Just when I am about to cum, I study the picture, watching your face change from a smile to that horny look you gave me once I've taken off all your clothes except the skimpy nylon panty and matching top. Moving my ornery taste buds over your shiny hair, which lies atop the scalp. Soothing the emptiness in your sweet innocent lips, turning to shame with the first chew of your erect nipple. Lying here with my colorful hair's slipping out, cock forming a giant tent and the look on your face when I continue to stroke with the palm along its veins and flesh of my jerky finger crimping the sensitive tip. Holding back the hot cum until you were between my knees and a hand down your silky panty to feel the texture of every sliver of darkness my eyes, too, sees escaping from the barricade. My eyes were weakening all over again, sounds you make when I squeeze your frail hard tits and work them both over with my fingers and loose lips that still quiver even though you're a picture. Energizing me to the hilt once you begin to work more of the barricade down your thighs, knees, toes. Explaining with the constant blankness of your hard face what your needs are, where you want to suck, where your hands will lead me if I follow them between our legs. Lying here with my heart pounding, squeezing the tip of my climax to the point where I would burst if not released. Reluctant to see through the glitter in your eye, moist lips on my chest, hair that I comb as I allow you to slither down my front totally naked in the flesh. Moaning all the way down to what ails me, to what was appearing to stalk you with constant frustration. Slowly I felt the bitterness that I was sewing, streaking down your lips that I see before your suckling gestures. "Oh, you know how much that tingles?" "Yes, yeah I do," you said, winking with a bright smile. "I enjoy grasping hold of your stiff muscle and rub its fascinating cherry knob slowly across my straight lips before taking it deeper inside these carefree lips of mine." Smacking her sticky lips together. Yeah, yes I was relieved once more by you.

Ida's Toy Boyby Edwina
Mrs. Ida Tongyn was bored, very bored, fed up of reading and television she walked across the elegant lounge of her beautiful home trying to decide how to fill in her time. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell and she opened the door to a tall young man of 18, wearing a well filled T-shirt and tight jeans. "Good afternoon Mrs. Tongyn," he said," Mother mentioned the fact that you were looking for someone to mow your back lawn and probably do some weeding for you, oh, yes, I'm Richard Ballsanawl, my friends call me Dick." Ida looked at him as if he was the answer to an unspoken prayer. She had completely forgotten the conversation around the Bridge table with Richard's mother, Lovitt, and the other bridge players Ophelia Mellons and her own married daughter, Wanda Biggun when they discussed an apparent shortage of able bodied odd job men in the district. Ida felt her nipples tingle and around the area of her crotch there was a definite feeling of moistness. With good fortune the afternoon might just turn out well after all. "Well, Dick, you don't mind me calling you Dick do you? Good, well, I'm sorry for a moment I had forgotten my conversation with your mum, however yes, I do have work for you. Perhaps first of all have a look at the mower, it hasn't been working very well. Have a good look and then come and let me know what you think?" Ida said, taking him around the side of the single floored house. "When you arrived I was just going to take a shower." She smiled inwardly at her own little lie." So when you have finished with the mower come in to the kitchen, help yourself to a beer if you like, plenty in the 'fridge, and then we can chat." Ida left him wondering if he would be intrigued enough to try and take a peek. She immediately went into the bathroom and opened the window enough to give him sight of the shower. The glass sides of the shower would hide nothing of the 50 yr old womans body which she kept in good trim. Dick wheeled the mower out of the shed and after priming the engine he found that it started first time. He gave a trial run and it cut the grass just as it was designed to do. Shrugging his shoulders he turned and walked back towards the house angling off towards the kitchen. In the bathroom Ida heard the lawnmower start up and smiled to herself. She stepped into the shower and just as she expected, she became aware that someone was just outside the bathroom window as she had expected. The path from the garden shed to the kitchen ran straight past the bathroom and Dick would have to be gay not to at least have a peek. Ida soaped herself all over paying particular attention to her full breasts, lifting and soaping them, she ran her fingers over her nipples which had already filled to a rubbery firmness. Glancing towards the window from the corner of her eye she saw Dick peeking in.. Turning fully to face the window she started the knead her soap covered mound, then allowing her legs to open she ran her fingers inside her slit, rubbing clit and actually gently masturbating herself. Dick was still watching and Ida wondered if he was playing with his cock as he watched. Well she had no intention of letting him waste his sweetness on the wall of her house and neither did she intend to make herself 'cum' She rinsed off the soapy body gel and then grabbed a towel. She turned towards the window and called " Dick, if you are still in the shed, I shall shortly be in the kitchen so don't take long." Five minutes later she entered the kitchen clad in a loose fitting Kimono. She wore absolutely nothing underneath. The neck of the kimono was cut very low giving a deep décolletage and each side was split to mid thigh. Dick was seated at the breakfast bar drinking been from a can. "Hi Dick" Ida said, Have you managed something with the mower?" His eye on the front of the kimono where he had a marvelous view of her breasts he nodded. his reply finding it difficult to speak. He was remember the sight through the bathroom window when he could see not only her breasts with their large aureoles and long nipples but also her pussy. When she had started to soap herself between her legs he just had to touch his own hard prick and he almost creamed in his jeans "Good, then why don't you get me a beer from the 'fridge' and we will discuss payment for the jobs I require to be done." I said, and as she pulled herself up on to one of the bar stools he caught a glimpse of her thighs and realised that under the kimono this woman, old enough to be his mother if not his grandmother, was naked. His prick was straining the crotch of his pants.

Dawn & Son Come Together

by Mikelh

Call me Dawn or any other common name. My real name is common but my experiences have not been. I have some lines around my eyes that I've earned straightening out the wrinkles in my life. People say I'm pretty; one of my exes said that I had a body that begged to be touched. It's gotten me into trouble before. It's probably more my appetite for living and loving that betrays me. I read a lot and if you have a problem, I'll listen and probably have some reasonable advice; I just don't seem able to help myself. That's why I was knocking at the door of my only son two years ago when I was up against it. We fought all the time but he was the one I always turned to and he never refused me. Relief flooded through me when he opened the door. I fell into his arms and sobbed hysterically, "Oh Josh, I killed him, I smashed him...oh God...they're going to put me in prison forever...Josh, what am I going to do?" "Slow down mom...okay...okay...just tell's going to be all right..." He stroked my back as I sobbed into his neck. At the back of his concern for me, I could feel that the sensations attendant to my body had registered; he started to stiffen against my thigh. These weren't new feelings. I calmed and he said, "Now tell me." It all came out in one breath. "That animal tried to force me and when I stopped him he kept after me and I ran to the kitchen and he chased me and I grabbed a cutting board and he came at me and I hit him in the head then he fell and was bleeding and I just ran..." Josh sat me down, stroked my hair until I breathed easily and went to the phone. When he returned he said, "You didn't kill anybody; Kurt answered and I hung up; he sounded fine. I'm going over there." "No baby please don't...please..." "Mom it's going to be fine. Just wait here." I was worried but I knew Josh could take care of himself. I had often admired his well-muscled and well-trained body. When he returned a few hours later he said, "I guess clerking at the law office came in handy. I threw enough legalese at him to cover a mountain with snow. It's over mom." I rushed into his arms and kissed his face all over. "Thank you baby...thank you...thank you...thank you..." "I knew that sleaze ball was a piece of crap but you wouldn't have listened to me anyway and what the hell were you doing in his house at two in the morning when you know the guy for only a few weeks?" "It wasn't supposed to be anything...I didn't think..." "Right, you didn't think." "Oh Josh...not tonight ...please." My body slumped; I was emotionally spent. He came over and held me. He got hard and began kissing me. He fondled my breasts for a while and then I moved his hand away. This also was nothing new. My son wanted to sleep with me. The kissing and the touching had progressed over the last year. We had talked it about it time and again. It sounds crazy, a mother rationally discussing the topic of having sex with her son, but you have to understand, we talked about everything. We were friends. He was twenty-two and I was thirty-nine; seventeen years separated us but not much else. Even though he pushed, I pulled, and we fought ...we loved each other. That night he pressed my buttons more than usual. "Sometimes mom, I think you really don't care what you do to me. Every time I see you, I leave wanting you. You can't imagine what the frustration is like." "Oh come on Josh...don't you think I know what frustration is...I'm getting near forty... but I still gets so bad on some nights, I want to go to a bar and leave with the first guy who hits on me; but I don't. Oh Josh, I don't because it's wrong for me...because I have to have feelings for the person." "Don't you have feelings for me? You say you love me...if you did, you'd do something for me. Can't you just give me some relief? It's not like I'm asking you to fuck me." "Josh its crazy talk. You're just all turned on because of what happened tonight. I can't let you won't stop if I do; and damn know I have feelings for know when I kiss you...I...I can't have sex with my own son." No sooner had I finished the words then his mouth covered mine, his tongue covered mine and after a kiss that sent juice coursing between my legs, my hand covered his cock. It was the first time I had touched him there. He felt large even through the denim. I felt my son's hand baring my breasts and I felt my nipples engorging. I fought the fog in my head. All I could manage was a weak, "Please don't fuck me...Josh...please don't fuck me." "I won't mom, I won't...just this time...let me come on these beautiful tits" I acquiesced with my silence. He took his cock out as I sat on the couch. He put it between my breasts and rubbed the fleshy globes on the ramrod his dick had become. He had me lean back and he straddled me. The length and width of him surprised me as the electricity I had been trying not to let loose went through my body. When he reached back and palmed my pussy over the thin knit pants I wore, I let him. I loved him. The first cord of hot cum hit my neck and the second splashed all over my mouth. Almost in delirium my tongue licked my son's juice and brought it into my mouth. I delighted in the taste of him as he returned to push between my tits and covered me with cum. When he was finished, he went down to the floor with his eyes closed for what seemed an eternity; I think he was afraid to look at what he'd done to me. We remained in silence until he heard my voice, probably filled with hot insistence say, "All right you've got me crazy too. Now bring your big cock over here and finish what you started." I took my pants and panties down with one push. The hair on the pussy my son had never seen was matted with perspiration, and my juices. His mouth found mine and smothered the litany of "I love you". He approached my opened legs with his hardened mast and I thought I would come just anticipating my son's penetration. He stuffed my pussy full of cock and I responded with noises and thrashings that must have surprised him. He said he'd never seen a woman so beautiful. He loved me. The exquisite fit in my pussy intensified the consolation of having waited so long for what I wanted as much as my son did. He delivered excruciatingly slow and complete insertions of his full length into me; I reacted in contrast. The less he gave me, the more I bucked and tried to pull him into me, the more my hips gyrated, the more I wanted. Finally I pleaded, "Do it it...please." He was giving his mother what he had been waiting to give her for months. His cock seemed to become the instrument of all the pent up desire, frustration and love he felt. He gave me every inch and I welcomed every inch. He came with all he had, pounding the length of him into the depth of me, stroke after stroke of long hard cock into my wet grasping pussy until my cries banged off the walls. My heels kicked into him so hard when I came, I was afraid I had hurt him. My cries became short quivering sighs and then silenced. I was overwhelmed. I dressed and left without a word. As the door closed, I heard my son's fading inquiry, "" Josh came over to my apartment early the next morning and when I didn't answer the door, he let himself in. The sight of me sprawled across the bed and the bottle of sleeping pills on the nightstand must have frightened him. He shook me and I awoke. He yelled at me, "How many pills did you take?" I became alert and realized what his wide eyes were asking. "Only two honey." He breathed his relief as I soothed his arm with a gentle touch. "Don't worry baby; your mother's crazy but not that crazy." He leaned to embrace me and I held him off. My eyes must have flashed when I said, "Listen to me Josh, that will NEVER happen again...nothing will ever happen again." He pulled back and cast his eyes down and said, "I'm sorry mom; I thought it was good for you too." I glared at him, "Don't you play games with me. We both know how good it was for me. Look up at me Josh....I won't be pulled in...I can't...I can't." After a quiet moment I told him, "Josh, I have to be away from you for a while." His physical distance over the next weeks was accompanied by emotional distance. We spoke but it was mostly the nonsense 'weather' talk that most people waste each other's time with. After a few months, Josh found a job and himself a thousand miles away from me. I missed him terribly and I tried to get the emotional closeness we had shared back over the phone. Things got better and we talked and joked more easily. I spoke to the one friend I had and put things in a better perspective. I reflected on all the assumptions I had been using to guide my life and realized that most of them had been unexamined. With regard to my son, I began to question why two loving adults had to spend their lives in miserable loneliness when each had found the other. I decided after months of reading and talking and thinking that the box society had put us in was made of cellophane. I still wasn't sure I could break out. I called. "Josh, let's meet for a weekend somewhere between us. I looked in to it and there's a great deal for a weekend at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi. We can talk and see the shows and maybe spend a day in New Orleans. I miss you baby. What do you say?" "Mom, do you think I'm going to start saying no to you now?" We met three weeks later and he came in later than I did and came up to my room. We hugged and the first thing I thought when his arms were around me was, "Oh shit; here we go." The tingles in all those places started right away. We had a lovely dinner and managed to talk about everything except what we both wanted to talk about. We sat having a drink waiting for the Cirque Du Soliel show to start when Josh said, "Mom, are we going to talk about us or is this a weekend calculated just to drive me insane?" I touched his face and looked into his loving eyes and said, "No baby, I didn't come to drive you crazy; I think I came to love you." The kiss he gave me in the lobby of that hotel ranked close to the ideal one I had in my mind. I was holding on to him for dear life as we rode the elevator up and went into his room. He slowly undressed me as I trembled before him. He punctuated everything with kisses. I was in the arms of the angels. His hands felt like silk on my nakedness. During that night I touched a timeless eternity. He was on my center with his mouth, as I stood open legged. I could hear my own whimpers as my son's tongue explored, and circled, and entered. He kneaded the globes of my ass as he pleasured me. I abandoned my thoughts and transcended to the place where there is only feelings. I surrendered to my first orgasm as I flushed across my breasts and cried out loud enough to penetrate the confines of the room. I held his head there as he continued licking and sucking and felt a second wave undulate through me, taking me over to an echo of my first release. After coming so beautifully I sat on the carpet and languished in the warm feelings. Josh didn't rush me. He undressed fully and sat across from me. The most vivid memory of that night is the picture of me sitting over him and holding his nakedness to mine with my legs wrapped around him. He held me and we cradled in each other's neck. We sat stroking each other's back. At that moment I knew how much he loved me. I felt his hardness rising under me and uncoupled to the sight of his erection springing skyward. I bent and took him in my mouth. I separated the multiplicity of sensations: the soft skin on the flat of my tongue, the hardness beneath it, the taste of the anticipatory juice that leaked from his tip, and the fullness of him from my lips to the back of my throat. I caressed him with both hands as I sucked. He leaned back on his elbows and alternated closing his eyes and watching; I loved him with my hands and mouth. As his exclamations became louder and more closely spaced, I knew he was about to come. Nothing could have prepared me for the detonation. The first volley hit the back of my throat full-force. I fought my instincts. I kept sucking and massaging and he responded with countless shots of cum into my mouth. He collapsed onto his back and I was glad to hear his moans of pleasure as I licked off what remained on his helmet and shaft. I lay on top of him with my head on his chest and drew my elbows in as he wrapped me in his strong arms. There was no world outside; I was safe. It was about fifteen minutes later that my son entered me for the second time in our lives. He was slow, deliberate and loving. As he completed every empty inch of my pussy, I knew I had found my lover and my love. We reached for each other's end with our hips and he touched the place that sent flames through me. He turned me and I sat impaled on the thick mast. He reached back and stimulated the tight pucker, finally forcing a finger in. It felt good. He urged me to him so he could take my engorged nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard. I knew we were both approaching our climax. My son rolled on top of me again and lifted my legs by the ankles. Impossibly, he was deeper in me than before. I took all of his cock into me and gave him all of my heart. With each insertion my son said, "I love you mom", with words and without. We came within moments of each other in a wash of commingled juices. "I love you." We've been saying that to each other for the two years since I went back to live with him. We never made it to New Orleans that weekend but I wasn't sorry. I didn't have to go anywhere to find anything; everything was in that room. My search ended in his arms and I realized that there are only three things that matter in this world. The first is love, and the other two don't mean a damn.

