Choose the best option from the choices below:

1. During an interview, you are asked about your extracurricular activities. You reply, "..."

1.I went sightseeing with my parents every summer.
2.I was a very hard-working student and I earned good grades.
3.I was captain of the university football team
4.I could get along well with my classmates

2. A teacher can't read a student's essay because of his poor handwriting. She says, "..."

1.I can't follow your ideas.
2.Your grammar is just terrible
3.You'd better watch your hands while writing.
4.You must improve your handwriting.

3.A lady is tired of the way her hair looks. She says to her hairdresser, "..."

1.I want to make a short-cut.
2.I want to change my hairstyle.
3.Please set up my hair.
4.Please dry my hair.

4. At the end of an examination, a teacher wants all of her students to stop writing so she says, "... your pencils."

2.Put down
4.Throw away

5. A customer in an electronics store asks the salesperson if the camera can be used to take picture of coral in the sea. The salesperson, wanting to make a sale, says, "..."

1.Of course, it's washable.
2.Always keep it handy.
3.Sure, it's waterproof.
4.I doubt if it's automatic.

6. A police officer is chasing a robber and wants him to stop. He shouts, "..."

1.Stand up!
3.Sit down!

7. Mother sees blood on your finger. She asks what happened. You say, "Oh, it's not serious. ..."

1.I'm about to faint.
2.The knife hurt me.
3.I just cut myself.
4.My finger is painful.

8. A father is teaching his son that he must work hard and make sacrifices to be successful. He sums up his lecture by saying, "..."

1.No pain, no gain.
2.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
3.Take time to smell the flowers
4.Curiosity killed the cat.

9. Leaves and dead branches from your neighbor's tree always fall in your backyard. You tell your neighbor, "..."

1.Could you trim the branches?
2.I'm sick of your leaving.
3.You are welcome to take leave.
4.Will you please keep your tree to yourself?

10. A mother is teaching her children about table manners and says, "..."

1.You should eat vegetables.
2.You should help me set the table.
3.You should not invite your friends over for dinner.
4.You should not chew with your mouth open.

11. Linda receives a bouquet of flowers from her friend. She says, "..."

1.How could you do such a thing?
2.You really shouldn't have.
3.How much did they cost?
4.You don't know what's good for me.

12. Mary just said something impolite. Her mother is upset and says to her, "..."

1.Bend over backwards.
2.Let it go.
3.Keep your word.
4.Hold your tongue.

13. A woman is in a jewelry store when she sees something she likes in a showcase. She asks the salesperson, "...

1.Would you keep an eye on me?
2.Would you take it or leave it?
3.Can I have a chance to show it?
4.Could I have a look at that?

14. Leo has just won a lot of money in a lottery. He shouts, "..."


15. Your friend from California has just eaten the durian you gave him to try. You ask, "..."

1.How was it?
2.What was it?
3.How did you take it?
4.What did you take for it