Read the situations and choose the best alternatives.

1.You phone up the station .You want some information about the times of the trains to Bristol . What do you say?

2.You phone up a travel agency. You want some information about a holidays in Spain . What do you say?

3.The travel agent you spoke in 2 asks you when you want to go on holiday. What do you say?

4. You want to know what time the next bus is . What do you say?

5. You phone up a school to ask about a course in business English . You want to know how much it costs. What do you say?

Answers for 1-5

a. How much does a business English course cost .please?
b. Could you give me some information about holidays in Spain, please?
c. I’d like to know about the time of the trains to Bristol, please?
d. It’s Monday The fourth of June.
e. When will the next bus leave, please?

6-10 Read the situations and choose the best alternatives.

6. You want to go to Cardiff by train .You want to know how long it take to get there .What do you say?

7. You phone up the local cinema. You want to know what time the film starts this evening. What do you say?

8. Someone tells you that his telephone number is 306671 . Repeat it to make sure you have the correct number .

9. You want to know someone ‘s name. What do you say?

10. The person tells you his name. Ask him how you spell it.

Answers for 6-10

a. How do you spell your name, please?
b. How long does it take from here to Cardiff ,please?
c. Three-oh-six-six-seven –one.
d. What ’ s your name ,please?
e. When will the film start this evening ‘please?

11-14 Read the passage given and choose the best answer.

In most cases, you can transplant a tree successfully , at any time ,if you follow the instructions for planting a tree .The most important thing is to dig out enough roots, but this process is difficult with a large tree.
When you dig out the tree take a ball of earth measuring about a foot wide for every inch of diameter of the tree trunk .Dig deep enough to avoid cutting too many taproots.
It is wise to call in a professional tree expert to transplant a tree more than few inches in trunk diameter .

11. Transplanting a tree is usually…………

1.done successfully in the right seasons

2.really different from planting a tree

3. so difficult that we need an expert ‘s advice

4.just the same as planting a tree

12. For a tree trunk with a diameter of half a foot , you should have

1. a twelve foot wide ball of earth

2.a six-foot wide ball of earth

3.a four-foot wide ball of earth

4. An eighteen –foot wide ball of earth

13. If you want to successfully transplant a tree yourself ,first you should……………

1. cut out enough taproots

2.measure the diameter of the tree trunk
3. measure the ball of earth

4.choose the location very carefully

14. The best title for this passage should be …………………

1.Transplanting a Tree and the Expert

2.Experting in Planting a Tree.
3. How to Transplant a Tree

4.The Process of Growing a Tree.

Read the following and choose the best alternatives

Adults……………2 teaspoonfuls
Children : according to age :
10-14 years…………..4 teaspoonfuls
6-10 years…………..2 teaspoonfuls
3-6 years………… 1 teaspoonfuls
Repeat above dosage every ? hours to 1 hour if needed until 8 dosages are taken. If relief does not occur within two days , consult a physician
Shake well before using

15.According to the instructions ,what would you do before taking this medicine?

1.mix it

2.heat it
3.add water to it

4.see a doctor

16.Most likely ,this medication is…………….

1.a pill

2. An injection
3.a capsule

4. A liquid

17.For whom would a dosage of two teaspoonfuls be recommended? adult

2. An adolescent
3.a child

4. An infant

18.What is the maximum amount of medication that should be taken by an adult I a four-hour period?

1. Two doses

2. Four doses
3. Six doses

4.Eight doses

19.According to the instructions on the labels of this medicine, for purposes of dosage, which of the following would be classed as an adult?

1.a thirteen –year- old

2. A fourteen-year-old
3.a fifteen –year-old

4.none of the above

20.How are children ‘s dosages determinded?

1. By the number of teaspoons

2.By the age of the child
3. By the time of day

4. By consulting a physician

21-30 Choose the best answer about Punctuation Marks.

21.___ is used to indicate possession.

a. A quotation

b. An apostrophe
c. A hyphen

d. A fullstop

22.___ is used to mark the end of declarative and imperative sentences.

a. A period

b. A comma
c. A semi-colon

d. A question mark

23.When a subordinate clause is followed by the main clause, ___ is required.
a. a dash

b. a semi-colon
c. a comma

d. a colon

24.___ precedes decimal numbers.
a. A period

b. A comma
c. A colon

d.A colon

25.When no connecting word is used to connect two independent clauses, one should use ___.

a. a comma

b. a semi-colon
c. a period

d. a fullstop

26.___ separates a question tag from the rest of the sentence.

a. A dash

b. A semi-colon
c. A comma

d. A capital letter

27.To enclose cross-references one uses ___.

a. parentheses

b. hyphens
c. question marks

d. comma

28.___ is used at the end of a sentence or remark to express strong emotion.

a. An exclamation mark

b. A question mark
c. A quotation mark

d. A semi colon
29.___ are used around a relative clause that defines the noun it follows.

a. Only commas

b. No commas
c. Semi-colons

d. Hyphen

30.A question mark is used in parenthesis to express ___.

a. anger

b. amazement
c. doubt

d. happiness