Mrs. Powers

by panty perv

I would like to tell you a story about how I hooked up with the finest lady in the world. Her name was Lisa Powers. Lisa was the most gorgeous woman you could imagine. She would have made any model jealous. Her long slender body had enough curves to drive most men crazy with lust. You can only imagine what she did to my eighteen-year-old body. Mrs. Powers, as I should call her, is one of my best friend's mom. She was in her mid forties, and for a housewife she kept herself in great shape. Mr. Powers worked with my dad at the local chemical company. They both did well at their jobs, and our mothers could afford to stay home with the kids. Since our parents had been friends since before Billy and I were born, I almost saw her as my second mother. That's a big almost. Considering how many jerk off sessions she inspired I could hardly think of her as my mother. Being friends with Billy afforded me the luxury of spending a lot of time at their house. Mrs. Powers was always wearing skimpy see through outfits that drove my dick wild. Her favorites were those little sundresses that you could almost see through. Every time I saw her panty lines I would have to use the bathroom so I could jerk off. I stole many pairs of her panties so I could masturbate with them when I got home. I guess she got so comfortable with me being around that she would sometimes wear things that were far too revealing to wear out. You know stuff most people just wear around the house. All of our friends would be jealous if they knew how much of Mrs. Powers I got to see. The best was during the summer when she would come out to tan while Billy and I were playing in the pool. She wore some very skimpy bikinis that barely covered her privates. I would stare at the nice little mound her bush made, and man those days when it was breezy and I got to see her nipples staining against the thin cotton fabric. Wow! Blood would surge straight to my dick. I usually couldn't make it home before I had to jerk off. Billy never seemed to notice that I was eyeing his mother. I know he had to notice how all the guys in the neighborhood always wanted to hang out at his house just to see his mom. Mrs. Powers made Billy quite a popular guy. Some guys would even get into fights to see which one would spend the night with Billy. They were never as lucky as me when it came to seeing her in her little skimpies. Anyway, I was spending the night one night after a baseball game. Billy and I were on the same team by the way. I had just gotten out of the shower and was heading back to Billy's room when I noticed Mrs. Powers' door was slightly ajar. I saw the light coming from inside and music playing in the background so I knew someone was in the room. I decided to take a small peek and what a reward I got. Mrs. Powers was standing their in pair of sexy little bra and panties. I could make her out in the mirror so I didn't have to get to close as to get caught peeping. Her tanned and toned body was making my dick rock hard. I almost let out a gasp when she removed her bra and revealed the first pair of tits I had ever seen in the flesh. They were awesome. Very round perky breasts with large dark nipples. She then slowly removed her little panties to expose her neatly trimmed bush. She was a true blonde for sure. She stood there for a moment and admired herself in the mirror before she moved on to the bathroom to take a shower. I couldn't believe my luck. I just got to see the most desirable woman in my life completely naked. Needless to say I hurried to the room so I could relieve my now aching dick. Billy and his father were going fishing the next day and had planned to get up early. I, on the other hand, decided I would sleep in before I went home. This was nothing out of the ordinary since I was like one of the family. I must have been dreaming about what I had seen in Mrs. Powers room because my dick was rock hard. I must mention that I have an extremely large dick. When it's hard my boxer shorts can't contain the monster. Most of the girls in my school that I have dated and fooled around with are scared of it. It measures a full 10 inches when hard. I didn't hear her come into the room to gather the dirty laundry, but when I started to stir as I was waking up I noticed her rushing out of the room. When I awoke I noticed that I had kicked the covers off of me and my dick was sticking out of the waistband of my underwear solid as stone. Mrs. Powers had to have noticed my dick protruding up my flat stomach. I don't know how long she was in there, but I'm sure she had gotten quite a look-see at my overgrown member. Despite my size I was embarrassed that she had seen my rock hard dick. I got up and dressed to leave for my house, and I passed her on my way out the door. "Goodbye Mrs. powers. Tell Billy to call me when he gets home." "Ok Matt. He should be home around 6 o'clock." I could tell her face was a little flush, but I didn't think anything about it. A couple of weeks later my parents were going on vacation without me, and since they didn't trust me home alone, they sent my to Billy's house for the week. I was excited because I thought I might get to see Mrs. Powers naked again. I don't know if seeing my dick had embarrassed or shocked her, but she didn't act the same around me after that day. It was almost like she was avoiding being around me alone. So far I hadn't been lucky enough to see her naked again, but not from lack of trying. She also didn't come out to the pool when Billy and I were hanging out either. This stay over was beginning to be very uneventful. That night Mr. Powers announced that he needed some extra help at the plant the next day, and Billy got roped into helping him. I was thrilled because this meant that I would be home alone with Mrs. Powers all day. Maybe I would get a little quality time with her alone. Billy and his dad had already left for work the next day when I awoke. I stumbled into the kitchen and Mrs. Powers was standing at the sink in one of her little sundresses that I loved. The sun coming through the window allowed me to make out the outline of her panties. What a sight to wake up and see! "Good morning Mrs. Powers." She almost jumped out of her skin and said, "Oh good morning Matt you scared me." "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. You need any help with those dishes?" "No. I think I can manage. Do you want some breakfast?" "Yeah, that'd be great." She started fixing me breakfast and my eyes were glued to her every step. Her beautiful body and the way she floated through the kitchen mesmerized me. I could see that her panties were starting to creep up her ass, and I caught her pulling them back into place a couple of times. I ate breakfast and announced that I was going to have a swim after I digested my food for a while. I asked her if she'd like to join me and all I could get was a maybe out of her. She had a lot of things to do around the house. About an hour later I was heading for the pool. I stopped and asked her again. "You sure you won't join me? It's a really nice day out. I'm sure the water is great and you need a break. You work too hard around here." I don't know what had gotten into her, but I was totally expecting her to keep avoiding me. To my surprise she said, "You know what? You're right. I think I should get some sun on my skin today. I think I'm losing my tan." I didn't seem to notice, but at least I got her to come to the pool with me. I went outside and waited for her to come out in one of those little bikinis I loved so much. When she came out I was disappointed to see she was wearing a very non-revealing one-piece bathing suit. Even with so much fabric covering her up she was still a knockout. She lay by the pool while I splashed around. I kept asking her to join me, but she wouldn't bite. After about ten minutes I decided to play around a little to see if I could get her in the pool with me. I wanted to see her get wet and hope I would at least get to see her hard nipples through her suit. I snuck to the side of the pool as she lay there silently with her eyes closed. As I splashed her with a huge amount of water, I said, "Oh I'm sorry I thought you said you were getting hot. I didn't want you to get burned over there." "You little bastard! You're going to pay for that!" She jumped up and ran to the pool and dove in. She swam after me as I acted like I was trying to get away. She caught me and grabbed me by the neck and was trying to dunk my head under the water. We wrestled around for a few minutes and I was letting her win, but I soon found myself spinning her around and held her tight while I was behind her. My dick was rubbing against her scantly covered ass and it was starting to have an effect on my dick. Every time she squirmed and tried to get away I seemed to get a little harder. "Let me go! Don't you dare dunk me Matt or I swear…." "What re you going to do. Are you going to punish me?" "Let me go and you'll find out! You're not too big to get a whipping you know. I'm still the adult here!" "You know you can't get away. And there's nobody here to save you." I just kept pushing my dick into her ass and I know she had to notice I was getting hard. I couldn't help myself. I've wanted to fuck this woman for so long now. I finally had her alone and at the moment I had her in a submissive position. "I don't need anyone to save me. I was whipping your butt when you were a little kid and I can still whip you now." "You may have gotten me a few times when I was s a kid, but I'm no kid anymore!" The bulge in my pants was proof of that! "Ok you're right. Let me go and I'll let you off easy." "All right, but if you try anything funny I'll be forced to hold you down and tickle you until you beg for mercy. Deal?" "Ok it's a deal! Just let me go!", she said as she laughed. As soon as I let her go she came right back at me. She lunged at me again and I grabbed her and pulled her out of the pool. "I warned you Mrs. Powers. Now you're going to pay for that mistake." I took her over to the grass so we wouldn't fall on the concrete, and I started tickling her for all I was worth. She was laughing hysterically and squirming all over the places. My hands were all over her and I found myself getting quite feely with her ass and tits. She didn't seem to mind that I was groping her at every chance and I could play it off as goofing around. "Ok. Ok," She said almost out of breath, "let me up before I pee in my pants. I can't take it anymore!" "All right remember what happened last time I let you go. Don't make the same mistake twice!" "I won't," she said. What a liar! As soon as I let her go she pounced on me and this time I let her get on top of me. She started tickling me back and I was getting quite turned on by the weight of her on my crotch. My dick started growing immediately. Mrs. Powers started getting as touchy feely as I was with her and her hand actually brushed across my dick a few times. I think she was starting to enjoy herself and our little game. I felt her grind her pussy on my growing dick a few times and I saw this as a sign to make my move on her. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her to my mouth and started kissing her. She resisted at first, but she was soon kissing me back. After a few seconds she pushed herself away and said, "Matt I think this game has gone far enough. We should be ashamed of ourselves for doing this." I just kept pressing my dick against her pussy and said, "Come on Mrs. powers. You know I find you incredibly sexy. No one has to know. How will they find out? We are all alone and Billy and Mr. Powers won't be home for hours. I know you like what you saw that morning." "What are you talking about Matt?" she said with an astonished look on her face. "Come on Mrs. Powers you know you saw my package the morning you came into the room when I was asleep. I know you can feel it right now between your legs. I've seen Mr. Powers at the gym. I know he can't offer you what I've got between my legs. You know you want my big cock!" It was true. I did get a glimpse of Mr. Powers in the locker room one time and I noticed he was much smaller than me. "Matt why are you saying these things to me. I'm old enough to be your mother. Hell your mother is one of my best friends. Christ we can't do this! Let me go. We should stop." I just rolled her over onto her back and continued to grind my cock against her pussy. I leaned over and kissed her again. She resisted, but my grinding cock against her pussy started to ease the resistance. Soon she was kissing me back again. I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. The whole time she was panting, "Matt stop. We must stop. We can't do this." She was no longer fighting back though. I had her and I knew it! I slowly removed the straps of her suit and started pulling the top down so that I could get to her tits. I made my way down and sucked her breasts. Her nipples were hard as nails. I could feel her grinding against my cock beneath me. As I continued to stimulate her nipples I removed my trunks to release my throbbing dick. I moved my cock back and forth against her soaking wet pussy. She was almost crazy with lust now. She wanted me to enter her pussy so I moved her swimsuit to the side and moved the head of my dick to the entrance of her tight little pussy. Again she tried in vein to stop me. "Matt we can't. Please don't stick your cock in me. I'm begging you to stop this before we go too far." I could tell she didn't really mean the words that were coming out of her mouth. She kept inching her pussy towards the head of my dick with every sentence. I slowly started to stick the head in her sloppy wet opening. I had trouble getting the head past the opening of her pussy. She was tight. If it hadn't been for the fact that she was extremely wet I don't think I could have gotten my dick in her. She let out a soft moan as I got in a couple of inches. I worked slowly so I wouldn't hurt her and I soon had in about six inches. "Oh Matt I know we shouldn't be doing this, but it feels so good. Oh your cock is so big. Pump me with that fat cock of yours. Oh I've wanted you inside me ever since I saw your big cock. It feels so wonderful inside of me. Better than I ever imagined. Give it to me. I want it all. Oh yeees! Fuck me with your big cock. Oh fuck me!" I worked slowly until I had all ten inches inside of her. The tightness of her pussy was hurting me some, but I pushed on. Once she loosened a little bit I started ramming her harder. "Oh yes harder. Harder! Harder! Fuck me with that wonderful cock. Oh it feels so good." She flooded my dick with her first orgasm and she almost blacked out. I could tell she hadn't had an orgasm like this in quite a while. I was getting close myself. I could feel the pressure building in my balls. 'Oh Mrs. Powers I'm gonna cum. Oh your pussy is so tight. I love your tight little pussy. I'm going to fill you so full with my cum. Oh yeah. You like that don't you Mrs. Powers?" "Oh yes Matt, but don't come inside of me. I'm not on the pill and I might get pregnant. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste that sweet cum of yours." I pulled my dick out and stood up. I pulled her head towards my dick and she took me into her mouth. A few seconds later I was draining my cum down her throat. She gagged and some of my juice started to come out of the sides of her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but she just couldn't handle the entire load I had to offer. She continued to milk my cock until I was completely dry. We collapsed right there next to the pool. As I caught my breath I said, "Wow. That was unbelievable. I can't believe I finally got to fuck you. Do you know how many times I jerked off thinking about this moment?" "I know. I can't believe we did this. You're a bad boy for doing that to me. You knew I wouldn't be able to resist that beautiful cock of yours. Have you really masturbated thinking about fucking me?" "You bet your sweet ass I have. You just don't realize what those little skimpy outfits and bikinis have done to me over the years. I've even taken some of your panties and came all over them thinking about you. It got worse when I saw you naked in your room a couple of weeks ago. All of our friends would give there left nut to fuck you." " I noticed some of my panties went missing. I often wondered what happened to those. I thought Billy was snatching them. I found a few pairs in his room before, but I just thought he hid the other ones better. When did you see me naked? Do you really think his other friends want to fuck me?" "I'm sure they do. How could they not want a hot piece of ass like yours? Do you remember the morning you saw me with the covers off and I had a huge erection? That was the morning after I saw you in your room undressing. Your door was cracked a little and I saw you in the mirror. I jacked off several times to the site of you naked that night." "I guess I should have been more careful. How could I forget seeing your cock that morning? I was embarrassed at first, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off of that huge cock of yours. I've never seen one that big before. I have to be honest. I masturbated several times thinking of your cock after that morning. I couldn't believe how horny seeing your cock made me. Listen we better get dressed before someone catches us out here like this." We got up and went into the house. I fucked Mrs. powers several times before Billy and Mr. Powers got home that evening. From that day forward we tried to get in as many sessions of passion as we could. Mrs. Powers was crazy for my cock. When Billy got home that afternoon he asked me how my day went. I just told him it was kind of boring without him there to hang out with. He said that was too bad because he had to work with his dad again that week. What a treat for me!

Mrs. Rogers, My Neighbour

by sweetstud 21

Would really appreciate your feedback on this story and hope you enjoy it * * * This story happened when I was 19 years old during my summer vacation from university. I had just returned to my hometown, staying with my parents, it felt really good to be back home, seeing my family and friends again. After a few weeks back, I had decided it was about time that I should look for a job, after all, I needed the money for when I returned back to uni, even more so now that tuition fees have increased. With that thought in mind, I headed out the door and started the short walk into town. Within 5 minutes I noticed Mrs. Rogers getting out of her car in her driveway. Mrs. Rogers is the mother of my closest friend Steve. Steve and me grew up together and we were always at each other's house, we were almost like brothers. I hadn't seen Steve for a couple of years, now he is studying in Australia, and hadn't seen Mrs. Rogers for almost as long. I called to her as I walked towards her driveway, "Mrs. Rogers". She turned around, a look of surprise on her face, which turned into a welcoming smile. "Nick its really nice to see again after so long," she said as she embraced me. I told her it was nice seeing her as well. We chatted for a while, catching up on old times, just shooting the breeze. She had always been really easy to talk to and over the years I confided a lot of my personal problems with her. She seemed to always make things sound better than they really were. She asked me where I was going before I saw her and wanted to know if she could give me a lift anywhere. I told her that I was just going into town to look for a part time job. "I have some decorating work that needs to be done in my lounge, and I would like it if you could do it for me, it saves me getting some dodgy painters that I don't know to do it". I thought about it for a second and said "sure, when do u want me to start?". She smiled and asked me if tomorrow too soon. "That's fine, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then". We said our good byes and off I went back home, quite pleased with the way the day had turned out. It was nice seeing Mrs. Rogers again after such a long time, I had grown very fond of her after so many years being around her and had missed her a lot since I had moved away. Before I go on further, I should tell you what Mrs. Rogers looks like. She was a fairly attractive lady of about 49 years of age, not large but a rounded figure with curves in all the right places, well proportioned on her 5'6 frame. Her hair came down to her shoulders and was a light brown colour with slight traces of grey coming through. One of my favourite features of Mrs. Rogers is hers sparkling baby blue ayes which are truly mesmerising. The kind of eyes that draw you into them and make you lose yourself into them. If truth be known, I had always had a crush on Mrs. Rogers while I was growing up and she was usually at the centre of most of my sexual fantasies during puberty. This all changed when I started dating and never thought of her in a sexual way again. That is until today, when I saw her again after so long. Something stirred deep inside of me and when she embraced me, I found it very difficult to control my urges. I knew that these impure thoughts were wrong and I tried to forget about them, telling myself that this woman was my best friends mom and she was like an aunt to me. I knew that I would never dare try anything on with Mrs. Rogers, so I decided to just accept that my fantasy of taking our relationship further was never going to become reality and just to get on with my life. The following day, I got up unusually early by my standards in order to get to Mrs. Rogers on time, I didn't want to be late on my first day. The morning was already feeling warmer than usual and the sunshine was gleaming into my eyes as I stepped outside. I could see Mrs. Rogers as I neared her driveway, sitting on her porch, cup of coffee in hand just enjoying the early morning sun. I couldn't help but notice what she was wearing, or lack of that is. She had on one of those cotton dresses with the little frills on the bottom that shows off just enough leg and a whole lot of cleavage to make any man stop and take notice. Those impure thought were starting to race around my head again as I approached her. She greeted me with her familiar warm smile that could always light up a dark place. "Good morning Nick, looks like it's going to be a scorcher today". Eyeing her up and down, noticing she isn't wearing a bra, I nodded my head, "yea the day is turning out to be real hot, and I can see you're dressed to make the most of the sun". She let out a little giggle, "do u think the dress is a little to revealing?". I looked down at her body again, then looked straight into those eyes and said, "Yes, but if you've got the body, then flaunt it". She smiled at me again, "Thanks for being so sweet Nick, I bet you're a real ladies man when your at University". "Please, your making me blush". We both laughed together for a while, until Mrs. Rogers told me it was time to get started, because she was about to go out to do some shopping. She got up from her seat and led me into the house where I spent most of my childhood years. I watched her from behind, her hips swaying from side to side as she strolled into the lounge. She gave me my instructions of what needed to be done and told me to help myself to anything in the kitchen, basically just make myself at home. "I'll be back in about 3 hours Nick, and I can make us something for lunch if you would like". "That would be great Mrs. Rogers, I've really missed your cooking". I was left alone in the house and thought I should begin with the work ahead of me. A couple of hours into it, I had finished almost half the room and decided to take a break and have a wonder around the house to see if anything had changed, any excuse to be nosey. I found my way upstairs to Steve's room and it instantly brought back many childhood memories, most of them happy ones. Enough of the break I thought to myself, toilet, then back to the decorating. In the bathroom I notice some of Mrs. Rogers underwear lying on the floor by the bathtub. I knew I should have just left them there, but I had to have a closer look. I picked up the 2 items, 1 was a black lace bra, a very large 1 at that, and the other item was matching panties. I knew Mrs. Rogers wasn't wearing a bra, but maybe she was panty less as well. These thoughts were really turning me on and I could stop myself from getting aroused by the situation. I wanted to relieve myself there and then, when I heard Mrs. Rogers car pull into the driveway. I quickly straightened myself out, left her underwear where I found it and went back downstairs. "Hi nick, how are you getting on?". "Yea, I've done about half the room, shouldn't take me much longer till I've finished". I could hear her in the kitchen putting away her shopping and starting to cook us some food. This gave me a little time to sort my visible bulge in my pants, which was still throbbing from examining Mrs. Rogers's bra and panties in the bathroom. About 45 minutes later I heard Mrs. Roger's calling me to come into the kitchen to join her for lunch. "Sit down sweetie and enjoy your meal, you certainly have deserved it, the amount of work you have done for me". As we ate, we chatted as usual about everyday things, every so often I would glance down at her chest, fantasising about playing with her nipples, using my tongue to pleasure her. I must have been staring a second to long because she said, "You get a good look?". Shit, she caught me; I had to think of something to say, fast. "I'm sorry Mrs. Rogers, its just that there so big and beautiful, couldn't help myself". "You really think that they are beautiful". Before I could answer, I felt her foot brush against my thigh, moving higher, finally resting on my crotch, where the bulge was very apparent. She had a wicked look on her face as she said, "mmm, did I cause that throbbing in your pants?". I just nodded as she continued rubbing against my hardening cock. She suddenly stopped and got out of her seat, walking round the kitchen table and standing right in front of me. "Nick, do you want to make love to me?". I couldn't believe what she was saying, those where the words I had fantasised about, and now I was actually hearing them. "I've wanted to make love to you for so long it hurts". And with that, she took me by the hand as I rose to face her, not breaking eye contact with her as our lips neared each other, feeling her breath against my face, our lips finally meeting causing an electric sensation. At first it was gentle, very slow, deliberate exploration of our mouths, then an urgency took over as her tongue began fighting with mine. As I reached to down to grab one of her breasts she had beaten me and already had her hand inside my pants, frantically searching, finding my semi hard cock easily as she wrapped her fingers around its base. I let out a sigh as she held on a little tighter, still searching her warm mouth with mine. She broke our passionate kiss, yet still holding my increasingly hard cock in her hand she slowly, seductively slid down to her knees undoing my belt buckle on the way. I looked down at this sexy older lady as my pants fell around my ankles, seeing my cock sticking out inches away from her mouth, still not letting go of her grip. She tilted her head upwards and gave me the most seductive look that I will remember forever. She returned to my cock and brought her tongue out and gentle licked the tip of my cock which made me shudder a little, she saw this reaction and did this several times again before finally engulfing my cock with her mouth. Watching my entire cock disappear into her mouth and feeling it against the back of her throat almost made me cum. I was on the edge of ecstasy, but didn't want this sensation to end. I could feel my cock expanding in her mouth as she held on to my ass for support, herself beginning to moan as I felt my orgasm building to its climax. The first shot of my cum hit the back of her throat with some force, which made her jerk her head back a little, struggling to keep all of my cum in her mouth, swallowing as much as she could without actually choking. "Yes, yes, you were great Mrs. Rogers, that was the best blow job I have ever received. You're a natural cock sucker". As Mrs. Rogers was about to say something, some of my cum mixed with her saliva dribbled down her chin. "Don't speak with your mouth full". I was starting to feel a little bolder. "Ohh Nick, I really needed that, I haven't sucked a cock like that since I was at college myself" "Now its your turn," I told her as I lifted her back to her feet. "Lets go up to your room Mrs. Rogers". I grabbed her hand and led her towards the staircase. At the bottom we stopped and we began to passionately kiss once more, this time I could taste my own fluids in her mouth and this actually turned me on greatly. I had to have this woman's pussy right now. I brought her down against the steps with me on top of her without breaking our kiss. This time my hands found their way to her swollen breasts, her nipples as hard as stone, tearing through the material of her dress. I had her dress torn off in a second and her sexy body lay naked in front of me, already knowing she wasn't wearing any panties. My mouth broke away from hers, but immediately returned to her breasts, finding and holding her hard nipples with my teeth, gently nibbling on them, hearing the pleasure this is causing my lover. "Bite them harder lover". I need no further encouragement as I increase the grip on her reddened nipples, going from one to the other. My hand meanwhile placed gently over her stomach, making circular motions with my fingertips causing her to arch her back in pleasure. Easing my fingers down, brushing against her nicely trimmed hairs, I move my whole body down her until the aroma hits me, my senses taken aback by the strength of her. I begin to tickle her lips slowly and articulately, watching her watching me explore her. I bring my finger to my mouth to moisten it and return it to her pussy, inserting deep inside her followed by a second and third finger, fucking her with a steady rhythm. She begins to move with my rhythm and soon starts shuddering hard. My hand is getting soaked from her sweet juices, but has become more lubricated, allowing me to enter another finger. This drives her over the top and she goes wild, grabbing my head and pushing my mouth over her pussy. "Lick me please, fuck my pussy with your tongue, I can't take it anymore". I obliged by exploring every inch of her pussy with my tongue until I found her budding clit. I touched it to see her reactions, but didn't get what I was looking for, so I gentle sucked on it, which caused her to instantly climax. She pushed me harder into her, begging me to pleasure her as her juices erupted over my face, trying to lap them all up, which was a difficult task. She was Cumming over and over again, and this started to drive me crazy, knowing that I was having this kind of an effect on her made my cock yearn for her pussy. I couldn't hold back any more, I climbed up over her, she knew what was coming and took hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of her wet pussy. She rubbed the head against her lips a few times then I rammed into her with a huge force causing the both of us to cry out. Once I was in I just pounded away at her pussy fast and hard, her screaming and panting driving me on to last as long as possible. I didn't want this to ever end, but I could feel the pressure building to breaking point. After 3 more thrusts I began what I thought was the best climax I would ever have. This wasn't the case, but it was still pretty amazing none the less. We both lay there for what seemed like an eternity, with me still inside her, never wanting to leave the position, never wanting to leave this women... If the feedback is good, then there might be a follow up to this.

