Try your best

1 .Someone offers you a glass of wine. You say, “_______”

1. Let me find out.
2. I apologize for drinking.
3. Sorry, I don’t drink.
4. That would be funny.

2.Some students are having Thai food in a restaurant with their American teacher. One student asks, “_______”

1. Do you taste hot food?
2. Are you too spicy?
3. What do you call this in English?
4. How do you say about Thai food?

3.A student in the computer room is having problems with his computer. He calls the technician and says, “_______”

1. Fix this computer now.
2. This computer has a problem.
3. Do your job.
4. There’s something wrong with this computer.

4.John and his girlfriend are watching television one evening.
John doesn’t like the program and says, “________”

1. Let’s watch something else.
2. I can’t wait to see how it ends.
3. Please change the TV immediately.
4. Turn over the channel.

5.Jim wanted to invite Sally to go to the graduation party with him,
but he waited too long and now she is going with someone else.
Jim thinks to himself, “_______”

1. I should wait a little longer.
2. I should have asked her sooner.
3. I shouldn’t ask her.
4. I shouldn’t have gone to the party.

A Careless Zookeeper

A careless zookeeper named Blake
Fell into a tropical lake.
Said a fat alligator,
A few minutes later,
“That’s nice, but I still prefer steak.”


6.The zookeeper was careless because he _____.

1. went swimming in a lake

2. forgot to feed the alligator
3. fed the alligator steak

4. slipped into the water

7.The author uses these three words “Blake, lake, and steak” because they ______.

1. have the same vowel sound

2. convey the same meaning
3. use the same spelling pattern

4. refer to the same thing

8.The alligator just finished _____.

1. swimming in the lake

2. being trained for a show
3. helping the zookeeper
4. having a special meal

9.“That” in the last line refers to ______.

1. the alligator
2. Blake
3. the lake

4. being fat

10.The last line implies that ______.

1. human flesh does not taste best

2. alligators like tropical lakes
3. the zookeeper is a nice guy

4. the alligator is starving

What do you know?

11.You see the road through it.

a. windscreen
b. carburetor
c. ignition
d. spark plugs

12.When you want to go faster, you press this.

a. brake pedal
b. clutch
c. gearbox
d. accelerator
e. carburetor

13.You turn these on when it is dark so you can see the road.

a. headphones
b. headlights
c. taillights
d. panel lights

14.Whenever you want to shift up or down, you press this down.

a. gearbox
b. gas
c. accelerator
d. clutch pedal

15.This cools down your engine.

a. radiator
b. battery
c. distributor
d. taillights

Choose the best alternative to fill each blank.

Situation : Mary a new junior secretary has just worked for this firm for one day .

And this is the second day of her work.

Nancy: Well Mary ,were you tired last night after working first day here?
Mary: Yes. I was (telephone rings)
Mary: Good morning.
Nancy: Say ,………..17……….
Mary: Oh, Mr.Brown ‘s office.
Mrs. Brown: Is Mr.Brown in?
Mary: No, he ‘s out.
Nancy: Good morning .Can I help you?
Mrs. Brown :………..19………….Do you know where he is?
Nancy: Oh, yes, Mrs.Brown ………………20…………,I’ll contact him immediately.


a. Who is it?

b. Who’s on the phone?
c. You answer it.

d. Oh, it rings again.


a. Mr.Brown ‘s office.

b.Speak loudly.
c.Can I help you?

d. Who is on the phone?


a. Speak loudly.

b. Who is on the phone.
c. Is Mrs. Brown on the phone.

d .Let me take the call.


a.This is Mrs.Brown.

b.I am calling from XYZ Co.;LTD.
c. Why he is not in.

d.Do you sure he’s not in?


a. Would you give me the passage?

b. Do you want to leave a message?
c. Would you mind giving me a message?

d. If you give me the message.