Horny Checkout Lady

by alanc

Brenda was a till operator at the local supermarket. I recognised her while I was shopping from when I used to work on the door at a local nightclub. She was a good bit older than me and the other lads used to work her when she came in. Apparently she'd been a bit of a lass in her time and they always said she liked dick. She always acted dead embarrassed when she came in but you could see she loved the attention. I never used to join in, I was always the quiet one of the group, but there was still something about her that secretly turned me on. Maybe it was the long legs or knowing she was experienced or that hint of decadence that she had about her. Whatever it was it never came to anything while I worked there. I just used to do my stint take the money and disappear home at the end of the night. So I was at the checkout one Saturday afternoon and I was helping the lady in front to fill her bags after offering to help. She gladly accepted and they both noted to each other what a rare occurrence it was for someone to help out. Brenda also added "You can come shopping with me anytime." I just smiled back. The lady in front paid and left and Brenda began to check my stuff through the till. "So when are we going shopping then?" she asked as my stuff rang through. "Anytime you like" I replied, "Unless of course you'd like to go for a drink instead?" "That's sounds much better, I'd love to" she replied eagerly. "What about tonight at 8:30, I know it's a bit short notice.." "No, no, that's fine" she broke in, "Whereabouts?" "What about the Drovers Rest, it'll be a bit quieter than the town and we can have a proper chat." "Sounds great, I'll see you there." She handed me my change and I left for home feeling a bit pleased with myself. I made it to the pub on time and she was fashionably late by about 5 minutes. She looked great as she got out of the taxi, the uniform had been swapped for a fitted knee length button up navy blue dress with charcoal nylons and black stilettos. We got on well over drinks but she didn't remember me from my days on the door until I brought the subject up. When I reminded her she finally twigged. "I remember you now," she said "You were always the quiet one at the back, how come you weren't a loudmouth like the rest of them?" "I always liked to keep a low profile and be the unknown entity, people didn't know what they were dealing with then." "Very wise, in fact out of all of them you were the one I used to fancy." "Used to?" I asked and she blushed a little. "Well you know what they say about the quiet one's" she replied. As closing time drew near we got a taxi back towards town to drop her off at her place. As it got near she invited me in for the obligatory coffee and I didn't refuse. The taxi driver smiled at me knowingly as I tipped him and I followed her into the house. It was a nice place she had, her own, which she had bought with the divorce money she had got when she split from her husband a few years before. I slumped into the comfy sofa as she went off into the kitchen to make the coffee and she returned a couple off minutes later with two mugs and sat next to me on the sofa. We chatted some more as we sipped at the freshly roasted coffee. "Do you find me attractive?" she suddenly asked out of nowhere. "Very" I replied honestly. "Then why don't you kiss me?" she enquired further. I didn't reply, instead I put down my cup leant across and began to kiss her just as she had asked. It was long and wet and our tongues intertwined as we continued, our hands roaming over each others bodies. Eventually we broke off and she looked into my eyes. "Please, stay the night" she asked. "I'd love to" I replied. We kissed again and my hand crept round to the front of her dress and began to undo her buttons at the top as her hand slid along my thigh. Things were beginning to get pretty hot and our kissing became more and more eager. Slipping a hand inside her dress after undoing the first three buttons I began to fondle her breast over the silky material of her bra before slipping it inside to feel her stiff nipple between my fingers. She gasped lightly as I rubbed it while she began to rub my growing erection through my trousers. She undid my belt and unzipped me as I continued to do the same to her other breast. Her hand crept beneath the elasticated top of my boxers and she gripped my solid dick and I let out a little moan of relief, god it felt so good as she began to toss me off. Meanwhile I had removed my hand from the front of her dress and began to caress her knees with it before sliding it slowly up her leg underneath her dress. She parted her legs slightly in anticipation to allow my hand to continue its journey and as I slid it further along her nylon clad thighs I was delighted to find she was wearing stockings beneath her dress. I caressed the smooth skin above her stocking tops and played with her suspenders and stocking tops for awhile before venturing my hand further. She offered no resistance as I did so. She continued to toss me off as my hand reached her panties and I began to stroke her pussy through the soft lacy gusset. I could feel the heat of her and quickly she became very damp and the wetness started to seep through the thin cloth. I removed my hand briefly to undo a couple of buttons at the bottom of her dress to allow me easier access before returning it to her hot mound. She sighed as I continued to rub her through the material, my fingers pushing further and further but always just held at bay by the lace. I pulled her knickers to one side with my thumb and ran my fingers through her soft pubic hair before starting to rub along the length of her wet gash with my middle finger. She gasped as I began and then moaned as I slid it deep inside her pink folds. "Yes, just there baby" she whispered as slowly I slid it in and out of her. She stopped me after a while, stood up and pulled me up by the hand. "Take me to bed" she asked. I took her by the hand and led her upstairs and she showed me which room was hers. We stood by the bed once inside and the street light outside shone through the curtains to throw a little light into the room. I undid the remainder off her buttons and slid the dress off over her shoulders. Standing there before me in just her underwear and high heels, lit softly by the outside light she looked gorgeous and I told her so. She removed my shirt and gasped in pleasure at my muscular body that she found beneath it before tugging down my pants and shorts to free my straining erection. I kicked them free and we stood before each other and kissed deeply again. I unclasped her bra at the back and pulled it from her shoulders and her bare breasts pushed into my chest as we embraced again. We lay down on the bed and she kicked off her shoes. I was naked now and she wore only her stockings, suspenders and panties. We began to rub each others bodies again and I bent my head and began to lick her stiff nipples. She gasped out as my fingers trailed down over her stomach and slipped under the taut elastic on her panties, through her pubic hair and back into her wet folds. She meanwhile tossed me off with one hand again and fondled my balls with the other. Moving down her body with my tongue I reached her panties and blew my hot breath through the material, this really turned her on and she moaned loudly. Hooking my hands in the sides of her knickers I pulled them down over her hips and slid them off over her calves and feet before laying my head between her legs once again. I kissed her smooth thighs above her stockings and rubbed them with my hands. Brenda meanwhile put her own hands down to her pussy and pulled her lips wide apart to let me see inside. "Put your tongue in and make me come" she urged. I did as she asked and began to lap at the soft pink skin that she held open for me. She groaned loudly as my tongue touched her insides and she immediately clasped her stocking clad legs around my ears and held me firmly in place. I pushed first one, then two and then three fingers easily into her sopping pussy as I flicked and rolled her clit between my tongue and teeth. She went into raptures and began to screw against my head, pulling me in tighter with her thighs clamped around my ears and her legs wrapped around my neck. As she began to shudder below me I sensed her orgasm was imminent and fingered her faster still. She grasped the back of my head with her hands and pulled me right into her as she climaxed and bucked wildly against my face, crying out hoarsely as she came and smearing my face with her creamy juices. "Did you come then?" I teased as I came up for air. "What do you think, that was fantastic" she said trying to get her breath back. She kissed me again obviously getting a taste of her own juices but she didn't object, in fact her tongue was just as eager as before. She rolled me over onto my back and began to kiss her way down my body, "Now it's your turn." I lay back as she took my dick between her hands and began to blow on it with her hot breath and wank me off slowly. She licked at my shaft first with her tongue before taking one of my balls into her mouth and sucking on it hard. I'd never had this done to me before and it felt fantastic. She did the same thing with the other and then licked her way back up my shaft before finally sliding her lips over the end of my knob and taking me deep into her mouth. God she was good, I pulled her hair back out of her face so I could watch her suck me and her cheeks caved in with each sucking motion, it was so strong I felt like she was going to suck my insides out. I put my hands behind her head and gently began to screw her mouth as she regulated her bobbing with my inward strokes. I realised now why I used to think there was something about her. She sucked and wanked at me harder and I knew, and I think she could tell too, that I couldn't hold out for much longer. My screwing became more urgent as she continued to take me deeper and deeper into her mouth, all the while flicking my glans with her tongue and wanking the base of my shaft while she sucked on me. "I'm coming Brenda" I warned as I felt the spunk build up deep in my balls. "Mmmmm" she began to moan as I said this and the vibrations from her voice sent shivers through me that caused my semen to rush forth and spurt deep into her mouth. I clamped my hands round her head and groaned out uncontrollably as she sucked every last drop out of me, my own hips bucking erratically now as hers had done a few minutes ago. She swallowed every last drop but not before showing me the spunk she had collected in her mouth as I'd shot my load. "Brenda, you're fantastic" I complemented. "Thanks, then you won't mind if I fuck you all night then?" "Mind? You must be joking, but I need a bit to recover after that." "Not too long I hope" she joked. We both drifted off into a light sleep and I awoke half an hour later to find her rubbing my dick again which was already beginning to grow in her hand. She smiled at me as I awoke and continued tossing me off as my erection quickly resumed its hardness. "Recovered yet?" she asked. "Let's find out" I said as I rolled her onto her back. "I was hoping you'd say that" she replied grinning. She opened her legs wide as I got between them, the darkness of her charcoal stockings contrasting against the white of her skin in the dim light. She reached down and took hold of my dick and placed it at the entrance to her hole. She rubbed the tip up and down her damp lips a couple of times before resting it at her entrance. As I pushed in slowly but forcefully she wrapped her stocking clad legs around my back and gripped at my shoulders. "Yes, fuck me!" she whispered urging me to commence my screwing. I began to push in and out her her slowly, both of us building up a rhythm as we went. She pulled me into her harder by using her legs which were still wrapped around the small of my back. "Don't stop" she pleaded as I pounded into her faster and faster, "I'm nearly there again." I reached down and began to rub her clit with my thumb as I continued to screw her until crying out and clawing wildly at my shoulders she came, bucking frantically against my still pumping dick. She collapsed back onto the bed underneath me as I slowed my motions but continued screwing her. Then I paused and sat back withdrawing from her as I did so to look at her laying before me. "Turn over" I said, "I'm not finished yet." She turned over and lay face down on the bed and I pulled her hips back up to me while she kept her head buried in the pillow. I entered her again from behind and I heard her mumble some obscenity but it was muffled by the pillow she had her face in. Thrusting deeply into her she pushed her hips back to meet each thrust and moaned each time my hips slapped against her buttocks. Digging my fingers tightly into her cheeks I pulled her onto me harder and fucked her for all I was worth. She began to squeal as another climax approached and I began to slap her behind to goad her on. This sent her into overdrive and she bucked her hips back into my thrusts with wild abandon. I continued to spank her as I felt my own orgasm approach and then stopping to resume my grasp on her behind I pushed into her with one last gasp thrust and shot my load deep into her quim. Both crying out "Yes, Yes" at the tops of our voices we came and fell onto the bed exhausted. After a while she went down on me and sucked my dick dry from the last remnants of our earlier screw as my erection quickly resumed. Pausing only briefly whilst she straddled me she ordered me to "Just lay back and let me do the work." Only too happy to oblige I settled back into heaven as she sank herself slowly down onto my dick, gasping out loud as she did so. I reached up and played with her stiff nipples as she rode me smoothly but she turned round to face the other way after a while so they became out of reach. Instead I fondled her buttocks, as they bounced up and down on my lap and then stuck my mille finger into her tight bumhole. "Oh yes, just there" she panted as I jabbed it in and out as she continued to ride me. then grasping my wrist she removed it and looked round at me with a wicked grin on her face. She lifted up off me and my dick fell out and slapped against my stomach. She took hold of it again, inched forward and then placing it at the entrance to her backside very slowly sank down again. She squealed and I groaned as its width forced into her tight rear and she began to ride me again. She played with her pussy as I screwed her tightly accommodating backside and soon its tightness really took effect on my loins and I became ready to shoot again. I warned her I was about to come and quickly dismounting she spun round and began to wank me off frantically. "Come over my face" she urged, waiting open mouthed by my dick for my spuff to arrive. I had no choice in the matter as my come surged forth and string after string spat across her face. It hung from her hair, dripped down her eyelids, spattered her cheeks and hung from her chin, as well as plenty also finding its way into her waiting mouth. She was a picture of pure filth as she knelt there before me lapping up as much as she could of the stuff. By now I was completely shagged out and soon fell asleep again. It was morning when I awoke as she came into the room with breakfast on a tray for us both. She was wearing a deep blue negligee now and looked as sexy as hell again. Despite last nights frolics I still had a morning glory to contend with and she could see it lurking beneath the single sheet under which I lay. "We'll have to do something with that as soon as we've had breakfast" she teased. And sure enough we did, in the shower. I pulled her in there with her negligee still on and screwed her from behind as I lifted it up over her lush backside and let the steaming water rain down over us as we came together again. I left after breakfast looking forward to the return treat she had promised me if I went round that night as well. It certainly beat taking her shopping anyways.

Generation Gap

by steel valentine

Who would have thought our friendship would ever become more than just that. After all, I was 35 and you were only 18 when we met. The age difference didn't bother me because I was in what I thought at the time was a good relationship, and not looking for anything else. I think what got our friendship started was the discovery that we actually had a lot in common despite our generation gap. I liked how every time we discovered another, you would point it out. It almost became a game with us. The obvious was our shared love for music. I mean, how many people can say they found love at a concert watching a band called Disturbed? Most of my friends listened to the easy listening stations on the radio, but not me. I listened to the same music as my teenage son. I was the mom that all of kids wanted as their own mother. When my good relationship broke apart, you were there for me every step of the way. I will never understand how you put up with me during that time of my life, but I'm glad you did. I looked forward to our almost daily talks, and I liked how our friendship grew stronger. It wasn't long after my break up that you started coming over more and more. Soon you became one of my best friends, and I really missed you when it was time for you to head back to College. We both celebrated birthdays while you were gone, and I would have mailed you a birthday card had I known your address. I still have the card you sent to me, and still look at it when I start to miss you. When you told me that you loved me for the first time I didn't know how to respond. I wasn't looking to fall in love with anyone because I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt again. I did care for you, but love just wasn't in the picture for me yet. I would respond with a simple, you too. That was my way of telling you I really cared for you, and one day, when I was ready, I too would love you. I soon realized that you were not giving up on me, and every time I turned around, you were saying kind and loving words to me. Always showing me just how much I meant to you by keeping in touch with me through e-mails and letters. I was glad when you came home for the summer. It was like old times again. You were coming over daily, and spending the entire day with me. It was great. Except for staying all night, you practically lived here with me. Then came the day that forever turned things around for us. We had just finished a walk along the river, and was sitting on a park bench talking, when you suddenly you leaned in and started kissing me. I was taken by surprise, but gladly returned your now passionate kiss. You look at me and ask if I am ready to go back to my place. Of course, I say yes. We walk back to the car holding hands, ignoring the older couple that is now staring at us. We joke about how they must have thought you were my son, and as we pass them you loudly call me mom, and announce what a great kisser I am. I could have died from embarrassment. I grab your hand tighter and rush us off to the car. On the way back home, we laugh about what you have just done. After pulling into the driveway, and turning off the car, you jump out and come over to my door and open it. I just look at you funny as I get out. As I get out of the car, you take my hand and kiss it. We walk up the stairs and into the house. Still holding my hand you guide me over to the sofa and pull me down onto your lap. I ask you what is on your mind, and with anticipation, I wait for your reply. All you do to answer me is smile. Smiling back at you, I realize just how much I have wanted you to do this. I have waited patiently wondering when, if ever, you would finally make the first move. We start to kiss again, and I can feel your tongue rushing through my mouth. I move my hand over your firm chest and can feel your heart beating at a faster pace. I slowly move my hand back down and rest it on your thigh. Our kiss is becoming more intense and I can now feel your cock getting hard under my resting hand. I feel your hand rising up my body, and making its way under my shirt. With your hand now on my plump breast, I feel you starting to lie be back so that I am lying on the sofa. You lift the shirt off me, and toss it to the floor. You move your kiss down my neck, and to my cleavage. Kissing the tops of each breast as you unhook the front clip on my bra exposing my succulent tits. You moved your tongue over my harden nipples, causing me to take a breath of delight. Tilting my head back I start to lose myself as your tongue slides down my exposed body, only stopping when you reached the top of my jeans. Without realizing it, you unbutton and unzip my jeans. I open my eyes and look down at you as I feel you start to inch my jeans and panties down as if it were one garment. You ask if you should continue, and I whisper "Yes please". I am now lying on the sofa nude. You're eyes light up as you stop and gaze down at my nakedness. I find myself giggling like a schoolgirl. As you come towards me to kiss me once again, I remove your t-shirt. Exposing your hard body, I notice the light hair that is covering your handsome chest. I realize this is the first time I have ever seen you without a shirt, and the sight of you excites me. I stare into your dark brown eyes, and study every inch of your young face. Your strong jaw line and kissable lips are just inches from me. I then notice that you are doing the same thing. Studying me, and my reactions to you. We both smile again at each other, as to say how pleased we are with what we are discovering about each other. My hands start caressing your arms and your back. I ease my hands down to your button down fly and start unfastening each one. Once done, I start pushing your jeans down as far as I can reach, and when I stop, you pick up where I left off until you have squirmed your way free of them. With us both nude now, you once again travel down between my legs until your face is now even the top of my bush. Giving me one last devilish grin, you slid down a bit more using your tongue to part my swollen lips, and invade my hot wet pussy. A rush of chills race up my spine as I take this tongue bath you are intensely giving me. I can feel you moving from my slippery hole, to my throbbing clit. The way you take it between your lips and suck it makes me light headed. I can barely think clear. The room seems to be spinning as I try to regain myself. I reach down and run my hands through your hair, and find myself almost burying your head deep between my legs. With your hands under my ass, pushing me up, I move my hips in an up ward motion to meet you. I move my legs so that they are now resting over your shoulders and onto your strong back. I am aware of your every move, and it is driving me crazy. No one has ever licked my pussy like this before. Oh sure, I've been with men who thought they were doing a good job, but they never made me feel like this. I feel so overwhelmed by it. I can feel you moving one of your hands from beneath my ass, and you are now sliding 2 of your fingers in to me. Fucking me with your fingers as you suck and lick on my clit brings a moan from me. This is great. I can feel my whole body getting damp from beads of perspiration. You continue to explore my body with your mouth and fingers. I can feel the beginnings of an orgasm that would take down the highest mountain. Clutching the side of the sofa with one hand, and a hand full of your hair with the other, I yell your name out again and again, until I can feel the orgasm quieting down to a small roar. Just as I begin to catch my breath, you raise up from the valley you just conquered, and push your rock hard cock into my still rippling box. You take my legs and place them into the cradle of your arms as you begin to rock me. You look down at me as to say you know your giving me the best fuck I have ever had. All I can do is moan from delight. With each pump of your cock, I am being filled with more uncontrollable surges of electrifying orgasmic spasms. My legs are feeling weak, and are starting to shake. You feel this, and release my legs so that I may wrap them around your waist. I cross my ankles and match you stroke for stroke, moving my hips up to meet you. I place my hands onto your shoulders and caress down your back. With our bodies connected as one, in perfect rhythm there seems to be nothing else around us. No other sound fills the room except for the sounds of our now sweat soaked bodies meeting. Your body starts to tense up, preparing to release your seed into me. Each stoke of your stiff prick pumps faster now, until I feel the throbbing of your explosion. As the last bit of cum leaves your body you lean down and rest your head on my breasts. As I run my hands through your now dampened hair, I whisper to you. "I never knew it could be this good." You raise you head and look at me answering, "I always knew WE would be this good."

Horny Older Secretaryby alanc
Theresa was a secretary in the office upstairs from me. I didn't see her too often, sometimes I'd bump into her in the car park before or after work and sometimes she'd drop some mail into our office that had been misposted. She must have been about forty six or seven but still had a damn good figure and was rather attractive. To me she always had this decadent look about her and always seemed to want things done urgently. I used to flirt with her a bit just to wind her up but she always seemed to enjoy it and loved playing up to it, I think she was probably quite flattered. I called upstairs to her office one day on my way home to drop off some of her mail which had been misdirected to us. Thinking the building was empty I was surprised to find her in her office when I went upstairs. She was bent over a filing cabinet as I entered, her beige high heels setting off her shapely calves which were encased in tan nylons and her lovely bottom pointed at me invitingly beneath her crimson mid length skirt. "You'll do somebody an injury bending over like that." I quipped as I entered. She turned her head to look round but remained bent over before me. She smiled broadly when she saw it was me. "You could do me an injury anytime Tony" she retorted flirtatiously. "I just might if you stay bent over like that any longer" I replied. "So what are you waiting for then?" she teased. "Don't tempt me I might just take you up on it." "Well why don't you?" she said and wiggled her bottom at me. This was getting out of hand and I didn't know if she was teasing any longer or not. "You are joking aren't you?" I asked further. "No." she replied very matter of factly, "Lock the door and I'll show you." I could feel myself rising in my pants already as I turned to lock the door and she remained bent over the cabinet. I locked the door so no one could disturb us and turned to look at her again. She was still bent over as I stepped forward cautiously. "Don't go shy on me all of a sudden" she said, "I meant what I said." Stepping up close behind her I placed my hands on her hips and ran them round to the tops of her thighs. Without standing up she reached behind her and grabbed my now almost solid dick through my trousers. "It's been ages since I've had a man" she said "and I'm tired of flirting around." I stepped closer still and rubbed my erection against her through our clothes as I fondled her thighs over her skirt. Reaching down I began to pull up her skirt slowly as she balanced herself with one hand on the open filing cabinet drawer. "Have you got stockings on?" I whispered as it crept up her legs revealing them to me. "Guess." she said. I didn't have to. Her skirt slid up her thighs and revealed, to my delight, that she was. "You horny thing" I murmured as she laughed playfully. Pulling her skirt up further so it cleared her hips I uncovered her silky cream panties which clasped her bum cheeks beautifully. She had undone my zip with one hand by now and had reached inside and was fondling my dick. I, meanwhile, rubbed her stocking clad thighs and trailed my hands above her stocking tops to the smooth skin above them. Theresa sighed longingly as they crept closer and closer to her pussy but at the last minute, much to her dismay, I moved them around and played with her lovely arse through the silky material of her knickers. Theresa by now had somehow also managed to undo my belt undo trouser catch and, having pulled my dick free, was wanking me off swiftly. My finger crept down the crack of her behind over her silky panties and I began to rub her slit through the gusset. She moaned softly as I touched her hot mound which seeped moistness through the thin cloth. "Please, put them in me" she breathed. Pulling them aside with one hand I pushed two fingers deep into her wetness and she sighed loudly as they found their way in. I began to finger her as she continued to pull me off and we frigged each other in unison for a while. Presently I removed my fingers and pulled her up to face me and at last our lips and probing tongues met in a hungry embrace. My erection pushed against her as our bodies met and I began to push her over towards her desk. I peered out of the window on the way to make sure the car park was empty in case anyone was still around and fortunately it was so we wouldn't be disturbed. I sat her on the edge of the desk, unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her breasts through her lacy bra, all the while our tongues still locked. I uncupped one of her breasts as I bent my head and began to lick it as her nipple quickly stiffened between my lips. I rolled the other between my fingers as she removed her blouse completely and reached round to undo the catch on her bra. It fell loose and her breasts sprang free allowing me to fondle the fullness of their flesh unhindered. Pushing her backwards she lay on the desk on top of the papers that still covered parts of it as once again I pulled up her skirt. Sliding her knickers off over her thighs she lifted her knees to assist me and then parted them as I tugged them off over her ankles and high heels. She lay before me on the desk with her legs spread wide and her hairy pussy glistening with her juices. Kneeling before her my fingers traced circles around her inner thighs and my tongue found its way into her wet groove. She began to sigh loudly as I slurped at her juices and she wrapped her thighs around my shoulders. Her stocking tops swished against my ears and blocked out all sound except her muted moaning which reverberated through her body and her heels dug into the centre of my back as she pulled me deeper in towards her. I slid two fingers into her again and she began to ride against them, then as I found her clitoris with the tip of my tongue she let out a little high pitched squeal and her hips flinched noticeably each time I flicked it with my tongue. Licking around it and flicking at it quickly she soon came noisily, her hips convulsing against my face as her juices poured out into my waiting mouth. I drank them down willingly and she eventually relaxed her grip on me with her thighs allowing me to finally come up for air. "God I needed that" she gasped as she recovered. I stood up and she sat up and unbuttoned my shirt. I threw it off as she pulled down my trousers and I kicked them free. She got off the desk and pushed me against it and knelt down before me. It felt wonderful as she slid her lips over the end of my knob and flicked her tongue across the underside of my glans. She gripped my buttocks and pulled me towards her as she sucked me and I gently screwed her mouth. I could see her grinning as she raked her teeth gently along my shaft and I reached down to grab her head but I knew if I'd let her continue I would never last so reluctantly I had to pull her away from me. "I've got to have you now" I said. She undid her skirt as she stood up and let it fall to the floor before stepping from it. Dressed only in her white suspenders, tan stockings and beige high heels now she looked irresistible. She sat back on the edge of the desk again, lay back, pulled her knees up and opened her legs wide. "Then take me" she replied. Needing no further encouragement I stepped forward and she took hold of my dick and guided it into her slippery tunnel. We both groaned loudly as I entered and slowly began to screw her. Gradually building up a rhythm I was soon pounding into her with long hard strokes, much to her obvious enjoyment. "Yes Tony fuck me harder, it's been so long" she urged. I pumped into her harder still, pulling her legs over my shoulders as I did so and gripping her by her stocking tops to increase the force of my strokes. I broke off and pulled her up off the desk. I sat down in her chair and pulled her down to me. She lowered herself onto me and cried out with pleasure again as my dick stretched her moist insides. She rode me like a woman possessed, moaning loudly all the time. "That's it Theresa, let yourself go" I encouraged as she speeded up her riding quicker still. She turned round to face away from me and carried on as I gripped her luscious behind and reached round to play with her breasts while she bounced up and down. I knew my climax wasn't too far away so getting out from below her I lay her back in the chair, pulled her legs up high and rammed into her forcefully. She squealed out in pain and delight as I pushed in and really began to screw her as hard as I could. "Make me come again Tony" she pleaded as her own climax approached and with all the speed I could muster I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. The build up of spunk behind my balls suddenly exploded and shot jet after jet of sticky sperm deep inside her just as she climaxed. Her inner muscles involuntarily clamped and relaxed on me continuously as she convulsed below me and cried out in ecstasy. Withdrawing from her she lay before me smiling and satisfied. A trickle of sperm ran from her pussy and dribbled down between her buttocks. Reaching down she picked it up on her fingers and lovingly sucked on them, savouring the taste as she swallowed it. Then as I stood up she pulled me round to her side and proceeded to suck my wilting member dry. We got dressed and left to go to hers for a repeat performance. I kept her knickers as a memento and she said she felt really dirty on the way home in her car as she felt my spunk oozing down her naked thighs. I really did intend to do her an injury when I got her home.

Earning an 'A'

by pull me push you

During my second year in college I had elected to stay on campus during summer break. I knew, regrettably, that if I went back home, I would end up working in my father's lumber yard throughout the long and hot summer months. At least at school, I would still live in my entertaining, but juvenile dorm, and be able to pick up a few extra credits by taking some easy courses. One such course would be fulfilled by working a few days a week at a large insurance company, as arranged by the Business Department. In this way, I could earn some cash while getting an easy "A" to boost my grade average. I had heard through the grapevine that the job was easy and that the abundance of hot looking babes strolling through the building made the days go by quickly. Long legs, short skirts, and a paycheck too sounded pretty good to this nineteen, and soon-to-be twenty year-old. The only drawback was not having a car. I had to either bum a ride with the other students who had chosen to do as I did, or walk. Nevertheless, it was a small price to pay in order to save my hands from being punctured by splinters of wood for yet another year. The insurance company's building was huge and recently constructed. As I had been told, hundreds…well, maybe not hundreds, but quite a few good-looking females strolled up and down the aisles continuously, making it very difficult to want to look at a computer screen all day. I'm sure that I spent half of my time leaning back in my chair, watching long legs and tight butts pass by my cubicle. As a result of this pastime, my subsequent three years of college life changed drastically on the one day that I got caught sneaking a peek, and that was only because I lost my balance. I had leaned back too far in my chair as I scouted out another "10", nearly tumbling head over heels. I reached out to regain my balance and knocked a dozen or so files to the floor, scattering papers all over the place. The girl I had been looking at only turned her head, smiled, and kept walking to her destination, not bothering to visit with the little people who blindly worshiped her. A second or two later, I learned why she hadn't stopped. It just so happened that the floor supervisor had been walking only a short distance behind this tanned and toned diversion. While I was on my hands and knees busily picking up the clutter, she, the supervisor, stopped at the entrance to my work space. I noticed her feet, but not looking up, didn't realize that it was the woman who could send me out the door with an "F" as a grade. Instantaneously willing to show how stupid a freshman in college could really be, I put my foot into my mouth as far as I could, starting a chain reaction that would ultimately go nuclear. "Don't just stand there like an idiot," I said. "Help me pick up this fucking mess." The two feet in the doorway moved closer, and as she bent down to do as I had so eloquently requested, the image of her two knees entered into my peripheral view. Trying to not be too obvious, I studied the smooth, soft skin that had stretched tautly over the joints that appeared from under her rising skirt. Her knees seemed larger in size than what I had expected, but the bonus view of the attached solid meat above her knees more than made up for that slight imperfection. She then turned to her right as she stretched as far as she could to reach for a paper that had slid under my cabinet. In doing so, she brought the full expanse of her appealing ass into my line of vision. With no need to worry about being seen now, I gazed intently at the round, firm looking figure in front of me. Her well tailored dress, which had been fitted properly when she purchased it, now struggled to present its intended, lady-like image. The heavier edge of her panty appeared as a distinctive line under her skirt. The mischievous temptation to grab that line and pull it was immense. I could just imagine hearing the slight snap as the elastic recoiled back to her ass, eliciting a surprised yelp from the woman wearing them. My next thought was to sneak up and grab her by the waist, playfully mimicking a dog and fucking her from behind. I could just see myself holding her hips firmly as I rammed my hard cock into her bulging cunt. My imagination was working so well that I could almost hear the slapping sounds our skin would make as my thighs collided with the backs of hers as I rammed my cock as far as I could into the wet hole between her legs. I could even see pulsating ripples of flesh traverse her ass as my forceful hammering went on relentlessly. Not being dim-witted as to the ramifications of such actions, I flung that thought out of my mind and went about picking up the rest of the papers within my reach. I searched out the last document which had fallen under my desk and wheeled around quickly, coming within an eyelash of smashing into the face of the woman who had just helped me. A wide-eyed, expression of total surprise most assuredly covered my face as I gazed through her dark-rimmed glasses and into the large, brown eyes of the "all-business", Ms. Virginia Black, supervisor. I desperately tried to look elsewhere, only to find my eyes staring down the cavernous opening of her blouse. The smooth curves of her two adequately sized tits, and the lace bra that held them in place, caused my eyes to lock onto them as if I were a fighter pilot taking aim at an enemy target. Immediate panic coursed through my body, causing me to throw my head upward and to stare back into her huge brown eyes once more. "My god they're big," I thought to myself. "Her eyes and her tits." I would have sworn that there was a slight indication of amusement in the stare which she sent back at me. We were both on our hands and knees, nose to nose. One could think that we were two scientists trying to imitate the territorial battle of two bull moose out in the wilds of Alaska. When the full devastating impact of appreciating the fact that I was on the floor with my supervisor, and that I had called her an idiot just a few seconds ago, an immediate sense of impending doom filled my being. I slumped my ass to the floor, knowing in my heart that I could soon be heading back to the lumber yards of my father. Without thinking, I blurted out the first word that came into my brain to express my growing frustrations. "Shit," came out very loud and very clear. Immediately I put my hand over my mouth, wondering how much more trouble I could get myself into. Unfortunately, I didn't have to wait very long to find out. Once again I blurted out the first word that came into my head. Regrettably, I hadn't covered my mouth well enough to prevent that vocalization either. "Fuck," was the next word that came so effortlessly from my lips. "You do have a way with the English language, Mr. Philip Dumas," she said coolly. This time before I tried to speak, I thought…and I said nothing. I remained seated on the floor and watched as Ms. Virginia Black rose gracefully from her hands and knees, still clutching the papers she had retrieved from the floor. As she stood over me, she smoothed out her skirt, bending slightly to brush off any dust that had clung to the stockings covering her legs. Standing erect once again, she looked down at me in the same way my mother probably did after I had fallen down when first attempting to walk. I'm sure that my mother had more than likely picked me up and told me that everything would be all right. There would be no comforting actions taken, nor words spoken, from the woman standing over me now. Not this time. I sat silently, akin to a doomed prisoner, waiting for a callous executioner's hand to pull the switch that would send enough electricity through my body to light up New York City. To my surprise however, a postponement of my death sentence had been granted by a compassionate governor. I would be allowed to live another day, but would I ever be granted a full pardon? "I believe these belong to you," she said, bending over at her waist and holding out the disorganized files to me. I reached up from my sitting position and once again the gaping space created by her tits came into view. This time however, gravity had produced a more tempting panorama for my eyes to gaze upon. The pull of the earth's mass had caused her tits to fall forward; two soft, round, collections of flesh struggled to stay in place. Only the expert construction of a quality bra kept her hard nipples from pitching into my face. I quickly reached out and took the papers from her hand, hoping that I wouldn't grab a handful of tit to boot. She remained in that position after I had the papers in my hands, but for only a second or two. She stared intently into my eyes, never blinking as I stared back at her. I thought that she was organizing the words she would be saying next as she told me that my services would no longer be needed. Instead, she returned to her standing position and smiled down at me, just as my mother had done some years ago. "Make sure you straighten that mess out properly Mr. Dumas," she said softly. "Yes maam," was all I could say. "And be careful about who you say the "f" word to. It could get you into a situation you hadn't planned on getting into, and may not be able to get out of." I nodded yes, not trusting myself to speak anymore. She turned on her heals and left as quietly as she had entered. I watched as she glided gracefully down the aisle, surprised that I could still see the line of her panty etched onto her backside. It was only then that I became aware of the soft scent of her perfume which still lingered inside of my cubicle. I took a long deep breath, feeling somewhat excited by the smell of this older woman. Did I fail to mention that Ms. Virginia Black was an older woman? Quite a bit older. She had been with the company for almost thirty years now, making her age somewhere around the half-century mark. Granted, she couldn't compete with the kids I went to school with, or the gold-diggers that strutted their stuff down the corridors of this company, but she really didn't look that bad for her age. When I first met her a few weeks ago during our group's preliminary introduction, I studied her body intently, owing that to a lack of any real interest in what she was saying. On that day she wore a more conservative outfit which concealed much of her figure. Thanks to a glitch in the air-conditioning system, the jacket that she was wearing came off after just a few minutes had passed. Although her blouse remained buttoned, the ample set of tits which she had just tried to smother me with could not be hidden. Even in the heat of that sauna-like room, perky, hard nipples would stand up to be noticed every once in a while. Her long, light-brown hair had hung limply down to her shoulders. Thirty minutes into her rambling, the heat caused her to gather her hair behind her head. She clamped it in place with some device that only women can manipulate, and stuck a long yellow pencil through it. Her once hidden and long neck now seemed to be searching for someone to nuzzle their mouth on it. I studied her posture as she walked back and forth in front of our group and surmised that she had gotten her job with the help of her body those thirty-years ago. Back then I'm sure that she had quite the hourglass figure. Time had caused some of that sand to clog in the middle, but she still carried herself with the confidence of a model on a runway. I was sure that her hips had widened to some extent, and a slight bulge was noticeable just below her bellybutton. Most assuredly, a tight pair of jeans, although I'm sure quite attractive looking, could be moderately uncomfortable. I concluded that Ms. Virginia Black must have been one hell of a fuck in her younger years, but she had probably passed her prime some years ago. Nevertheless, she would be quite a catch for one of the older executives of the company. So I thought. I later learned from one of the other women who had been with the company for some time that Virginia Black had been married for ten years. After the birth of her daughter, her "ex" left her for some nineteen-year-old stripper. She had supported herself and was now pretty well off. Her daughter had made her a grandmother two years ago, but none of her successes had tempered her distrust of men. Absolutely no one had ever known of her having a boyfriend since her divorce. Not even a date had ever been confirmed. One could only imagine the amount of pressure that had built up inside of her body. As I left my informant's presence, I chuckled to myself when I thought of the poor sucker who might be between Ms. Black's legs when that long awaited orgasm exploded. If he didn't hold on tight, she just might pitch him up to the ceiling. As summer drew to a close, I was eager to get back into the routine of a regular college semester. My daily trek to work had become challenging at times, and somewhat monotonous. I needed to relax in the "party-hardy" atmosphere our campus had become famous for. Finally, my last week of work had arrived. The company had scheduled an "End Of Summer" party for that Friday, inviting all of its employees, and even the students from my class. I hadn't intended to partake, hoping to take in a local band at the university pub after work instead. At least there, I could drink all I wanted and walk across the street to get back to my room in the dorm. The company party was scheduled to start at three o'clock in the cafeteria. I remained in my cubicle, electing to go over the course catalog for the upcoming semester and schedule my classes. At just a few minutes before five I was surprised to hear the sound of a light tap on the wall of my cubicle. I looked up to find a woman standing in the doorway, her hands grasping the frame of the door above her head, her legs spread as far apart as the framework would allow. It took me a couple of seconds to recognize the face of Ms. Virginia Black. This was entirely due to the way she was dressed. Although her face and hairstyle had remained the same, her daily, dull, conservative garb had been replaced by bright and sexy summer dress. Thin straps of material traversed her bare shoulders, making a vain attempt at convincing people that it was their strength and not the size of Ms. Black's tits that held this dress in place. Obviously, she didn't wear one of her industrial-strength bras today. The dress buttoned in front with the last button located just above her crotch. Usually her dresses came to just below her knees. The hem of today's outfit lay a good three inches above. There were no stockings covering her smoothly shaved legs and a pair of high-heeled sandals completed the outfit. If I had thought that she had seen my dumbest faces before, I was only fooling myself. I consciously had to close my mouth before a bat saw it and considered it to be a cave to fly into. I made a futile attempt to stand which only caused my chair to roll backwards. My mind's sense of direction short-circuited as I helplessly felt my eyes wander aimlessly over her body. Automatically my hand went to my temple as I tried to think of something to say. I opened my mouth, only to have nothing come out. "Why didn't this happen the last time she was here," I thought. I was positive that Ms. Black was totally aware of my uncomfortable feeling. I hoped that she would do something to diminish my fears. Instead, she turned the dials that were controlling the situation between us to their limits. Slowly she walked over to my desk, carefully placing one foot in front of the other as she strode towards me. I prayed that she wouldn't get any closer as she stood next to my desk. Unfortunately for me, she had other plans. With measured speed, she gradually lifted her right leg and placed the right cheek of her ass onto my desk. Not caring about what was on my desk, she slid her ass further onto it. The hem of her skirt had now slipped up to the middle of her thigh. Had my chair been in its lowest position, I would have had a clear line of vision to her snatch. Paralysis overwhelmed every part of my body, except for my dick. That little bastard was having the time of its life, bouncing around like a lunatic in a straight-jacket. A tight pair of jockey shorts was the only thing that stopped that fucking asshole from pulling down my zipper and sticking its head out for a better look. Ms. Black continued her travels until her entire ass was sitting on my desk. She crossed her legs slowly and then kept them tightly closed. I begged every god that I could think of, and then made up a few of my own, that she would keep them that way. She swung her feet back and forth, looking more like her two year-old granddaughter than the supervisor of an entire department. She leaned towards me and smiled, just as she had done when she stood over me a few weeks before. I stared back at her, afraid that if I looked elsewhere she would uncross her legs spread them as far apart as she could. Finally, her voice broke the silence between us. "Aren't you coming to the party?" she asked softly. "No," I said hesitantly. "I have some work for school that I need to do." "All work and no play makes Phil a dull boy," she replied with the hint of a tease in her voice. "Oh, don't worry about me. I get my playtime in." "I'm sure you do Phil, but the company would like to see all of its employees have fun today. And it's my job to make sure of that they do. And that means you too." I had no idea how to take what she just said. I decided to adhere to my new rules of communicating with supervisors and say nothing. "Why don't you come down to the cafeteria and join the rest of us. The food is first rate and they don't card anyone. What do you say?" "I really can't. I don't want to walk back to the campus tonight and the guy I'm hitching a ride with has to get back early to go to a class. Sorry." "No good Phil," she said playfully. "I can give you a ride back to your dorm. I've got no one to hurry back to at home. I won't take no for an answer. If you want an "A" for this course, you better get your ass downstairs and have some fun. Understand?" I really did want an "A" for this course, and if it meant having to go to a party for a couple of hours, I could survive. And I was sure that the food would be a lot better than the leftovers I usually found at the university's dining hall. Also, I had no reason to fear Ms. Black. She had dressed casually for the party, and I was pretty sure that she did have orders from above that all of her employees should attend. Consequently, with much less reluctance than before, I decided to accept Ms. Virginia Black's offer. "You do have a way with the English language Ms. Black," I said with a small smile. "I'll come. But first let me finish what I have here." "Great. I'll see you in a little while. And by the way. Call me Virginia." Bells and whistles should have sounded a deafening alarm inside of my head with that last comment she made, but the sight of Ms. Blacks legs as she slid off of my desk disconnected any wiring that would have saved my life. An unseen hand, not holding sharp wire-cutters but rather the edge of my supervisor's dress, sealed my fate. As she slowly let her body inch to the front of my desk, her skirt rode higher and higher up her legs. Time and motion had somehow gone into a much more leisurely gear as her feet finally touched the ground. Her skirt now barely covered her crotch. The air inside my cubicle had suddenly disappeared. Total deafness resulted, given that the sound waves had no medium to travel through. I watched as a pencil rolled to the edge of my desk and floated gently to the floor, landing next to her feet without the slightest clatter. I stared as Ms. Black spun on her heals. Her skirt flared out due to the speed of her spin, but the effects of the "twilight zone" I found myself in made the events I was watching move frame by frame. It was like watching the highlights of a figure skater twirl on the glass-smooth surface of ice. The hem of her skirt rose, revealing the thick thighs of a physically fit athlete. Obviously Ms. Black had taken very good care of her body over the years. As the backside of her body finally faced in my direction, her skirt had risen to its highest point. A brief-styled, white panty finally came into view. The firm and proportionate cheeks of her ass revealed their smooth surface to me. Panties like this were probably outlawed in skating competitions. If Ms. Black had been wearing skates instead her sandals, I would have given her a "ten" for a score.

Hot Mom-In-Law

by alanc

There was just something about my girlfriends mom that I couldn't put my finger on. If I was honest with myself I would say that I had secretly fancied her since the first time I met her and this feeling had only grown with time. Although her daughter was a great girl I had always had a long held fantasy about older women and wished that someday it could be fulfilled. From day one her mom had been extremely kind and friendly towards me and as we got to know each other more and more this seemed to turn into some occasional mild and harmless flirting. I thought that initially I was maybe reading a bit too much into her gestures and that she was just being friendly, but more recently her flirting with me seems to have increased and I am sure that maybe she wants more. Her husband, my girlfriends dad, is a decent enough bloke but seems to spend a lot of time away and doesn't pay her a lot of attention when he's home so maybe there is something more that she wants. Beverly is about 43 and looks fantastic for her age. She's shorter than me, about 5' 4", just the right height, and has kept her figure in great shape. They say that if you want to know how your girlfriend will look in 20 years time then just take a look at her mom and if this is true I can count myself one lucky guy. She's a brunette and has a 37C-26-36 figure which looks like it was built for sex. I know her size because I had a rummage through her washbasket one day in the utility room while she was out and was feeling her silky underwear, dreaming about what she could do to me. It made me so hard thinking about her that I had to go and give her daughter a good seeing to upstairs, thinking about her mom while I made love to her daughter, that really turned me on and we had such a hot session that afternoon. I only wished that it really could have been Beverly there with me instead. She always seemed to dress really sexily when I was around. It was probably because I was so secretly attracted to her that it seemed like this but there was no denying that she always looked good whenever I came round. She always wore tight tops or blouses that would occasionally allow me a glimpse of her full, lovely breasts in her straining bras. And she seemed to love short skirts or tight pencil skirts which really showed off her great legs. She always wore nylons and high heels too, which I absolutely adore, but obviously couldn't let her know that, and these just showed off her legs even more. I'd often got hard sitting in the same room as her secretly glimpsing her legs as she crossed and uncrossed them as we chatted and watched tv with my girlfriend on the settee next to me. I still couldn't figure out whether she wore stockings or pantyhose though and this often teased me as I sat looking at her trying to figure it out. Anyway, yesterday I realised that I'd left my wallet at my girlfriends after being there the night before. It was my day off and she was working but I knew her mum would be home, hopefully alone, so I called her and asked if it would be OK to come over and collect it. Beverly answered the phone sounding a little breathless and I asked her if everything was OK. When she heard my voice she sounded immediately seductive and said she was just in the middle of something but it would be fine to pop over and see her, collect my wallet and stay for a quick coffee as she was alone and it would be good to see me. I told her I'd be there in an hour or so, that should give her enough time to finish whatever she was doing. Secretly I couldn't wait to see her too. I thought about her all the way to her house and it was about one p.m. when I pulled onto her drive, hers being the only car there. "Hi John" she beamed as she answered the door to me, "come on in." Having been used to seeing Beverly in her usual sexy outfits it was a change, but no less sexy, to see her in only her robe when she answered the door. "I'll put some coffee on" she said as she turned and made her way to the kitchen and I watched her before saying I'd just go and collect my wallet from her daughters room upstairs. She had such a great figure which I could make out beneath her cream silk robe as she walked away from me, the belt of the robe pulled snugly showed off her narrow waist and fine hips. Where her robe ended at her calves I noticed she was wearing fluffy mule slippers and nylons and thought she must have been getting ready to go out later. I thought about just what I could do to her and if only she knew the thoughts I was having about her. As she disappeared into the kitchen I headed for the stairs to collect my wallet. On my way I passed the den and what caught my eye stopped me dead in my tracks. There, lying on the settee in the den, was a large pink ribbed vibrator, a string of love beads and a magazine which was laying open on the page of a well stacked mature woman being screwed senseless by a young, muscular, well hung stud. No wonder Beverly sounded flushed when I spoke to her on the phone earlier, the horny bitch must have been fucking herself with the vibrator while flicking through the mag and dreaming of being fucked by a young well hung guy. Maybe, just maybe I hadn't been reading too much into her flirting after all. It was obvious she liked younger men and maybe she did want me to screw her after all. I collected my wallet from upstairs and made my way excitedly back down to the kitchen wondering if today could be my lucky day. Beverly had her back to me and was just pouring the coffee when I walked into the kitchen. "Sit down John" she said directing me towards the kitchen table. I looked her up and down, admiring her body, thinking about what I had just seen in the den, already I could feel a stirring in my jeans. "It's good of you to stay and keep me company for a while, it sometimes gets quite lonely here on my own during the day." "No problem Beverly, it's my pleasure, honestly." "How very good of you to say, my daughter's a very lucky girl to have a guy like you." "Thanks, and she's lucky to have a mum like you too Beverly." She smiled as she turned and brought over the coffee and some cups. As Beverly bent over beside me to pour my coffee her robe fell open slightly and I caught a glimpse of her rounded naked breast under her robe, my cock lurching as I stole a glimpse. She appeared not to notice and I wondered if she really hadn't noticed or if she was doing it on purpose to tease me. "Did you find your wallet?" she asked me. "Yes, it must have fallen out of my jeans this morning when I put them on." "Ah, I see. So what are you doing for the rest of the day?" she asked. "Nothing much really." It was true I didn't have anything planned, at least nothing which didn't involve her. "Would you like to stay for a while and keep me company?" "Yeah, sure, that would be great. If you've got nothing planned of course." I remembered thinking she may have been getting ready to go out when I called but it dawned on me she must have been playing with herself instead. Maybe she'd been thinking about me coming round. "Wonderful, and no I haven't got anything on today!" She stared at me and smiled wickedly as she said it, "we have the whole day to do as we please." There was definite suggestion in her voice. We chatted and laughed with each other for a while over our coffee's and all the time I just thought of how much I would like to fuck her. The way she looked at me and the way her fingers traced shapes around her cup just got me so hot for her. She poured us another coffee and said "Let's go through to the den." My heart leapt as she said it and I followed her swaying hips from the kitchen through the hall and into the den. As I stepped in behind her she gasped as she spotted the objects laying on the settee and hurriedly tried to hide them away under a pillow. But she knew it was too late for me not to have seen them and appeared embarrassed by the situation. "I'm sorry" she said blushing as we sat down together on the settee where a few moments ago her toys and magazine had lay. "Sometimes I…". I stopped her. "It's OK, you don't need to explain" "You won't tell anyone will you John? It's just…. you see… my husband… he wouldn't understand" "Of course I won't tell anyone Beverly, I wouldn't dream of it, I understand." "Oh John you're so good" she said, and as she did so she reached out her hand and rested it on my leg. We looked deeply at each other for what seemed like an age and then, unable to stand the sexual tension any longer, I leant forward and kissed her. We both knew immediately it was what we had both wanted for so long. The passionate kiss we started with soon turned into a hungry embrace, our lips and tongues meshed together by the sheer passion that had finally overtaken us both. I immediately felt my dick begin to grow stiff inside my jeans and it quickly became rigid as I felt Beverly's hand move higher and begin to feel the throbbing bulge through the denim. "Oh god Beverly" I gasped, "I've been wanting to do this for so long." "Oh John me too, but I've never had the nerve to take it this far with you, I couldn't be sure how you would respond." "I've wanted you since I first saw you Beverly, you are beautiful. I know this is wrong but I can't help it, I just want you so much." "Oh John, please make love to me" she pleaded. We lay back on the sofa together and again our mouths met in a desperate embrace. I had never wanted anybody as much as I wanted her right then. Her hands began to unzip my jeans and I groaned as I felt her reach inside my shorts and grasp my straining cock. "Oh John, it's beautiful" she whispered. My hand crept inside her robe and I began to fondle her lovely breast, feeling the soft flesh and her nipple stiffening as I rolled it gently between my fingers. I did the same to her other breast as she pulled gently but firmly on my dick and I could see her nipples visibly protruding through the silk of the robe. She stopped and lay back into the settee, removing her hands from inside my shorts. I stood to take off my jeans, looking at her as they slid down my legs. I now stood before her, my cock visibly bulging through my shorts. Then slowly, I peeled those down too, exposing my manhood to her. She gasped when she saw my fully erect cock naked for the first time. "My god John, what a gorgeous body and cock you have" she said to me as I took of my shirt and stood naked before her. Her hands moved to the belt of her robe and she opened it slowly to show me her body, "Oh, Beverly!" I gasped in awe. She lay before me and I just stood there and drank her in. Her lovely full naked tits with nipples as hard as bullets just cried out to be fondled. Round her slim waist and hips she wore a lacy pink garter belt which held up a pair of sheer tan stockings which ran down her gorgeous legs to the fluffy high heeled mule slippers she still wore on her feet. Finally, and best of all, she wore no panties. She was just naked, lying there before me with her legs open wide showing me her lovely, inviting, hairy snatch as it glistened with her already seeping juices. "Come John, take me. Do you what you want with me while my husband and daughter are away. We have all afternoon together lover." What an invitation. My guilt over her husband and daughter, my own girlfriend and father-in-law, was surprisingly fleeting. I was so overcome with feelings of lust for this woman, nothing could have stopped me from taking her that afternoon. I knelt down before her and proceeded to trace my hands very slowly along the inside of her legs, feeling the sheen of her stockings as my hands climbed gently upwards. Her legs felt wonderful to my touch as I ascended the silky nylon. Beverly sighed as they climbed higher and gasped inwardly I reached her inner thighs and began to stroke closer and closer to her hairy mound. "You feel as gorgeous as you look Beverly" I told her, to which she smiled lovingly. My hands stroked the smooth whiteness of her upper thigh above her stocking tops and my fingers occasionally swept between her legs and lightly brushed the hairs surrounding her pussy. "Oh yes, touch me there John" she sighed as my fingers gently began to stroke her dampening pussy lips. I felt her juices lubricate my fingers and gently worked her lips apart to slide my fingers up and down her crack, teasing her and feeling how wet she was. I lowered my head between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs as my fingers gently rubbed between her lips. She could feel my hot breath on her skin as my tongue neared her sweet smelling hole and she gasped out for me to lick her. "Oh, put your tongue inside me John, please. I want to feel it inside me." I gently parted her lips with my fingers and started to lick her dripping pussy, she tasted fabulous, just like I knew she would. "Oh, yes baby!" she gasped through her sighs of passion as I licked her lovely cunt. I gently pushed a finger inside her as my tongue found her clit and I began to rub her g-spot as I teased her protruding bud with the tip of my tongue. "Oh John YESS, that feels so good she moaned out as I lapped at her. I looked up to see her playing with her own breasts and sucking her fingers as I went down on her. I could feel her beginning to flinch as I flicked her clit with my tongue and continually pushed my finger in and out of her, I knew her climax was building. I began to tickle her asshole with the index finger of my other hand and this sent her into raptures. She squirmed and writhed as my tongue and fingers explored her and I could tell she was about to come. She was groaning my name and the words yes baby continually unable to staunch her orgasm and as she pulled my head tight to her and writhed hard against my face she cried out as she came, her hips bucking frantically as I tried to swallow all of the juices that flowed from her. "Oh John, I've never come like that before" she gasped in pleasure as her orgasm subsided and she lay back sprawled before me on the sofa. Smiling I stood up before her and took in her lovely sight once again, and after a few seconds getting her breath back she sat up on the edge of the settee and reached out to grab by solid dick. "Now it's your turn baby" she told me. I loved the feel of her touch as she grabbed my long, thick cock, curling her fingers around my shaft as pulled me towards her. "I love to play with a nice big cock like yours John" she told me as she fondled my dick and rubbed my balls. Her touch was sensational. She began to wank me off, pulling upwards on my shaft. I'd often dreamed of Beverly doing just this and couldn't believe that finally it was actually happening. And, just as I expected, it was way better when she did it than when I did it thinking of her, she just had such a soft and expert touch. She really knew what she was doing. "I want to taste you now John" she whispered as she lowered her head towards me. I watched her lovely brunette hair descend towards my hard pole and bit my lip in anticipation. The feelings I had as she slipped her beautiful lipstick red lips over the head of my cock were indescribable. "oh Beverly baby, that's so good I gasped." She took me into her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down my shaft and I could feel her soft warm tongue licking my engorged purple head. "Oh baby" I kept repeating. Her hand caressed my balls and the other gripped my shaft as she sucked and licked me, her cheeks hollowing as she did so. What a fantastic mouth this woman had. "I want you to come in my mouth john" she said, "I want to taste your hot spunk." There really was no stopping this sexy lady before me, she was rampant, and who was I to argue. As my climax began to build, my breaths grew shorter, my groans louder and my legs began to shudder. She knew it was coming and began to suck and wank me faster and faster. "Yes John come, come for me baby, come in my mouth." She buried her head on me again as my spunk rushed forth. I cried out in joy as I exploded into her mouth, spurt after spurt shooting down her willing throat as she moaned and swallowed every last drop. "That tasted fantastic baby" she said when I had nothing more to give her and collapsed next to her on the settee. We kissed again, our hot mouths mingling the faint tastes of each other juices as we caressed each others bodies. She looked so hot I took it on myself to kiss and touch every inch of her body whilst I recovered, paying long and loving attention to her stocking clad legs which I just loved the feel of so much, I couldn't wait to feel them wrapped around me. "Beverly you really are sensational, I have wanted this so much for so long. I can't believe it's finally come true." "Oh John, me too but you can't ever let Kelly know about this." "It's OK Beverly, I won't, but you have to let me have you again" "Oh john, this is just the beginning for us my beautiful lover, we're going to have each other all the time." And that was fine with me. Beverly began to play with my prick and balls again. "I want to get you hard again so you can fuck me John." She fondled, licked, wanked and sucked my long satiny shaft and balls and my cock grew and grew with all her attention until I became rock hard once more. "Take me John, take me now, fuck me hard and do what you want with me, I am yours baby." Beverly stretched out and lay back on the couch as I climbed in between her open legs, my hard dick swaying before her. She reached out and grasped me, rubbing the tip of my cock against her sopping wet slit. "Ooh, that feels so nice John" she gasped at me as I felt the tip of my cock being rubbed against her hard clitty. Then she moved it downwards and at last slid me inside her hot, soft, wet hole. "Aaaahhh" she gasped as inch by inch I slid my rigid member inside her hot tunnel until I was fully buried inside her right to the hilt. Once there we stayed motionless for as while as I enjoyed the intense feeling of being inside this beautiful woman that lay before me. Then gradually we I started to slowly pull out and push back inside her, ever so gradually picking up speed as she felt the thickness of my cock rubbing against her cunt walls. "Oh Beverly baby" I gasped "you don't know how good you feel." "Oh I do John, I do. Make love to me baby" Oh, I love making love to you baby." Her fingers scraped across my chest as she lay before me and I slowly but strongly plundered her insides. We looked into each others eyes and were lost in each other completely as I continued to screw her, both of us realising just how much we had wanted this and each other. She pushed me back and sat up and then stood up, turning away from me. Looking over her shoulder, her lovely brunette hair cascading down she said "Sit back baby, I want to sit on your big cock and ride you." Smiling I sat back as she stepped backwards towards me. I held my cock up towards her hole as she squatted down into my lap and she helped guide it into her soaking pussy. She cried out again as she impaled herself upon me and then began to ride me up and down. I held onto her hips as she rode me, rubbing her stocking tops and slamming her down hard onto my cock every now and then, making her cry out loudly whenever I did. I grabbed her asscheeks squeezing and playing with them while she bounced up and down on me. She must have really liked this because it seemed to send her into overdrive and she bounced around on me like a jack in the box moaning like there was no tomorrow. "Oh yes John baby, you're making me cum" she gasped in pleasure as she rode faster and faster. I could tell she was right on the brink and pushed hard into her every time she sat down into my lap. "Come on Beverly, cum for me baby" I urged, stroking her asshole with my thumb. That was it, it was too much for her and it pushed her right over the edge and she came on me, bucking, shuddering and shouting out loudly and I could feel her juices stream out from her pussy around the base of my cock and run down between my thighs. She climbed off me gasping in pleasure but I was still so rigid for her I wasn't going to let up on her. "Bend over so I can fuck you from behind you gorgeous slut" I told her.

Demanding Older Lady Boss

by alanc

“Did you want to see me Miss Smith?” I asked, putting my head round my bosses office door. I hoped it wasn’t important, it was the end of the day and I had a date with a six pack of beer in my fridge. “Ah, come in James” she motioned, “have a seat.” Her friendly demeanour was encouraging but being told to take a seat sounded like it may take a while and I just wanted a beer after the day I’d had. She was standing looking out of the window as I entered the office and she sat down opposite me in her executive leather chair as I took my seat on the other side of her desk. Her office was spacious and modern and her large glass topped desk meant I could see her cross her legs as she sat down. Miss Smith – Christine, was vice president at our company and was renowned for being firm but fair in both business and towards her staff. Miss Smith was late forties, approaching fifty, and figure wise she wasn’t slim but wasn’t overweight either, she had one of those figures that looked like it was built for sexy fun and she had a great pair of legs for her age. It was obvious she still exercised to keep in shape and possibly keep the stress at bay. She wore black business suit today with a knee length pencil skirt and cream blouse beneath her jacket. Her legs looked great in her black nylons and ended nicely with a sexy pair of 3 inch black patent stilettos. I’d sometimes thought about what I’d like to do to her and sitting across her desk from her I suddenly realised just how sexy she was. “James I’ve got an important marketing report I need to get out for a client meeting in the morning and I need some help. I wondered if you might be able to stay back and help me.” I tried to appear enthusiastic about it but she could probably tell it was only half hearted. “I’ll make it worth your while if you can stay” she said when she guessed my feelings. Ah well, I was only going to get drunk in front of the TV, I might as well earn a couple of hundred extra dollars instead, the money always came in handy. A big smile crossed her face when I agreed and we set to work on her project mapping out the requirements on the conference desk on the other side of her office. I couldn’t help feeling fleeting moments of sexual tension between us as we worked relatively closely together bent over the papers on the conference desk and I kept getting glimpses of her lacy white bra beneath her blouse which only made me think even naughtier thoughts about her. And the way in which she looked at me over the tops of her spectacles when she asked me a question made me think of thoughts I really shouldn’t have about my boss. We tackled the work with fervour and managed to get it completely finished after about 2 ½ hours or so, much to both mine and Miss Smith’s relief. And instead of heading straight home for my long awaited beer Christine poured us a large gin and tonic each from the executive drinks cabinet in her office. She sat on her glass desk and I sat in a comfy chair nearby as we chatted about the project and other generalities and my eyes couldn’t help but wander over those black nylon legs and high heels. She caught me looking at them and I blushed slightly, realising I had been rumbled. “Do you like my legs James?” she asked. “Sorry?” “Do you like my legs?” “Erm, yes Miss Smith.” I answered somewhat tentatively. “I do like to keep in shape if I can.” she told me. “Yes, I can see, you have a great figure…” “What, for a woman of my age you mean?” Christine retorted. “No, I mean you have a great figure, period.” “Oh James, flattery may get you everywhere you know” she said with wicked flirtatious glint in her eye. “I do hope so” I said, becoming a little more confident with the enrolling scenario. She set her drink down, placed her hands on her knees and then, ever so slowly began to draw them up her legs, gently pulling her skirt as she went. “Would you like to see more of my legs James?” “Yes, I’d love to.” “Good, I think you deserve a little treat after all that extra hard work you’ve done for me.” I smiled as her skirt was drawn higher showing me more and more of those lovely silky black nyloned legs of hers. “Would you like to do something else for me James?” she asked in a voice that was filled with seduction. “Yes, of course Miss Smith.” I replied, hoping she meant what I hoped she did, “What is it you would like me to do for you?” “I want you to fuck me James.” she said matter of factly as her skirt moved higher to reveal her stocking tops to me. I couldn’t believe my luck. “I want you to make love to me, take me, here on this desk, right now.” Her beautiful stocking clad legs were by now fully exposed to me, her skirt just stopping short of her panties, which still remained invisible to my eye. Her legs looked sensational, silky shiny nylon shimmered over the lovely length with her dark stocking tops held in place by a lacy black garter belt. She stroked her thigh as she spoke to me. “Are you sure Miss Smith?” I asked her. “Oh yes, I’m sure James. I want you to fuck me.” She opened her legs and so that I could see between and finally glimpsed her lacy black panties as she stroked the inside of her thighs. “Does this turn you on?” she asked. “Oh, yes Miss Smith.” “Do I turn you on?” “Yes Miss Smith, so much.” “Good, then come here, James, I want you to take me.” she said beckoning me towards her. As I stood from my chair and made my way to her desk she slipped off her jacket and began to cup her breasts through her silky cream blouse. As I reached her she pulled me to her and our lips and tongues met hungrily. My hands ran through her soft blonde hair as our passion filled embrace became hotter and hotter. My hands replaced hers and cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness through the silk of her blouse and the lace of her white bra. She gasped as I fondled her breasts and threw her head back as I licked and kissed her neck. She undid her blouse and slipped it open to reveal the fullness of her breasts to me. “Touch me James.” My hands began to fondle her tits through the lace of her bra and then I slipped a hand inside one cup and began to touch her soft skin, feeling the nipple stiffen against my hand. She gasped as I began to touch her and pulled my mouth to hers again, thrusting her tongue against mine. She pulled my head down to her and uncupped her left breast for me to suck on. “Oh yes James” she gasped softly as my lips closed around her stiff nipple and I began to run my tongue over and around it, gently nipping it between my teeth. My hand crept to her knee and I began to slide it slowly along her thigh, feeling the silk nylon brush against my fingers as it climbed. I stroked her luscious stocking tops and then made circles on the skin of her upper thigh above as her anticipation of me touching her grew. My hand finally touched her between the legs, feeling the soft lace of her panties and her wetness seeping through and she gasped loudly as I reached her. “Oh James I’m so wet, touch me there.” I could feel her damp juices on my fingertips as I stroked her through the lace of her panties. Pulling them aside I at last touched her wet pussy lips and began to stroke in between, finding her hard little clit bud easily as it protruded fully from its hood. “Mmmm, James, you have a lovely touch” she encouraged me before gasping as I slid my finger inside her, feeling how, soft wet and warm she felt inside. “Miss Smith you feel beautiful” I told her as she steadied herself with one hand on the desk and played with her breast with the other. “Go down on me James, lick me out, taste me” she urged. She opened her legs wider as I knelt between them, my hot breath on her stockings and bare thigh. Reaching beneath her skirt I slowly pulled her panties down and off over her shiny high heels and again she spread her legs for me, showing me her beautiful blonde trimmed bush and pouting pink wet lips in full. I could tell from her shortened breathing that she could feel my breath on her as I gently pulled her lips apart with my fingers and ever so gently began to probe in between with my tongue. “Ooohh, yes James, that’s so nice.” “Oh you taste so good Miss Smith” I told her lapping her sweet juices into my mouth. Exploring her fully with my tongue I teased her clit and put it as far into her hole as I could and all the time she gasped and groaned in sheer ecstasy. “I want you to come on my face Miss Smith” I said as she pushed her hot mound into my face. “Yes James, make me come.” She began to writhe and flinch under me as my tongue flicked and rolled around her clit and my fingers probed inside her. Then as her moans became louder and more frequent I felt her begin to shudder and I knew she was about to come. I pushed her over the edge as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her hard mound pushing tightly into my face as she came, dripping her oozing juices into my mouth and over my face. Christine slid off the desk when her climax had subsided and immediately knelt down before me. “I want your cock James” she said unbuckling my belt as I undid my shirt. I was as hard as nails for this beautiful woman, my boss, and I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Unzipping my fly she pulled my pants down around my hips and then pulled the waistband of my shorts down over the straining head of my hard prick. “Oh, I love it James” she said grasping my shaft in her hand and sliding her lips over the tip of my cock and down along my shaft. She was exquisite. The feel of her soft wet mouth as she sucked me was unbelievable, it felt like I was being sucked inside out, this lady certainly knew what she was doing. Her hand caressed my balls as she sucked and licked me and I groaned uncontrollably as her mouth repeatedly slid along my throbbing shaft. “Take me now James” she said pulling her mouth from me, “I want to feel you inside me now.” She stood and sat on the edge of the desk again and pulled one stockinged knee up around my waist as I got between her legs with my thick cock in hand. Steadying herself with one hand behind her on the desk she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her hot wet hole. “C’mon James, fuck me. Put that thick cock inside me, I want to feel it deep inside me” she urged as she placed it between her lips. In one long slow push I slid my long cock inside her and she gasped as it inched its way deeper and deeper into her. “Oh yesss James, that’s it” she hissed. “Oh Christine, you feel fantastic” I replied. But with a sharp look she said in retort “It’s Miss Smith to you James and don’t forget.” It was obvious she loved the control and power aspect and I was happy to let her have it. I was going to give this dirty older bitch just what she wanted. I slid my cock in and out of her wet cunt and she lay back on the desk as I grasped her nyloned ankles and pumped deeply into her. She gasped and moaned and cried out “Yes, Yes” repeatedly as we fucked there on her desk and I even pulled her legs over my shoulders and licked her high heels just to give her that extra feeling of control. I puled my dick all the way out and slammed it back in one hard thrust and did this repeatedly, making her shout out loudly in joy and pain. “Do you like that Miss Smith” I asked as I slammed into her. “Oh I love it, give me your cock James” she whimpered. I was only too glad to oblige. I pulled out, “Turn over Miss Smith, I want to take you from behind.” She slid off the desk and stood before me, kissing me quickly and sticking her tongue in my mouth. She turned round and bent over, grabbing the edge of the desk for balance and I stopped and stepped back to take in the view. “My god, Miss Smith you look sensational” I told her as I looked at those long black stockinged legs in her high heels rising all the way up to her tight ass, her skirt pulled up over it, with her pussy waiting, dripping for me, ready to be screwed again. “Thank you James, now fuck me again, I want to feel your cock in me again” I stepped up behind her and slid my cock slowly all the way inside her again and grabbed her hips as I thrust into her. She moaned loudly as my hips slammed against her asscheeks, my cock burying itself deep inside her. She turned and looked at me with sheer pleasure in her half closed eyes. “Put it in my ass James, I want to feel you in my ass.” “Are you sure?” “Yes I’m sure, put it in there now.” she instructed. Pulling out she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide apart and I nudged the tip of my glistening cock against her tight asshole. “Yes James, go on. Fuck me there” she urged, and so ever so slowly I squeezed my cock into her tight butt. God it was so tight in there but the juices in which my cock was coated helped to ease things a little. “Aahhh, Yesss” she hissed as I slid into her little by little. “Yes fuck my ass James.” God it felt so tight but great with it and gently I began so slide in and out of her. She reached beneath her and began to finger her cunt with two digits as I fucked her. “Yess, don’t stop James, I want to come. Fuck my ass and make me come.” This bitch was really dirty, nothing like the prim and proper business lady she appeared to be during normal office hours. She came again as I pumped into her and unable to take the tightness any longer I pulled out and slammed my cock back into her tight wet twat to make her orgasm last even longer. I slowed to let her catch her breath. “Now it’s your turn James” she said pulling away and turning to face me. She pushed me back into the armchair and straddled my cock, lowering herself slowly down onto the full length of my pole. When I was fully embedded within her she paused to catch her breath and then began to ride me allowing me the pleasure of being able to stroke her stockinged thighs and garters as she played with her full bouncing tits. Then she turned away from me and continued to ride me squatting down hard on my cock and gasping as I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her down onto me harder. “I want you to come in my mouth and on my face” she told me as she rode me. “Oh miss Smith, yes I’d love to.” As if I had a choice in the matter. She stood from me and my wet dick slapped back against my stomach. Pulling me to my feet from where I lay in the chair she knelt before me again and cupping my balls with one hand and grabbing my shaft with the other she began to suck on me again. I knew she must be able to taste my silvery pre-cum and her own juices as she sucked me and it only seemed to spur her on. God this lady could suck. “Oh, Miss Smith, I’m close to coming” I gasped as I felt my spunk beginning to build. Her hand was a blur as it pumped my shaft for all I was worth and unable to hold out any longer my spunk shot in thick streams into her waiting open mouth and onto her extended tongue which lapped at the tip of my spurting cock. Her face and mouth were dripping and covered in my creamy goo and she laughed as she lapped it up and smeared it further across her face. My shaking legs and spent balls made me sink back into the chair as she sucked me dry and licked my shaft clean. “I told you the extra overtime would be worth your while didn’t I James” she smiled. “Oh Miss Smith, I’ve never felt anything like it or met anyone as hot and sexy as you.” “You’ll get promotion if you keep saying things like that” she teased, “In the meantime I think I’ll have you as my “personal” assistant.” I couldn’t wait to see my new job description.

A Helping Hand
by L.A.W.

Matt Simmons stood by Mrs. Hammond, holding her hand as her husband's coffin was lowered into its rain filled resting-place. Matt held her sobbing body close as the rain poured down on the crying mourners. He had been killed in a horrible car accident only 3 days ago. Matt could feel Mrs. Hammond's body shaking as he held her delicate, mature hand. Matt and Mrs. Hammond had always been very good friends and the last 3 days had brought them even closer.

Mr. Hammond had been a very respected college professor at the local college. His students loved him more than any other professors. He and Mrs. Hammond had been married for 30 years. She had depended on him for everything. He did the checkbook, paid the bills and any other things that needed tended to.

"What am I going to do, Matthew?" Mrs. Hammond sobbed on Matt's strong shoulder. "He did everything for me." She sobbed wrapping her arms around his back. She didn't care what any of the other mourner's thought she needed to hug a man.

Matt wiped a tear from her beautiful face. "I'll help you. I'll always be here for you." Matt felt a tear forming in his eyes as he watched this wonderful woman cry. She had been his first love and still was to this day. He would do anything for her.

"You're to good to me young Matthew. What would I do without my man?" she leaned to his face and placed a soft, loving kiss on his young lips. "Take me home, please." She gave him one final hug and started walking to her car.

Matt sat behind the wheel on the car, driving very carefully on the slick road. It had been raining for 7 days in a row and showed on signs of letting up. "If it doesn't stop raining soon, I'm going to buy a boat." Mrs. Hammond said with a little laugh. It was the first time in the last 3 days she had even thought of smiling.

"If you do, I want a seat on it." He looked at her smiling face. "If this doesn't stop soon we are going to get flooded again. " 5 years ago it had rained like this and the river became a ragging monster over night. Flooding the small town of Summerset.

Mrs. Hammond smiled at young Matt. "Well, let's just pray it stops soon. I'm not up to sand bagging my house again." Matt turned the car into the rain filled driveway and drove towards the elegant home. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond were very wealthy and their home reflected it. "Will you have dinner with me?" she asked her young driver.

"I'd love to." He replied, reaching for her soft hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He loved to touch her and did every chance he had. It had always been her hand or maybe wiping something from her face, but he never touched her sexually.

She slid across the seat next to Matt, her arm reached around him giving him a tremendous hug and she bust into tears. Her body shook as the events of the last 3 days hit her hard. She was alone in life for the first time in her life. She had married young and had never been alone. She had left her parents home and went straight into her husbands.

Matt opened the car door letting the pouring rain in the car. "We better run for or we'll get even wetter." He said looking to Mrs. Hammond. Seeing that the tears were still running down her pretty face. He reached to wipe them off and she held his hand.

"You are the most wonderful and caring person I have ever known in my life." Mrs. Hammond said leaning to gently kiss him on the mouth. Her lips parted and her warm tongue carefully licked Matt's lower lip. Sending a warm rush through both their rain soaked bodies. "Thank you, Matthew." She kissed him again. "Let's go inside." She said with a warm smile.

The couple ran from the can through the heavy rain and to the front porch of the rustic home. By this time they both were wet to their bones. Matt pulled of his coat and laid it across a chair. "I'll be lucky if that dries before summer." He said laughing and looking to Mrs. Hammond, seeing that she too, was very wet. In fact, she was so wet her black dress stuck to her body like it was painted on her. Her full breasts were open to Matt's view. Her thin bra did little to shield her beauty from his eyes.

As he looked down the dress, her thin hips and behind came into view. Young Matt began to get a massive erection and had no way to hide it from the older woman he loved so dearly. "Matthew!" Mrs. Hammond yelled out with a bright red face when she saw his full, hard manhood pointing to her. "What's gotten into you today?" she had known of his love for many years. It made her get a warm rush between her slender legs seeing how hard this young and handsome man was for her.

"I'm sorry. You just look so good with the dress sticking to you like that. I couldn't help it." He said looking to the floor of the porch. He couldn't stand her being upset with him.

She walked towards him placing her hand under his chin and lifted his face up. "It's all right Matthew. I understand. This dress is very thin and being wet it is very revealing." She said. "Let's get inside so we can change for dinner. You can wear some of Mr. Hammond's' things if that's all right?"

"Sure, I don't think he'd mind." Matt said looking at Mrs. Hammond's wonderful behind as she walked to unlock the front door of her home. His eyes looked at every beautiful inch of her body. From her rounded hips, down the glorious crack of her behind and to her slender, long legs.


Once inside Mrs. Hammond slid off her wet jacket. "Will you help me Matthew?" she asked with a strange tone in her voice. He ran to her side helping her pull off the wet garment exposing more her fruitful breasts. His young eyes took in her beauties like never before. Her rounded breasts and hard nipples filled his eyes. "Matthew? Do you like seeing me like this?" she asked caressing his wet hair from his face.

"Oh, yes Ma'am!" he blurted out with a red face. He had always wanted to tell this woman how beautiful she was. He wanted to her how much he loved her and wanted to be her lover. But, he was always so afraid she would reject him. Matt would die if this wonderful creature left his life.

Her sleek body pressed against his. "Matthew! You dirty boy. What am I to do with you?" she said with a little half smile and pressed her hip a little more into his hard erection sending a bolt of lightening between her legs. "Let's get changed and we can start dinner." She turned to face him, letting his young, full manhood press straight between her slender thighs. "My little man has grown into a very handsome and… such a big man." Her hips moved against his hardness, taking her breath away and making Matt all the harder.

She pulled from him and walked to her bedroom with Matt right behind her, looking at her breathtaking body. "What were you planning for dinner? I'm starving!" Matt asked as his eyes were still glued to her round seductive behind. How he loved to watch this gorgeous woman. Today was a sad day, but she looked so good in the black dress and the rain had made it even better. Showing her great curves even more than normal.

"I'm not really sure. What would you like?" she asked turning to see him again staring at her behind. "Matthew? I'm beginning to think you like staring at my ass." She put her hands on her hips. "Why do you spend so much time with me when you could be out getting any young lady you wished? You are one of the most handsome, intelligent and kindhearted men I've ever known." She moved towards him letting her long brown hair fall across her thin shoulders.

"Because I lo… like you very much." Matt stuttered out. "No! I lo… lo… I love you!" THERE! He said it at last. The truth was out and he was glad. He had been hiding his feelings for way to long. Now she knew.

She reached behind her back, unzipping her silky, black dress and let it fall to the carpet. Letting him see her see-through bra and her round breasts. A very small pair of bikini panties covered her gorgeous hips and that astonishing behind. Her velvety legs were covered with sheer stockings. "Is this better, my young man? Now you can see all of my old body." She moved closer to him. "Do I hold up to all of your many dreams?" she stood only a few inches from him, he could smell the soft sent coming from between her legs.

Matt's hands reached to each of her thin, seductive hips. He felt her jump with surprise at his touch. "NO! You look even better!" he said pulling her against him and his hard manhood went between her long silky legs. His arms wrapped around her smooth back. Her body trembled at his touch, but it made her burn inside, as he always did.

"Oh, Matthew!" she moaned out in the still room. Her body pressed against his harder than her late husband had ever held her. Matt made her feel like a woman. She had not been loved in over 5 years. She needed someone to make her feel special, someone to make her scream out in ecstasy. "YES! Hold me!" she moaned out again wrapping her arms around Matt so tight he couldn't breath.

Matt reached a hand down to his pants, pulling them off as fast as he could, letting his bare hardness touch a woman for the first time in his 18 years of life. He pushed against her soft, wet mound, feeling the heat coming from her body. "You're so beautiful, Mrs. Hammond!" he moaned moving his hands to the soft, silk panties that covered the behind he had looked at for the last 10 years. Now it was his to love, please and so many new things to come.

She gasped for air as Matt's hardness went between her slim legs. She had no idea a man could be as thick and so long as he was. Her husband was just less than 5 inches long and he could never keep it hard for no more then a few minutes. So many times the last 30 years she would silently cry herself to sleep at night, longing for a man to please her burning body. "I think it will be just fine if you call me, Meg."

"Oh, Meg!" he cried out. "I love you so much." He said as he began to move his long shaft against soft mound of love. His hands held her sexy behind as tight as he could without hurting her. Faster his hips thrust his hardness against her wetness, bringing them both near a wonderful release.

Meg pulled away and gently sank to her knees in front of him. "I've only tried this one other time in my life. I hope I can please you, my love." Both her hands wrapped round his long shaft and she still filled her mouth full of 'man meat'. She gagged the first few times he hit the back of her throat, but soon she was sucking his hardness like a pro. Her dreamy, brown eyes watched as she pleased her young lover.

His strong hands caressed her soft hair as she pleased his manhood. "Oh yes! I'm getting close." He moaned as her soft, wet mouth consumed his hardness.

She watched as she pleased her man. She could see the pleasure on his face as she sucked him deep down her silky throat. Faster she moved him in and out of her mouth. She wanted him to release so that he could please her better.

"OH GOD! MEG! I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING!" he screamed as his massive shaft began to shoot so much cum into her mouth and down her throat Meg backed away gagging and spitting it out of her mouth.

Matt stepped towards her taking the long shaft in his hand and began pumping it. Shooting the remaining fluids on her face and all through her long hair. Squirt after squirt he continued to expel the thick fluids all over her body. He came with the force of a garden hose.

Young Matt fell to the floor, gasping for air and enjoying the wonderful feeling that the woman he had been dreaming of all his life had just given him. "Well, it seems like I need a shower." Meg said, licking a long strand of Matt's seeds with her tongue. "I'll be back in a second." She blew him a kiss and started to walk the shower.

"STOP!" Matt said to Meg. She froze in her tracks. "Can you keep that on or wear things just like them?" he moved his fingers to point to all of her sexy under clothing. She looked so sexy wearing the thin bra that covered her full breasts, the tiny panties just shielded her soft mound and her legs looked so, so good in the sheer stockings.

She just smiled at her new lover. "I'll make sure to wear things that will 'catch' your eye. Now, you go wait in the living room. I'll be there shortly." Meg gave him a sexy wave with her little finger and vanished in the shower.

Matt pulled himself from the carpeted floor and walked to the plush living room. He sat on the large soft thinking of the wonderful thing that just happened and of all the many more things to come. He had dreamed of this elegant woman for most of his life, always thinking it would never be. But, tonight, she was his. He closed his tired eyes remembering the sad events of the day.

Meg sat on the edge of the soft next to her sleeping, young lover. She looked down on his strong, handsome face and gently caressed him. She too, had been in love with him for as long as she could remember. It really started when his body grew into the strong young man he was now. Many times she would catch him stealing looks down her blouses or up her many short skirts, but she loved this young man looking at her with such lust.

"Hey, sleepy head. Time to get up. Dinner is ready." She said smiling down to his sleepy eyes. "Oh, by the way, is this OK?" she slowly stood up showing him her near naked body.

His eyes looked up and down the beautiful woman's body. Matt had never seen a woman wearing a bustier before, only in his cheep porno books. "Oh Meg! You're beautiful!" he sat up taking in the sights of her body. His hands moved to each side her hips, holding her as he slid from the sofa to the floor. His nose was only an inch from her warm sex; he could smell the sweet sent that her body was giving. "I think some one is horny." He said looking up her body to her face.

"Who do you think it is?" she giggled stepping closer to him pushing her sex into his nose and mouth. Her soft hands ran through his hair edging him to her sex. "Lick me, please!" she begged him with a soft voice.

His mouth opened, letting his tongue ease its way between the creamy white thighs of his new lover. Slowly he licked the front of her white panties sending waves of pleasure through Meg's lonely body. His hands moved behind her to that great ass of hers and he began to caress her.

"OH MATTHEW!" she moaned out into the dark room. Meg spread her long, lean legs giving herself to the young man between her legs. Giving him the fruits that her husband never wanted. The fruits that burned to be picked.

Matt tore off her wet panties, exposing her dripping, bare sex. Her tender folds of flesh were swollen with hot blood. He licked the right side of the inflamed flesh, then to the other side. And gently placed his mouth over her, softly sucking every inch of her sex. Letting his tongue slid into her most insides.

"MATTHEW!" Meg cried out into the night. Feelings that she had never known and never dreamed of were running through her burning body. She spread herself wider and lowered on his mouth, grinding into his tongue as it used her like a small, hard penis.

He looked to her pretty face, her eyes were squeezed shut, and her mouth was open and gasping for air. He knew she was close and he wanted her to orgasm around his tongue. He wanted to feel a woman's muscles squeezing him as her body released. He wanted to taste the sweet fluids as they ran from her body.

"MY GOD!" Meg screamed out with joy as her neglected body orgasmed for the first time in years. She shook with delight as the feeling rushed through her body. "MATTHEW! OH MY MATTHEW!"

He rammed his tongue as deep into her as he could feel Meg's delicate muscles squeezing him. Matt's mouth sealed around her orgasming mound, gently sucking the wonderful juices from her exploding body. Tasting a woman's nectar for the first time in his life. It sent rushed of blood to his full, hard penis. He when what he needed, he needed to be inside this woman, NOW!

He stood up, turning Meg's orgasming body to the sofa and laid her down. Spreading her stocking covered legs as wide as possible. He mounted her and said, "I need you now!"

"YES!" Meg moaned pulling him to her. Placing his swollen head to her wet opening. "DO IT, NOW!" she wrapped her long legs around him and squeezed as hard as she could, ramming his long, thick manhood deep into her wanting body. "OH MATTHEW!" she screamed out as his thick pole stretched her tiny love to its limits.

Matt's body trembled as Meg welcomed him into her body. Every muscle she had gripped his throbbing manhood. "Meg! I love you!" he moaned as her muscles pulled and milked his long, thick shaft.

"GO! LOVE ME! LOVE ME HARD!" Meg screamed thrusting her thin hips into his hard shaft. "Go!" she moaned digging her fingernails into Matts back.

He stood up, lining his penis to Meg's love. He thrust into her body as hard and fast as he could go. In and out he used her hard, like a man would a cheap whore. He held her bouncing breasts as he abused her lonely hole. Pounding his long manhood into her like a wild animal.

"YES! YES! YES!" Meg screamed as Matt exploited her body. Giving her the hard lovemaking she had always wanted, but had never gotten. Her legs now rested on Matt's strong shoulders as he pounded his shaft into her wet body. He looked down seeing his shaft move in and out of the woman he loved so dearly.

Matt lay across Meg's body kissing her deeply as his shaft slowed to a nice steady pace and his pelvic bone teased her swollen clitoris. "I never want this to end." He said looking into her tear filled eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked with concern.

"Nothing. I'm just glad I decided to make all your dreams of me come true." She replied with a little smiled that made a small tear run down her face. Her sexy brown eyes looked into his seeing the joy she had brought in his life. He had loved her from the first time he ever laid eyes on her and she loved him.

Matt moved his hardness in and out of her body as they both gasped for air. "I'm ready my love. Are you?" Matt asked as his thrusts into her became faster.

"Oh yes! Love me." She begged pulling him closer to her body. She could feel him getting harder, she knew her young lover was about to fill her body full of hot, sticky cum, something her late husband could never do. She had always wanted a baby but it never was. She had always thought of Matt as her son. Now he was also her lover.

Matt thrust into her burning sex. "OH YES!" was all the young man could say when his has penis began filling Meg's body full of steaming, hot cum. "I LOVE YOU!" he screamed out.

"GO MY LOVE, GO!" Meg yelled kicking her feet into his tight ass. "LOVE ME!" she rammed her hips up to met his thrust into her sex. "OH YES! MATTHEW!" Meg screamed when her lonely body exploded around his long shaft. Her brain filled with so much blood she couldn't see. The massive orgasm took her to a new dimension of life. Her body felt like it had left earth and was floating away in time.

Matt continued to fill her aging body with so much cum it poured from her tiny hole. The leaking fluids made a wonderful sound as he used her tender body. "I love you." Matt moaned as he fell of her panting body.

"I love you, too." She said as she thought of what she had just done.

Making love to someone she had known since he was a small child and on the day she lay her husband to rest. The man she had loved for 30 long years. The man who had made her laugh so many times. The man take gave her anything she had ever wanted. And she did this nasty, wrong thing on this sad day. The shame rushed through her body taking away all of the wonderful feelings she had. Now it was just shame.

"Matt, I need up. Hurry, please!" she jumped from under the young man that had just pleased her so wonderfully. "Thank you so much for always being there for me. Remember, I'll always love you." She said with tears running down her sad face.

Mother-in-laws Lingerie Story

by soltow

My long widowed mother-in-law, Ann, and i were left alone forthe week, when all the other family members went to the Mardi Gras in NewOrleans recently. We, of course did not mind at all. After leaving work thefirst day, Ann called and said to pick her up at her house at 7:00 pm. forareally "different" evening.! I arrived on time, and went in to get Ann. My heart almost stopped when isaw her. At 60, she was beginning to show her age, but tonight you wouldhardly think she was a day over 40, at the most. Ann is slender, about5'6",with short light brown hair, small titts, a nice round ass and very, verylong,sexy legs. She usually dressed very proper, except of course for whatwas secretley underneath what ever she was wearing.! Tonight however, sheshocked me, i almost was unable to recognize her. She had put on a longsilver grey wig, had on false eyelashes, and lots of extra make-up, and redlipstick. To add to this she was wearing a very short black skirt, whiteblouse, and a push-up type of bra that made her tiny titts look 10 timeslarger, and grey shiney nylons, with black high heals. She looked like ahooker.! Before i could speek, Ann said that we were going to have some funby pretending that she was a younger, trashy woman that i just picked up.She knows how much an older woman turns me on, but just wanted to trysomething new. Wow, What a situation.! Right away I got hard as a rock, butshe just would not let me touch her, and she would not give me a clue towhat was under her outfit.! She said we were going to wait until we gotbackto her place.! This only added to my exitement.! Well we went out for dinner in a nice place in the next town, so we wouldnot be recognized. After a few drinks, dinner, and a few more drinks, withme pawing, groping, touching her legs, and trying to kiss her, and her ofcourse trying to fight me off, we left for the car. As soon as we gotoutside in a dark area of the parking lot, I grabbed her from behind andburried my face into her neck. She of course, playing right along, foughtmeoff, or tried to. I spun her around, and kissed her, pushing my tounge intoher mouth. My hands went right between her leggs, only to haver her pullaway.! She was so sexy, and trashy, I almost came in my pants.! This hotlady 20 years my senior, was prick teasing me.! Well after 15 minutes of this we got into the car, and with me trying togetmy hand up her skirt, and grab her titts,it was pretty hard to drive. After20 agonizing minutes we got to Anns house. She opened the door, just as Istopped, and ran into the house, with me right behind. Once inside she didacomplete turn around, by wildly grabbing me, she pulled my shirt, pants,shoes and socks off, all the while, kissing me, licking my lipps, chest,andjust missing my huge hard dick with her bright red lipps, on purpose. Ann now began a semi strip tease, while she pressed against me as she triedto get her crotch against my cock. Her tounge and mouth tasted so hot, shelooked terriffic, and even over her strong erotic perfume,i got my first whiff of her pussy juice. My god, she must be soaking.! Bynow she had pushed me back onto the bed, and was dry humping me, as shesucked my tounge into her mouth. I lifted her skirt, and grabbed her ass.She was wearing the silkiest thigh top nylons I have ever seen, a fullpantygirdle,and panties underneath. I pushed my dick against her sopping crotch,as she groaned and sucked on my tounge. All at once she sat up, and pulled a pair of her worn panties out fromunderthe pillow, and placed the stained crotch area under my nose. Ann then wentdown on me, teasing me again by jacking me off, licking, andtounging the hole in the end of my cock. I begged her to suck me, and sheswallowed the entire shaft in one downward thrust. I almost came rightthen.The soft light in the corner of her room, shed just enough light for me tosee how erotic she really looked dressed like this. Her dark eyes battingopen, the long silver grey hair, those sweet smelling panties under mynose,and those red lips around my cock, and her hand inside her panties, so icould see her playing with her pussy. It was to much for me, i came likecrazy, with the first shot of cum so strong that she could barley keep upwith the swallowing, and some leaked out from the sides of her hot mouth.Ann finished by licking me clean. When she was finished with her treat, ( Ann just loves to suck my cock ),She squatted over my face telling me to sniff her cunt, which I didwillingly. I was suprised how wet she was, her girdle crotch was soaked.!She then slipped off the girdle, and re-mounted my face, placing her pantycovered pussy over my mouth, and ordered me to "eat my pussy, baby" as idid, she fucked my face like this was the first time. I eagerly sucked ather slit, looking for my "prize", her stiff clitt, and began trying to getit and some panty into my mouth.After about 4 minutes of this she got stiff, and as I looked up at herface,she rolled her eyes back, and let out a loud scream, and began grunting asshe pushed her cunt farther into my face. After about 3 orgasms, she turnedaround in a 69 position, and swallowed my prick once again. I had by now taken about enough of this, and begged to fuck her. "Not yetbaby", Ann said. She rolled over and laid back, and told me to "fuck mypanties", which of course i did. I put the head of my coch against herslit,just the way she likes, and pushed against the pure white panty. Ann pulledme against her, and raised her face up, kissing me and shoving her toungeinto my mouth, looking for for and finding my tounge. Ann was going crazyhumping against my dick, and ordering me to "panty fuck me, fuck momma,fuckme hard,baby".! Well, Ann came once more in a wild bucking against my cock, which was bynowabout 2 inches into her pussy, along with the panties. It felt greatfuckingher sopping wet, nylon lined crotch, with those long soft nylon coveredleggs wrapped around me. I pulled off after she came, and turned her overonto her hands and knees. After rubbing against her big round ass for awhile, i was ready. I pulled off her panties, and got behind her, pushingmyface into her smooth shaved ass. Ann slammed back into me, as I took thesoaking wet panties and banged her swollen clitt, which was so long andstiff, it was almost like a small cock.! I took turns sucking on her pussy,and ass hole while this hot lady enjoyed another cum, gushing her juiceinto my face, with her clitt throbbing against my panty covered fingers. Ann now turned over, spred her legs, and ordered me to mount her face toface. I was so turned on looking at her with all the make-up, the silvergrey wig, with long hair around her shoulders, i could have cum just bylooking.! But I wanted more. I slowley started to insert my cock into hervery tight, half shaved pussy, as Ann moaned and barked instructions, "fuckme, slow and deep baby, fuck your old lady real good". As this was happening Ann reached over and got the panties I had pulled off her, and inhaled her order very deepley. A long husky groan told me she was very aroused be herown smell,which i had to admit, was out of this world. I've never tasted a sweeter pussy as Anns, in my whole life.! As i bottomed out in her cunt, she offered me a taste of her panty, as isucked part of the crotch gussett into my mouth, Ann did the same. We shared panty, as she screamed "fuck,fuck,fuck me, i could feel her hand go down toher swollen clitt. I stopped for a moment and lay flat against her, and could feel the added cushin of her pumped up bra, into my chest. My hands roamed over her nylons, which drives her crazy, as i pumped my dick in andout of her sopping hole. Our tounges were twisting around, tangeled insweet tasting panty crotch, as she pulled me tightley into her mouth and pussy,muttering for me to fuck her. I managed to get a finger into her ass, andweboth came together, me pumping cum into her as she squirted her juice out. As we lay on the bed relaxing, i told Ann how turned on i was by her hookerrole playing. This 60 year old beauty is still hotter, wilder, and morecreative than my wife, and most other ladies 40 years younger.!

Mrs. Arlington Ch. 5by Pausanias ©
To begin with, I know that I have said that the sequel of Mrs. Arlington Ch. IV will bear the title "Tom and his Mom", but one of the readers e- mailed me and gave me some brilliant ideas about what else could happen between Mrs. Arlington and Tom. So, I've decided to devote an extra chapter especially to Mrs. Arlington!! On their way to Tom's house in Mrs. Arlington's car there was a silence of solid sexual tension which could be cut with a knife! Tom had his hand under the older woman's bright red tight top and was rubbing her firm, slightly protruding belly. Mrs. Arlington tried to stop him at the beginning, but her protests turned soon into soft moans of pleasure. Finally, she agreed with him to have him caressing her belly "for a while", but forbade him to touch anything else; given the traffic, she was afraid that someone could see them. Nevertheless, Tom's gaze was fixed on the object of his fantasies, her wonderful, soft, enormous spheres! Her tight top barely covered her nipples exposing the entire upper global fleshy surface and a tremendous proportion of deep cleavage. Tom started to sweat and readjusted his school trousers to give more space for his rapidly growing cock. Obviously, his movements were not unnoticed by his teacher who tried to console him: - Listen honey, she said in her sexy voice, I know that my big tits turn you on, but you need to be patient. Tonight, I will give you a call and... - When we get home, will you please come inside just for a while? Tom interrupted anxiously. There is nobody home; my Mom is at Aunt Joanne's house in L.A. Come on...please? - But Tom darling, I need to go to my place and have a bath! I am totally covered in dried cum, sweat and pussy juice! - Never mind about that, Tom exclaimed eagerly! You can bath at my house! We have a king size round bath tub and... - Sugar, she said patiently, I don't have any clothes, bras or panties with me, I... - You can try my Mom's clothes! She must have the same size of clothes with you, I will... - I don't think so honey, she chuckled, to give you a clue about my size, my bra is 40DD, my panties... - My Mom wears a 44DD bra! he said with pride, will you come now please? "My God", she thought, "44DD! Her tits are even bigger than mine!" At that moment, they arrived outside of Tom's huge house. - Oh, all right Tom, she said, I will come inside just for a quick shower and then I'll be on my way before your neighbours suspect anything, ok? - Aye Aye Mrs. Arlington, he said joyfully and saluted her. On entering the living room, Mrs. Arlington noticed the photo of a red - haired smiling middle- aged woman looking at her with her large blue eyes. The woman wore a thin white formal dress showing a tremendous amount of cleavage between her bulging cantaloupes. Her waist was broad, and her legs big and muscular but you couldn't say she was fat, she was just a bit chubby. Mrs. Arlington had to admit that the woman was quite attractive despite her age. - That's my Mom, ma'am, Tom said proudly, she is beautiful isn't she? - Yes, she is, darling. - You know, I can't decide whose bed I would like to sneak in, yours or hers! I... - Tom! she chuckled, it's your mother you're talking about sugar, don't forget that! - Oh, well... I'll take you to her bedroom. There, we can find some clothes for you and you can use her own bathroom too. - Oh, Tom, I don't know if it's appropriate to... - Nonsense, ma'am! Mom is not here; she will never find out! - But your Dad? - He's on a business trip in France. Now, come on ma'am...let's go! His Mom's bedroom was huge; the walls were lined with dark- coloured wood and in the middle of it there was a king size, tall wooden bed. Dark- red sheets and pillows gave it a quite sensual character. An inner door led to a huge bathroom. The large bath tub was round and had a pale pink colour like the wash basin, the toilet and the walls. A large mirror on the wall gave you the impression that the room was even greater than it really was. Mrs. Arlington stared at the tub again and she realised that it could easily accommodate at least three persons! "Anyway", she thought, "I'm not here for any fun, I will just have a bath and then leave". She then removed her clothes and bent over the wall of the tub in order to reach the tap. Just then, she felt Tom's hands caressing her big ass cheeks. Turning around, she saw that she was naked; his dick was already in full erection reaching his navel. - Oh, Tom! she explained, you surprised me! Want to have a bath with your mature teacher naughty boy? - Oh, yes ma'am, and more than that too! - No, love, we can only bath together now, and I even may let you play with my big tits, but we can't make love at the moment, it's still to risky for me, parents or no parents at home, ok? - Ok, ma'am he said lowering his head. - Oh, don't be sorry sugar, she said while she caressed his hair, we will have our chance later on, I promise! Now, please let me a bit alone, so that I can use the toilet and I will call you back in a minute. Hearing this, his face brightened. - Can I watch you while piss ma'am? he asked innocently, you can even do it on me while I'm in the tub, here...I'll show you. And without waiting for an answer, he got in the tub and sat down in the middle of it! - Come on Mrs. Arlington, he said, I'm waiting for it! The scene aroused the mature woman more that she could stand. Words of unspoken passion rose immediately to her fleshy lips: - Oh, what a wonderful feeling will be for me to piss on your young body Tom and spoil you with my yellow fluid! want will have it! And she got in the tub too and sat on her heels having Tom's legs between hers; she then stuck two fingers in her black, curly bush and spread her cunt lips wide open. The pink hole of her cunt smiled at Tom who started stroking his dick vigorously. - Yeah Tom, oh yeah, stroke that beautiful, big, fat throbbing cock for mama...that's it babe...for me...for old, mature your teacher how much you love her...harder sugar...faster... Tom's hand was going so fast up and down on his cock that she thought that the cock would be uprooted from his lower belly at any moment. - Oh...oh...yeah...come on Mrs. Ar...Ar...Arlington...piss on me now please...let your yellow warm liquid cover me... - Oh...yes Tom...I'm gonna let it go now it is...oh...yes...just look at it splashing all over's yellow...its warm...oh...yeah...cum for me honey...cum for me like I piss for you...yeah...yeah... - Oh...that's it Mrs. Arlington...piss on your student...cover him with your fluids...empty your bladder on me...ALL OF IT! I WANT ALL OF IT ON ME RIGHT NOW, MA'AM!...OH...OH...OH...I'M CUMMING...AHAHAHAHAH...YEAH... At that time a spectacular stream of white cum emerged from Tom's cock, rose in the air and collided vigorously with his teacher's black bush and lower belly. Some of the initial more forceful droplets hit the lower surface of her sexy globes! - Oh, look at my bush Tom, a satisfied Mrs. Arlington moaned, you came so much on it that its no longer black, its grey Tom...oh...and look at the white goblets of your cum which still hang from the curly hairs of my bush...Isn't it sexy honey? - Yes, ma'am, it's very sexy and you are gorgeous; a mature, beautiful gorgeous lady! - Thank you baby, that is so sweet! Please, baby boy let your teacher to bath you now and then you can bath me! - Sure ma'am, Tom chuckled. Here is the can rub anything you like with it! - You know what I want to rub first Tom and I doubt if I'll need the sponge for that, Mrs. Arlington said slyly and smiled. She then knelt on the tub's floor and bent over him. Next, she took some shampoo in her fleshy hands and started rubbing his cock and surrounding dense black forest! - You see Tom, she said slyly, you must wash your black curly dick- hairs and cock regularly, making sure that they are always clean and shining! Any pussy- cum droplets or cock- cum droplets have to be removed after sex; water should be mixed with the shampoo for better results, but in case of a drought, female saliva could be used! And with that she spat once...twice...three times on Tom's growing cock who was watching with amazement as the three goblets of warm sticky, transparent saliva landed on the head of his cock and ran down his shaft merging with his surrounding jungle. A thin string of saliva still linked the third goblet to his teacher's mature red tongue which was shamelessly darting out of her fleshy, wet lips. - Oh, yes, Mrs. Arlington, he exclaimed, please...yes...spit on my dick...cover me with your warm dripping saliva...drown me in your saliva...oh wet...yeah... Suddenly, the mature woman's head dropped downwards, her mouth engulfed the teenager's cock and she started sucking him violently talking almost all of it down her throat. At the same time, her fleshy womanly hand grabbed the base of the wet cock and began a vigorous "up and down" movement. - JESUS CHRIST MOM! Tom screamed, SUCK MY COCK, MAKE LOVE TO IT, THANK IT FOR THE PLEASURE IT GAVE YOU BEFORE...YEAH...YEAH...SUCK...JUST SUCK...DON'T YOU DARE STOP NOW...OH...OH... At that time, the older woman took his cock out of her mouth with an audible PLOP sound and begged him: - Fuck my mouth Tom! Fuck your older lady's fleshy lips, tongue and mouth! Fuck it now sugar, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! And with those words she grabbed his dick and put it back again in her mouth, resuming her mountainous sucking efforts. - Oh...yeah ma'am, Tom moaned loudly...I'm fucking your fleshy mouth as you have asked...I can feel my big purple head colliding on the soft walls of your good...JESUS...I'M GONNA CUM SO HARD ON YOU SSOONN...YEAH...YEAH...OH...OH...I'M CUMMING!...I'M CUMMING...ahahahahahah... Feeling the first droplets of thick cum in her mouth, Mrs. Arlington took his dick out and aimed it towards her face, without stopping her pumping movement on the shaft. Numerous white cum droplets hit her flushed cheeks, forehead, closed eyelids and big cute nose; cum strings started moving downwards towards her chin and neck. She couldn't stand it any more and started screaming at the top of her lungs: - Give me a facial you stud! You pissing, fucking stud! Yeah...oh...yeah...make me drown in your juice...Cum on the face who always smiled at you in the classroom...Cum on your favourite teacher's horny slutty face... Suddenly she grabbed the seven inches- sponge and stuck it violently in her waiting cunt jerking it in and out, while the completely drained Tom sat back and watched her fascinated. - Watch me while I do it, she panted mama while she fucks herself with this brown, hard, natural, sea sponge...yeahh...that's, I'M CUMMING, I'M BLOODY FUCKKING CUMMING ON THAT ORGANIC SPONGE...OHOHOHOHOHOHO... Without saying a word, and without waiting for her orgasm to completely subside, Tom got up and laid on her soft, warm, panting body, placing his head on her soft breasts and hugging her tightly. Mrs. Arlington, hugged him back, placing her mature arms around his back. - That's it baby, she whispered, let me warm you with my body, I love you so fucking much... - Me too, my sexy lady, me too... Five minutes later, they went to sleep on each other's arms, completely naked within the empty large bath tub... The first one who woke was Tom; he looked at his watch and realised that they had been sleeping for more than three hours, the time was already 5pm! "What would be the sweetest thing to do to weak her gently?", Tom asked himself and then his face suddenly brightened; he knew the answer! He bent again over the sleeping mature beauty and took her left large orb in both of his hands. He then pressed hard on the perimeter of the soft sphere, trying to give it a conical shape. However, the boob was so large for his hands that he tragically failed; the melon merely got the shape of a slightly pointing hill and not a perfect cone! Anyhow, without reducing the pressure on either side of the soft melon, he attacked the bright- red nipple at the top of the hill using his tongue and teeth. The one- inch nipple stiffened almost immediately under his touch; at the same time, Mrs. Arlington's breaths became shorter and her breathing rate faster. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and murmured: - Mmmm...hello my big tit? Kiss it as long as you want...mmmm... I love it so much...yesss... - Can I bath you first ma'am? Tom asked, giving her cantaloupe a break. I haven't let you bath yet you know... But the middle- aged teacher was far too concerned to deal with such trivialities at that moment; more important issues had to be taken care of first: - Mmmm, she purred like a kitten...later darling...having a bath can make love to my tits please...they missed you soooo much...yes...mmmm...that's it...suck mama...mmmm... At that moment, the bathroom door opened forcefully and hit the wall with a loud bang! At the doorstep, her blue eyes sparkling with astonishment, stood Her Honour,Judge Patricia J. Nicholson, wearing a serious dark blue woman's suit with matching dark blue high- heels! - H...Hi M...Mom! Tom stammered with a sheer look of terror in his eyes!